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"Jon Sonnenberg - "acoustic selections' review"

From time to time I feel the need to search out music that sounds like Jens Lekman or Peter Bjorn & John, I'm not particularly sure why, but often I'll go through all the e-mail submissions until I find a suitable indie-folk artist who recombines classical inspiration into inspiring compositions of his own. I was truly fortunate to come across the Jon Sonnenberg 'Acoustic Selections' as he fits the bill exactly. Harnessing beautiful strings, guitar and various instruments that can be plinked and plunked in harmony Sonnenberg has created some songs that should have those folks in Gothemburg and Amsterdam sitting up and paying attention, and the coolest thing is he's from Cleveland. America has a new hope in the great indie-folk cold war. - http:/

"Jon Sonnenberg - "acoustic selections' review"

Better-known as an electronic artist, Jon Sonnenberg decided to revisit some of his pieces in an acoustic context. The results are interesting. It's still quite possible to hear pacing and melodic ideas that are more at home in the electronic universe, but the "real" instrumentation does bring out something new.

The liners take pains to say that there is no qualitative difference between electronic and analog. Both are good and useful. I'd insert that combining the two approaches can lead to something really intriguing. Perhaps Sonnenberg will try that approach next time out.

Sonnenberg's pieces are relatively minimalist to begin with, and that makes the transition here much easier. He seems to have used the electronic approach as a means to an end, and now that his talents and recording technology have caught up to his ideas, he's able to make a record like this.

Truly beautiful stuff. Sonnenberg's compositions are exquisite, making the most out of a simple, aching melody or subtle shift in rhythm. This context brings a whole new dimension to his music. And like I noted earlier, he might climb to greater heights if he can combine the electronic and analog. I know I'd love to hear that.

"Travelogue - "telegraph" review"

Jon Sonnenberg, perhaps best known for his work in the late '90s synthpop act House of Wires, created Travelogue as a solo project to explore his love of early analog electro-pop. While the songs on the Telegraph EP at times recall the sound of early Depeche Mode and Human League, it's the more avant-garde influences that elevate this above most similarly retro-influenced acts. The harp-like effects of instrumental "Today is a New Day" and the metallic synths of "Knock Knock," for example, recall such '70s-era electronic pioneers as Tangerine Dream, Japan, and Brian Eno, while the electronic chirps and tense keyboards of "Home" hint at influences from the early work of Edward Ka-Spel and The Legendary Pink Dots. Sonnenberg hasn't lost his knack for a catchy melody, as exemplified by the melancholy but somehow soothing "Seasons" or the wistful "Reflections," but Telegraph is less exuberant than earlier work, geared more toward quiet contemplation than nights on the dance floor. It's a wiser, more mature sound, combining the accessibility of his work in House of Wires with the more experimental production values of his first project, the Tear Garden-influenced Pivot Clowj, and it bodes well for Travelogue's third full-length album, due later this year. -


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abridged discography:
Jon Sonnenberg-
Acoustic Selections (Old Man Records)
The Prometheus Project (Plastiq Musiq)
Imaginary Hospitals (Plastiq Musiq)
Art of Conversation (Plastiq Musiq)
House of Wires-
You are Obsolete (Tooth and Nail Records)
Monogamy (Tooth and Nail Records)
Pivot Clowj-
It is not as if it were the end of the world...(Flaming Fish Records)



For more than a decade, Jon Sonnenberg (member of Travelogue, House of Wires, and Pivot Clowj) has charmed listeners with his ability to blend intricate sounds and textures with pleasant melodies. Whether creating sounds electronically, electrically, or acoustically, the layers and quality of Sonnenberg's work enables one's imagination to see beyond the confines of commercial music but with enough pop sensibility not to alienate the casual listener.