Jon Raven

Jon Raven

 New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, CAN

Originally from the celtic / folk music mecca of Nova Scotia, Canada and travelling back and forth from Nashville, TN to hone his craft. His energy and commanding vocal ability shine through his infectious Folk Rock sound. His knack for melody and stick-in-your-head hooks stem from a lifetime of diverse influences and experience


Jon Raven's energy and commanding vocal ability shine through his infectious Americana Folk Rock sound. His knack for melody and stick-in-your-head hooks stem from a lifetime of diverse influences and experiences. Jon has spent years polishing and culling his unique crossover style and sound. He effortlessly drifts with skilled precision from heart-wrenching laments to upbeat spirit rockers that awaken the primal being hiding inside you. Jon's songs come from a passion for life, and reveal tender lyrics penned with his heart clearly on his velvety sleeve.

Surviving a very rare form of childhood cancer at the age of 6, Jon's life began to take on a magical purpose. Knowing that there was so much to live for became the catalyst to young Jon's dreams. At 17, Jon packed his bags and moved from his small Nova Scotia, Canada hometown to pursue bigger things in Toronto. Jon threw himself into the music industry and found himself with some of the best performance opportunities available.

Jon has been an active participant in songwriter's showcases in Canada and the USA. After getting a taste for the music scene in Nashville, it was clear that the next step should be to move to Tennessee. Here he would grow as both a writer and artist testing the waters seeing if he could stand on his own amongst the most talented artists in the world.

In the early days of 2003 Raven moved to Nashville and began performing at every venue the city had to offer. He spent his days in writing sessions with some of Nashville's top writers. Soon he found his following as the crowds appreciated his many talents and unique style.

Almost immediately, Jon found himself endorsed by Gibson Guitars USA. In an unprecedented gesture, the company presented him with a custom "Jon Raven" acoustic guitar, designed by Raven himself. In addition Jon was added to the endorsement rosters of Sha-Sha shoes, Wyres strings, Levy's Guitar Straps, Neumann/Sennheiser Microphones, Coffin Cases, Kyser Musical Products, and Jim Dunlop.

In a talent search held by well-known industry heavies Billy Block's Western Beat, Jon Raven was awarded the 2003 Best Male Artist of the Year.

Jon has studied and received acclaims in such fields as music, audio engineering, multimedia design and marketing all of which will prove to be a very powerful yet rare set of skills for an artist trying to soar in today's market.

With the combination of talent and story, Jon is destined to secure his place among the ranks of today's top international performers.


Love Hurricane

Written By: Jon Raven

Stepped out into
the morning light
Pavements bleeding
from the rain last night

Its hard to see the day
as fresh and new
As i walk these streets
just a missing you

Well it seems to me
That this mistery
Is flashing before my eyes
And If I had seen
You could be this mean
I would have never let you see me cry
you know i'll survive this
Love hurricane ://x2

My hearts been flooded
Drown there in my tears
In this concrete city
Im a victim of the years

Im so tired like those words you said
Why you waited till we were in our bed?

chorus: same as above

Standing here lookin in the eye
Storm clouds raging as they pass me
I am strong Im taking on the world
So say goodbye to me... lil girl

Chorus: same as above


Written By: Jon Raven

Met you in a bar in texas
Really wanted to know your name
Sippin on shiner
Dancin all night
gurl I've never been the same
I've never been the same

You got me
tied around
Your little finger girl
Reminding me
What i've been forgetting
Out in this great big world
Out in this great big world...
So tie me
For I am tied

Check out the stars
As the evening ends
See the dawn in your eyes
You held my hand
And i kissed your lips
gurl Im so alive
im soo alive

Chorus: same as above


chorus: same as above

Stick Around

Written By: Jonathan "Jon Raven" Visser / Daniel Kliendesnt

I can't say
That I'll always get things right
And I can't promise
There will never be a fight

I can't imagine
How strong this love might grow
My heart is sure
There is one thing that I know

If your walls tumble to the ground
And your world turns you upside down
If you lose everything that you've found
My love is gonna stick around
My Love Is Gonna Stick Around

You've got scars
That'll never go away
You need love
And I know your so afraid

Your gonna cry
Those lonely goodbye tears
For as long as I'm livin'
I'll be right here

Chorus: (same as above)


Chorus: (same as above)


Written By: Jonathan "Jon Raven" Visser

Verse 1:
Standing on
My private archepeligo
There's so much more
That I would like to know

All about the things
That you have come and done
All about the wars,
You wish that you had won

When you sailing on your ship
Out to sea
Take me to the places
You'll never stay
I'm just your castaway
Just your castaway

Verse 2:
Told me bout
The girl you met in waco
How she was the type of person
I should learn to know

How you left her standing there
On that sidewalk
When all she really wanted
Was to talk


Lead Break


Can You Hear Me Now

Written By: Jon Raven / Daniel Kliendenst

Verse 1:
Driving south
On highway 65
Barely holdin' on
But I'm still alive

Searchin' for the words
To say out loud
Hopin' they will make it
Through these clouds

Can you hear me now
Can you hear me now
Can you hear me now
Over the angels

Verse 2:
Stumbled through
This life to where I am
I believe for me
You got a better plan

I'm so tired
Of my present circumstance
All I'm asking for is
A second chance


I confessed my sins
Where do I begin
Show me how to turn my life around
It's all up to you
Do what you do
And heal this broken man
Don't take me down
Please don't take me down

Lead Break:



Written By: Jonathan "Jon Raven" Visser and Daniel Kliendenst

Verse 1:
Read it in the papers,
just the other day
Your daddies getting ready
To give his little girl away

Verse 2:
Never thought I would be standing
Where I am right now
Talking to myself
And Wondering how

Could I be so stupid
To push away the only love I've ever known
How could I be... So stupid
To think that I could make it on my own
How could I be so stupid.

Verse 3:
Sat down by an old man
On a midnight train
he shared some of his whiskey
So I shared some of my pain

Verse 4:
He said boy I've been there
I've been where your coming from
As I cried out loud
My god what have I done

Chorus: (same as above)

Bridge: Live through my mistakes
And I've done what I've had to do
But deep down inside
I know that I will... never get over you...

Chorus: (same as above)

Set List

All original artist, some covers available upon prior request of course.