Jon Shabaglian

Jon Shabaglian

 Fresno, California, USA

Music is the language of our culture, and combined with God's heart is a powerful force. God continues to bring waves of new songs, fusing the genres of pop, rock & soul, which I believe help propel people into their purpose for living.


Jon Shabaglian, a talented and creative artist who combines his compelling musicality with moving lyrical content. As both a recording artist & worship pastor, his stage presence encompasses everything from captivating energy to tender worship experiences.

Jon has toured throughout California and Australia with bands and as a solo artist for many years. He has released multiple CD projects and is preparing for his 5th solo CD due to release in 2011. Jon has his Bachelors of Arts degree in Music and for the last 2 years has been the director of the Christian Music Award’s national talent competition, “BESToftheBLESSED.”

Jon was recently recognized in Worship Leader Magazine's 2010 October addition: "Best of the Best" and his song "I Give You Me" released in their Song Discovery VOL. 88 CD, for worship leaders all over the nation. He was then later invited to sit on their Editorial Board to help select future new worship songs that will be submitted these worship leaders and their respective congregations.

Jon has also served the local church as a worship leader for the last decade. In 2007 he became the Pastor of Worship at the Word Community Church with Pastor JR Coleman in Fresno, CA, where he currently resides with his wife Andrea of eight years, son Christopher, and joyfully expecting one on the way!

All these accomplishments are summed up with his life goal: "To use music to bring God's hand and people's hands together, and equip leaders to do the same."


This band brings together an engaging “soul rock” fusion of musicality. In 2009 they released 2 CD’s: “The Perfect Human Project Phase 1 & 2” which showcased passionate songs of life transformation to simple tender worship songs. From leading worship at the AOG Youth Convention, concerts with the Katinas and Fireflight, and playing at the 2009 & 2010 Christian Music Awards, God continues to show His favor and release vision to many through the work of the their hands. To know more about their music and ministry, visit:


Have You Encountered?

Written By: Jon Shabaglian

Have You Encountered?

Hey bro, can I have your ear
I’ve got somethin’ here
That’s heavy up inside of me
I see you wanderin’ around
Without much purpose
So I’m wonderin’ if you’ve ever
Had the privilege
To meet a special friend of mine
As for me, since we first met
Things have been different

Now, I don’t know where you stand
But as for Him He’s offering His hand
So I gotta ask…

Have you encountered my God, my God? (x2)

Man, I don’t play that game
All ya’ll Christians seem the same
I’ve been to a service or two
But honestly, I just left feelin’ blue
I’ve seen them preachers on T.V.
In purple suits and luxury
It seems like all a big charade
Man, how could that really be my aid?

Bro that hurts my heart for sure
‘Cause I wish that you’d of seen more
Than God’s shady reflection
Off His people
Or only looking from outside a steeple
But I gotta say…

Chorus 2
You have not encountered, my God, my God! (x2)

If you had tasted and seen
You’d know what I mean
Then you’d be a fiend for
This passionate scene
Knowing this world is lean
And He’s not a dream ‘cause
You’ve encountered a God
Who’s holding a rod
Yet with mercy that’s broad ‘cause
He walked on our sod, 33 in a bod,
He’s not smoke or a façade, no
(So in might He could trod
On the sins of men, I ask…)

© 2006 Jon Shabaglian

Stay Near to God

Written By: Jon Shabaglian

Stay Near to God

Verse 1
I felt compelled to write this letter
Now that I’ve been called away
The time we spent has been a pleasure
Sharing life day by day

Verse 2
But more than that we saw a Savior
And more than that we’ve encountered God
So in this ending salutation
My heart is burdened to say…

Chorus 1
Stay near to God, and you will live
Stay near to God, for your life is His
Stay near to God, and you will be
A life amazed, for eternity…
Stay near to God

Verse 3
My heart is full as I see
The God I know become yours to
And yet the deepest prayer of mine
Is that He’d stay the Lord you choose

Verse 4
And because of that He’d be your Savior
And because of that you’d encounter God
So in this ending salutation
My hopeful heart’s compelled to say…

Chorus 2
Stay near to God, and you will live
Stay near to God, for your life is His
Stay near to God, and you will be
A life amazed, for eternity…

© 2006 Jon Shabaglian


Written By: Jon Shabaglian


Verse 1
Today the pull is bigger than yesterday
And its sad to say, I'm even on my way to throwing in the towel
I know this road is marked with heartache and sorrow
But all I can think about is just one swallow of that forbidden fruit

Why does pull me, why does it call to me
And how come the way that’s natural is far from spiritual

But all I can say
Is light the way

And show yourself to be better
Better than the world
Show yourself to be better
Better O my Lord

Verse 2
If I would be completely honest
I’d I have to say I’m some what embarrassed
That I’m even battling this again
Matter fact I’d say I’m closer to angry
That this mangy sin is playing frisbee
With my heart, even though I’m Yours Lord

Bridge 1
When all I am, is back and forth
Remind again, You’re worth living for…

© 2007 Jon Shabaglian

I Give You Me

Written By: Jon Shabaglian

I Give You Me

I give You me Lord
I give You me
For the purpose of Heaven
I give You me

With weaknesses showing and flaws here to see
I’m trusting in You Lord, so I give You me
I’m trusting in You Lord, so I give You me

For the promise…of new life (repeat)

© 2007 Jon Shabaglian

Like the Moon

Written By: Jon Shabaglian


The fruits of your creation
With purpose and design
They tell us of Your nature
Being infinitely wise

I want to grab a hold
of the symbols you unfold
Finishing the course
of a rugged Cross of old

Make me like the moon
Reflecting your Son
To a world who can't see
And completing what's done
'Cause I know for a time You've required man's faith
So make me like the moon... so they can see Your Son

Layers upon layers
You had set into motion
When everything started
And You hovered over oceans

That there would be a moon
Without brilliance of it's own
And when the sun could not be seen
It would guide men to their Home (x3)

That I would be a moon
Without brilliance of it's own
But with the radiance from the Son
I would guide men Home

© 2007 Jon Shabaglian

You Shall Love

Written By: Jon Shabaglian

You shall love the Lord your God and serve him only, serve Him only (rpt)

Verse 1
I have spent to many times wandering in the opposite direction…oh yeah
Between pride and lust and greed, it has not filled to whole in me inside my soul

P.C. 1
Hollow, hollow, hallow is the lure of the enemy …and
Shallow, shallow, shallow are the ways of this world (x2)


Verse 2
There’s a battle set to keep mankind from stepping up
to take their rightful place…as heirs
Throw enough distraction and they hope we’ll look away
from our great Savior’s face.

P.C. 1
Hollow, hollow, hallow is the lure of the enemy …and
Shallow, shallow, shallow are the ways of this world (x2)

P.C. 2
But if we can keep our eyes on the Son
If we can keep our eyes on the Son
We’ll know that the battle will be won
If we can keep our eyes on the Son….‘cause we know that

P.C. 1 “Hallow…. Shallow…”
© 2009 Jon Shabaglian


Jon Shabaglian "Stay Near to God"
(C) 2006
Produced by Grammy winner Quinlan

Jon Shabaglian "Like the Moon"
(C) 2008
Produced by Sammy Sylvester

(C) 2009 "The Perfect Human Project-Part 1"
Produced by Jon Shabaglian and Jonas Anderson

(C) 2009 "The Perfect Human Project-Part 2" Produced by Jon Shabaglian and Jonas Anderson

Set List

1. Pleasure
2. Have You Encountered?
3. If We Don’t
4. I Give You Me
5. Heart and Soul
6. Stay Near to God
7. Beloved
8. To the Measure I Bow
9. More
10. Like the Moon
11. Better
12. Continue Lord/ Don’t Stop
13. The Father Knows
14. Show and Tell