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Jon Pousette-Dart's style is distinctly his own reminiscent of the best of Little Feat, Bonnie Raitt, and James Taylor, all of whom he toured with. He is in incomparable writer, singer and slide guitarist, that is releasing his best work yet, "Heart and Soul" first quarter of 2005.


Jon Pousette-Dart captained the Pousette-Dart Band through four albums for Capitol Records between 1976 and 1980, a run that acquainted a generation with his formidable gifts as a singer, songwriter, arranger, guitarist and all-around musical adventurer. During this time, the Pousette-Dart Band became one of the busiest touring groups in the U. S., working with such acts as the Byrds, Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat, James Taylor, Yes, the J. Geils Band, Eddie Money, Peter Frampton, Journey and Billy Joel.

“When things got scary—as the seventies petered out and the eighties skulked in,” Pousette-Dart muses, “while folks were trying to figure out how they ever got stuck in the position of having to choose between Donna Summer and Johnny Rotten, the original Pousette-Dart Band did what any halfway moral, responsible band would do—we took a break.” Pousette-Dart, himself, however, kept on trucking.

This year—2004—Pousette-Dart will continue his solo and band performances around the country with dates in Europe as well.. In addition to performing, he continues working hard on the Estate of Richard Pousette-Dart which promotes the works of his late father, the eminent abstract expressionist Richard Pousette-Dart. Jon has worked with his family developing shows for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of Art, The Indianapolis Museum of Fine Art, the Knoedler Gallery in New York and the Museums of Fine Arts in Houston and Boca Raton, Florida, as well as ACA Munich, Germany, the Schirne Kunsthalle in Frankfurt, Germany, and future shows in Europe including an upcoming one man exhibition in Venice, Italy. New publications of the paintings, notebooks and his photography, are all in the works.

Born in Suffern, New York, Pousette-Dart began playing the guitar when he was seven. At 13, he joined a band called “Tony & The Tigers” that included two of comedian Soupy Sales’ sons. During the breaking-in period, he performed with the group on such high-profile network shows as Hullabaloo and To Tell The Truth. They also played in concerts with the elder Sales.

In 1973, he formed the Pousette-Dart Band with John Troy, his college mate from the University of Pacific, and a new recruit, John Curtis. Initially, the band played college gigs. But in 1975, legendary promotion man Al Coury signed the group to Capitol. By this time, Pousette-Dart was being managed by music mogul Don Law. The first album, Pousette-Dart Band, was released in 1976, followed by Amnesia (1977), Pousette-Dart Band 3 (1979) and Never Enough (1980). Although the band worked the pop music arena, three of its Capitol album were cut in Nashville under award-winning producer Norbert Putnam.

After the band closed up shop in 1981, Pousette-Dart moved back to New York, where he established himself during the following decade as a top writer, slide guitarist and singer for recording sessions and advertising jingles. The Pousette-Dart Band reunited in 1991 for a series of dates. Jon was invited to Nashville at this time, by A&R man John Condon of Asylum Records. Pousette-Dart teamed with some of Nashville’s top songwriters, among them Gary Burr, Darrell Scott, Al Anderson, Kostas, Fred Knobloch, Jaime Kyle, Tom Kimmel and Jennifer Kimball. 1n 1997, he recorded the solo album Ready To Fly. He subsequently retitled the collection Put Down Your Gun to support the Anti-Handgun Coalition.

Pousette-Dart extended is musical reach through 1998 to 1999 by producing 5 episodes for the History Channel, titled “Gunfighters of the West”, and garnered forces with blues diva Toni Lynn Washington, who went on to record his songs on her latest release produced by Duke Robillard. His own album, Sample This, released in 2000, contained solo tracks, as well as ones he had recorded with Kostas, Lowell George and John Bohlinger. He has just completed a new CD for Moroccan singing sensation Saida Fikkri, and will appear with her in Morocco in the near future. He also appears on Jesse Winchester’s upcoming DVD, singing with Valerie Carter, and an all-star band featuring, John Sebastion, Jim Horn, Victor Krauss, and many others.

Jon will be continuing touring throughout the United States, and Europe, solo, with Vince Melamed, and the original band on selected dates. He has complete his new CD, “Heart and Soul” , which features drummer extraordinaire Billy Ward. Stay tuned to Jon’s site for announcement of the new release and future dates.


A Way To Be With You

Written By: Jon Pousette-Dart/Dawn Young

All the words we spoke seem so long ago
When I held you in my arms it was all I needed
It's still so clear to me I close my eyes I'm still near you
but the child became a man and so I'm trying to find

A way to be with you at the end of the day
A way to be with you not so far away
I see your picture I see your smile and it lasts for a little while
A way to be closer to you

A way to be like it was all those years ago
A way to play your song one more time
now I'm flying through the clouds
the only way I can reach you
A way to be closer to you

No one knows how to make your few words last
No one sees the pictures never in the past
but at the end of the day your heart shows me how to
find a way to get closer to you

A way to be with you at the end of the day
A way to be with you not so far away
I see your picture I see your smile
and it lasts for a little while
A way to be closer to you

County Line

Written By: Jon Pousette-Dart & John Curtis

Here I go swinging low across that county line
the noose that was around my neck is far behind
your smile still ows my soul oh my love goodbye
swinging low across that county line

Now this county line she talks to me
she knows love brought me to this highway
you were close to me your eyes could not see
half of me walk right through the door

so here I go swinging low across this county line
searching for the soul that left me behind
if I find piece of mind I'll be back again
swinging low across this county line

Now this destiny it ain't enough to be
could I have ever made you happy
cause this life is short and this roads so long
time is something you can't borrow

Here I go swinging low across that county line
the noose that was around my neck is far behind
your smile still ows my soul oh my love goodbye
swinging low across that county line


Written By: Jon Pousette-Dart

my SUV is bigger than yours
don't mess around when I head for the store
got a bigger motor, bigger seats
bigger floor for my big fat feet
bigger windows so I can see
all the tiny little people in front of me

when I need to park no need to worry
got bumpers that will move small buildings in a hurry
you say environment don't make me laugh
think I give a damn about a tank of gas
my wife wants the keys when she goes to the bank
she says it feels like she's driving in a tank
I guess what I'm getting at you might say
bigger is better in the USA

I got a bigger house, bigger pool
my kids go to a bigger school
got a bigger lawn, bigger TV,
bigger garage for my SUV

fuck politics, fuck the family next door
fuck the President, fuck the next world war
fuck the foreigners, who gives a stitch
my trucks bigger, fuck you, I'm rich.

General Motors got the right idea
Get them little bitty cars out of here
Enron, Chevron, what the hay
I'll see the USA in my Chevrolet
It's gotta be big gotta be fast
Gotta look good gotta use gas
If it ainÕt got balls it ain't worth a damn
Don't care if it's, black white or tan
You can tax my house tax my pool
Tax my kids tax my school
When my time come you can bury me
In the front seat of my SUV


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Set List

Jon performs a wide body of material spanning from his ealry Capitol releases which were hit staples of the 70's to many of his latest works from recent releases. "Sample This" his last album was crtically acclaimed an rose to the top 40 of the Americana charts.