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jon solo


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eye on you

Written By: jon solo

(verse I)
seen you around this part of town
without a frown, wearing an evening gown
have you jeweled your crown?
thought he's just a friend went out on a limb, and asked you hows it been
you were out making all sorts of sin
i'll keep an eye on you
you keep an eye on me
when we see each other doesn't have to be
placing blame on jealousy
you got things to see and i got places to be wasn't all a fantasy
i'll meet you at the crossroads possibly
(verse II)
saw the stars last night thought about my plight, when we used to fight
astrology has never been my life
important signs above like a wingless dove, trying to find love
like being face down in the mud
(verse III)
polarizing eyes disguise your lies, like december skies, you were always right
apparently we're through i'll stop thinking of you, hope you can too, lets go back to our crews