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About Jon Patrick McClaren:

Life isn't always fair, and often it's not easy, either. Jon Patrick McClaren knows this all too well.

But when he found himself on the losing end of an emotional breakup of a committed relationship, McClaren decided to channel the energy of his grief and anger into something positive.

"A lot of people, when they go through something difficult like I did, they go to therapists to get help. I write songs," says the South Dakota native.

The result of McClaren's emotional toil is "Chasing Butterflies," his first CD. Steeped in songs that stemmed from the end of a marriage, the CD captures the well of agony that McClaren felt during his darkest days, as well as the strength he summoned to get through it all. He calls the music on "Chasing Butterflies" "hopeful despair."

Collectively, the songs represent McClaren's emotional journey, from feeling spurned and angry to accepting his new life and finding resolution. Ultimately, it's about healing, passion and feeling content.

Raised on a steady diet of Pearl Jam, the Goo Goo Dolls and Dashboard Confessional, McClaren's music has a rock 'n' roll sensibility to it that is steeped in swirling acoustic guitars and swelling rhythms. His voice is full of equal parts angst and power.

But his greatest strength is his ability to write songs from the heart. McClaren is a songwriter to the very core, able to tap his own emotions and express them in a way that everybody can understand and appreciate.

"I've been playing music since I was a very young person," says McClaren, who was raised and still lives in South Dakota's largest city, Sioux Falls. "I started playing the organ at about age 3 or 4, and I played mainly the piano and organ until I learned to play the guitar in the late 90s. But the thing is, I didn't perform anywhere. I just wrote what I felt and spent a lot of time alone. I was an introverted teenager, always looking inward and trying to write down what I felt. While everybody else was out partying, I was writing music."

Along the way, McClaren learned how to use language effectively. His writing is rich and focused, yet sparse. There are not a lot of wasted words here, mostly just succinct synopses of his evolving emotional state.


"Chasing Butterflies"

Written By: Jon Patrick McClaren

Chasing butterflies,
silly as it may seem…
I don’t know why I try…
You’re just a red dream…
I’m casting pearls to pigs,
it’s always what I’ve done…
I gave my heart to you…
You threw it down, was it fun?

Lie to me,
it’s a wonder I can even breathe, so lie to me,
and I will always
believe in you…
I’ll believe in you.

I looked into your eyes…
I wanted so to see,
a glimmer of myself…
Do you love me?
I held you close to me…
You wanted to be warm…
We were hiding from our pain,
like children in a storm.

Lie to me,
it’s a wonder I can even breathe, so lie to me,
and I will always believe….
Lie to me,
it’s a wonder I can even breathe, so lie to me,
and I will always believe…
Till you lie, to me,
and I will always believe in you…
I’ll believe in you.


"Chasing Butterflies" CD 6/14/05
"Chasing Butterflies" Single 6/13/05

Set List

Jon's set consists of mostly originals, drawing from his debut CD.
Being a proficient songwriter, Jon can draw from over 100+ originals while throwing in a cover or two from Mellencamp and others.
No two shows are alike.