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Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Austin, TX | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Pop Indie




"Jon Pattie Counts Down to Upcoming Release"

Austin, Texas-based indie and acoustic artist Jon Pattie is set to release his EP, 3 2 1, on August . Well-known singer-songwriters Ed Sheeran, John Mayor, James Bay, and Dallas Green are a few names that make up Jon’s influences. We’re setting a high bar here, so let’s get right down to it.

The first track, “Stranded by the Ocean,” has such a relaxing instrumental that is like smelling your coffee in a rainy afternoon as you chill in your favourite café. But I urge you at this point to please do not turn up the volume! Listening to this song for the first time, I turned up the volume to get closer to the cymbal taps and the acoustic guitar riff. Then in shock I had to turn the volume back down because the vocals were just way too loud. It pops right out at you and kind of ruins the serene atmosphere of the song.

The instrumental is fantastic. All instruments used are mixed at the right level so it’s easy to hear every part. The pianos, the bass, the drums, the guitars, basically everything involved don’t fight over each other. You can have the instrumentals as a standalone song and the result will be good. But then you add the vocals and things get a little shaky. Either the vocals contain too much shouting or the volume on the vocal stems are too loud. Across the three songs, there are moments where the vocals do get quiet and soft, but more parts need work.

The second track, “Home,” is slower compared to the first track and has more of a sorrowful feel to it with a pinch of hope. In this song, the vocalist urges you to follow his voice if you ever feel lost and need to go somewhere else. The last song, “Tied Up in the Sheets,” is an upbeat love song with the lyrics, “Is it love? I hope it is” that dominate the song.
Jon Pattie’s EP 3 2 1 is set for an August 26th, 2016 release. It fulfills the expectations of an acoustic album with a smooth jazzy sound. The instrumental is fantastic but the vocals in terms of how it works with the instrumental needs some work. - 24Our Music

"Jon Pattie - 3 2 1"

I had a chance to review The Home Inside My Head by Jon Pattie about a year ago. One of my concerns about the album was the production value. It was a DIY effort and while it certainly was listenable it wasn’t bringing the songs to their potential. Pattie recorded the three songs on 3 2 1 with a professional studio and it was professionally mastered as well. Well the proof is the pudding folks. These songs sound great and I’m sure Pattie isn't willing to take a step back after hearing the results.

Musically, his songs fit in a folksy singer/songwriter pop genre. The songs are warm, clean and intimate even during the crescendos. He opens with “Stranded In The Ocean.” It starts with an acoustic and shimmering ride cymbal. Bass and vocals enter into the mix to get the verse moving along. The chorus is melodic, catchy and well-delivered. There weren’t any unexpected deviations along the way but the song was still thoroughly enjoyable.

Up next is “Home” which is another solid song. This track is a little more melancholy and nostalgic than the opener. The orchestral strings gave it an emotional weight. I thought the lyrics were a little too saccharine during certain parts but it was only a minor issue. He closes with “Tied Up In The Sheets” which was my personal favorite track of the three. The song spews optimism along with some good singing and guitar lines. A good choice to close the EP with.

​Pattie is obviously vested in music and was striving to improve from his last release. That's a necessity if you want to grow an audience and also to make your art feel like it's evolving. I think Pattie has made some notable improvements and hope that his best work is still to come. - No More Division Music Blog

"3 2 1 Press Release"

Jon Pattie is amping up his game to prepare for the release of his first EP, 3 2 1.

From engineering major to music maker, Jon Pattie has done a complete 180 with his career. He will be releasing his first EP, 3 2 1, in August of 2016. He worked with the well-known Terra Nova Mastering company based in Austin, TX to help create the stellar sound present throughout the EP.

Jon Pattie is a regular performer around Austin, playing multiple shows weekly at a variety of venues across town. He has built a reputation of engaging with his fans during each show and he makes sure each person leaves humming the melody to his tracks. “I employ a variety of on-stage techniques that I have taken from acts such as Ed Sheeran and John Mayer to help not only pump up the energy of the crowd, but get the crowd involved with my set,” says Pattie.

His songs take catchy melodies and embellishes them with many of the musical theory techniques he has studied through the years. He blends themes commonly found in pop music but adds his own personal, jazzy twist by using unique voicings and chord progressions. His songs take on a life of their own as they describe everyday situations using unique turn of phrases. His sound has been compared to that of R.E.M., Adele, and John Mayer and his voice has been compared to none other than John Legend.

His new EP, 3 2 1, will be his first EP and will showcase his marketability and musicianship that he has worked for years to develop. He will be touring in Minnesota in late July and California in early August in support of his new EP as well as performing an exclusive online show on August 26th.

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"Jon Pattie The Home Inside My Head"

This young Texan can be proud of himself for being productive and hard working enough to have an EP. It’s not that easy to pull through at any age. A clear innocence and purity emanates from the kid.

Jon Pattie’s 5-track EP came out in December of last year.
With some mix of Radiohead, Edward Sharpe and old school rock, Jon attempts at an epic first track with “Skate into the Dark”.
The arrangements are good, though a bit too complex and a little clumsy. I would have liked to hear more of a minimal version of this song. Too many voices, too many effects, too many instruments, does it hide a jewel or a mediocre song? I’d like to think the former.

The vocals and vocal effects are also a bit much. Particularly in the second track, Won’t be young, which has a fast paced beat to it and could potentially work well with a solid melody. In this song there is an attempt at an Edward Sharpe vibe with a whistled chorus melody that could be catchy if it wasn’t hidden by a wall of sound.

There is an overuse of fake instruments. In this indie genre, it just doesn’t work anymore. Though it used to in the 80’s. Of course, at the start of a career, it’s not so easy to get real instruments on top of a recording studio. Which goes back to the need for editing down in the arrangements as in the end it would work better anyway.
The lyrics are generally also pretty green in general. They also borderline the cheese factor. Luckily, you get distracted by the many many parts in the mix.
Even with the best intentions, a writer needs to practice writing, just as a musician practices his instrument. It sounds like this artist needs to be writing a bit more to get to a more solid poetry in his songs.

There are some interesting melodies. He just needs to keep going and compose more to develop his craft.
I could see his songs place in romance movies and have a bigger audience after they go through a sifter, and maybe get taken under the wing of a good producer. There is something in some of his melodies that seem to have some potential. It’s clear it’s passionate and innocent in the sense that it’s authentic enough to make us hope to see Jon in the future again. - 24Our Music

"Jon Pattie - The Home Inside My Head"

John Pattie is a musician from Austin, TX who has been playing around the scene but only recently released his first solo effort entitled The Home Inside My Head. The five songs each have their own sound to them and gives you an idea of what Pattie is capable of but also doesn’t paint a distinct general sound for Pattie.

There is a lot to appreciate here on this debut but I have to say better production and recording quality would have improved the listening experience. Some music works lo-fi and some doesn’t. In this case there are some many tones and textures that a bit more separation would have helped these songs along. That being said I wouldn't say the recording is bad and arguably a bit better sounding than your average demo.

The EP starts with “Skate Into the Dark” which is an impressive song. I was reminded of Bon Iver at times but the song had more energy then you can usually expect from Justin Vernon. The chorus is upbeat and extremely catchy. There is even a very pretty sounding instrumental part towards the three-minute-mark. I really liked “Skate Into the Dark” the more I listened to it.

There are some inventive aspects about the song “Won’t Be Young.” Most of it works but there were a couple of minor issues here and there. I thought the percussive elements while a focal center of the song contained too many high frequencies and took away from the vocal. The song isn’t as catchy as “Skate Into the Dark” but does succeed in creating an especially memorable chorus. I loved the whistling around the three-minute-mark.

“I’m Right Here” is a relatively straight rock/pop song. It’s uplifting and hopeful. The next song “Pieces” is subdued and reserved compared to “I’m Right Here” until it goes into a build up that seems to last a bit too long.

Pattie closes with the slow moving but grand “The End.” I would have loved to hear this song with professional production.

The good songwriting outweighs the scattered ideas on The Home Inside My Head. Pattie has a little bit of work to do in finding his niche. If he can improve the recording quality and define his sound a bit more on upcoming releases he should find himself in a really good space. - No More Division

"The Home Inside My Head EP Review"

With the release of The Home Inside My Head, Jon Pattie breeds new ground for the world of indie pop. Lush with digital and natural instrumentation, massive choruses, and layered vocal hooks, the record boasts the feel of classic pop anthems. Though the songs are diverse from one and other, there is a glue that holds the songs together much like a concept album. Most importantly, the EP never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from.

The first single “Skate Into The Dark”, is a fun, pop track the builds as it plays on and comes from a very real place.

“Skate Into the Dark is about going into the unknown and trying to not be afraid because of the unknown. Everyone eventually has a point in their life when they will be in a situation that they are unfamiliar with and it's important to not be afraid of that. Personally, I wrote it about me starting to get into the business side of music in which I have no experience with. “ explains the songwriter of his single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the EP, to get a real understanding of where Pattie is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety. Songs reach points of everything from Americana to classic rock.

“What makes this EP unique is the various styles that I implement into it. I put a variety of styles into this EP, but I keep the overall picture of it poppy. The EP is also unique because I wrote every single part, bass, guitar, vocals (lyrics and melody), drums, piano, strings, and synth. Not many artists can say the same.” Says Pattie of the album, and his evolution in songwriting.

Since he began playing music, Jon Pattie has played in a variety of styles and genres as a guitarist in plenty of bands. Still, he knew he wanted to be a lead vocalist. His passion for songwriting came from playing guitar and singing. After years of performing with bands, he finally decided to take matters into his own hands and start recording his solo material. The songs were recorded entirely by Pattie and after the process was over, the Home Inside My Head EP was born.

The songwriter has been playing as a solo act around Austin, Dallas, and Houston and is planning to keep gigging around TX in support of the release.

As Jon himself puts it, “This is only the beginning. I put a lot of work into this EP and it turned out very well, but this is just the first step in my career. Many more releases are to come that will impress, shock, and swoon people. I plan to be a nationally known artist and I will not stop improving myself and my music until I reach my goal. Stay tuned for more.”

The Home Inside My Head EP is available for streaming and download on most major digital outlets now.

To learn and hear more of Jon Pattie and his work, please visit: - Radio Ready PR

"Song of the Day: Jon Pattie // Pieces"

Jon Pattie has a voice that will send warmth through your veins, that will put you on a pillowy cloud, that will pack you off into a heavenly daydream. And, if his voice can do all that, you can’t even begin to consider how luxurious his melodies feel. In his track ‘Pieces’, it’s hard to remain in the real world as his music floats around your head, tempting you into a happy recluse. - Mytacism Music

"Jon Pattie - '3 2 1'"

Jon Pattie is an indie-pop/rock singer-songwriter and guitarist who has released his debut EP' 3 2 1.' Jon has been playing music since the age of 13 and his influences include artists like John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Bon Iver and City and Colour. Currently a pre-med student, Jon’s music embodies great song-writing composition with very strong hooks.

The first song on the EP is “Stranded in the Ocean.” It opens with a gentle guitar riff and light swelling drums that sound like waves coming in. Already, you can hear that Jon succeeds in producing orchestral landscapes that enhance the song and never distract from it. Jon sings the first verse with a clear tone and confidence. The verse is followed by a very fine melodic guitar solo. At this point, the song builds to its hook, “You left me stranded in the ocean. Holding onto hopes as currents drag me down. You left me stranded in the ocean. Searching for the coast, but nowhere to be found.” The chorus is as catchy as a wave crashing in and Jon adds great harmonies and some falsetto moments that complement the songs pop-vibe. You’ll be singing along and swaying to this memorable song.

The next song up is the ballad “Home.” Like the first song, “Home” has a wonderful introduction that immediately draws you in. It opens with a beautiful and moving piano part and some single placed strums on the guitar. Jon’s vocals are emotive, filled with passion, as he talks about memories floating through his mind. “Just hope for a better place. Just hope for a better time. If you’re lost and alone with everywhere to roam. Just follow my voice and I’ll take you home.” There are more tasteful and smooth melodic guitar solos to enjoy and a well-produced instrumental landscape. Once again, the chorus is sticks with you displaying Jon's talent for writing a good hook. This beautiful ballad has a both a personal and spiritual feel to it that is very moving. Jon is truly at "home" singing this song as his vocals reveal he is very capable of tenderness and a wide range of emotion.

“Tied Up In Sheets” is the final cut on the EP. The instrumental soundtrack is perfect. Opening up with Jon’s signature acoustic guitar work (which is stellar) the song begins with indie-pop appeal. “Is this a connection or is it just me?” The lyrics, as in the two previous songs, are well-written and easy-to-relate to which gives Jon’s music mass appeal. The chorus comes in strong, “Do we wear these masks out of fear of love. Do we keep our hearts in our palms? Is it love? Is it love? There a well-written bridge section and the song ends with interesting variations on the chorus as Jon answers the question –"Yes, it is love."

Fans of indie-pop will love Jon Pattie’s new EP '3 2 1' because every song on this EP delivers the right ingredients: strong, catchy choruses, easy-to-relate to, well-written lyrics, tasteful solos and rich orchestral production while Jon delivers a clear vocal tone with passion and range. I couldn't pick a favorite song off of '3 2 1' because each song had an introduction I loved and a chorus that stayed with me. Up next Jon is releasing a new cover video of 'Unsteady' by X Ambassadors that I worked on with the singer of a band. Jon’s EP '3 2 1' can be found on all major music outlets. To learn more about Jon Pattie, visit his website. - Indie Spoonful


The Home Inside My Head Demo EP - 2015

3 2 1 EP - 2016



If you could break open the cells of Jon Pattie and code his DNA, you would probably find eighth notes where the nitrogenous bases should be. Eighth notes would be connected to guitar strings instead of phosphate groups. If you’re wondering why in-depth biological terms are being used to describe him, it’s because along with studying music since the 8th grade, he is a 5th year student at The University of Texas at Austin pursuing a chemical engineering degree. He’s also pre-med.


Although he has a great deal of proficiency in math and science, he has always had a deep-seeded passion for playing music, beginning at age 13 when he first picked up a guitar. He takes inspiration from some of today’s greatest musicians. “If I had to choose five artists that my music is really inspired by, it would be John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, James Bay, Bon Iver, and City and Colour,” says Pattie.


His dedication and drive to make a name for himself in today’s industry astonishes many and can clearly be seen through the progress he has made in less than a year. His previous performance schedule includes festivals such as SXSW 2016 and the Texas Crawfish Festival and has toured in California and Minnesota. He has played over 100 live sets in less than a year which has helped him develop a stellar and engaging live show that involves all audience members.


He has been featured on blogs, such as Mytacism Music, Music Notez, and Et Musique Pour Tous, been added to multiple radio playlists, and has been featured on the Simple Muzik podcast multiple times.


His newest EP, 3 2 1, was released in August 2016 and demonstrated his many years of experience in songwriting, producing, singing, and guitar playing. His music uses common themes found in today’s popular music while also incorporating a personal, unique, jazzy touch and chord progressions that mirror the music of John Mayer. 3 2 1 is on all major music retailers including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, and more!

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