Jon Sterckx - Drumscapes

Jon Sterckx - Drumscapes

 Stroud, England, GBR

Jon Sterckx is an innovative tabla player & percussionist with over 25 years of working with world percussion.
Jon has played & recorded sessions for musicians & producers from around the globe, including 2x Grammy winning composer Christopher Tin, Grammy Nominated producer Arun Shenoy & UK Folk Award winners Phil Henry & Hannah Martin.

Jon currently has 2 performance projects available - Drumscapes Live World Percussion Sampling & Samswara sitar & tabla duo.


Jon Sterckx is a UK based percussionist with over 25 years experience with world percussion. He trained in Indian tabla in India & UK between 1994 - 2005 and is also experienced in Middle Eastern & West African drumming.

A versatile percussionist, Jon has collaborated with musicians and dancers in a number of traditional and cross genre projects and performances.

In his solo Drumscapes performances, Jon creates multi layered, highly energised rhythmic soundscapes. He skillfully brings traditional instruments and rhythms from around the world together with 21st Century performance tools, live audio processing and sound manipulation in a truly unique and innovative delivery.

Jon's Drumscapes performances have been profiled and featured by major music software company Ableton and have also been included in the global conference foundation, TED, with a performance at TEDxWarwick in 2012 & at TEDxBrum in 2016.

Jon's performance at TEDxWarwick was selected for their Global Music Project - "In the spirit of Ideas worth spreading, the TEDx Global Music Project will compile and share the best musical performances from the over 10,000 TEDx events around the world." 

"Jon provides a unique journey through all quarters of the world built around his inter-continental range of drums: tablas, riq, darabuka, vocal percussion, and much more! He is the creator of magnificent soundscapes that will transport you into an unmissable musical nirvana!" - DJ Ritu - DJ, radio presenter, world music pioneer.

“Few percussionists, no matter how skilled, can captivate and keep an eager festival audience with a solo performance but Jon Sterckx’s stunning Drumscapes are a masterclass in control and rhythm that hook the audiences from the first beats and carry them through to an invariably ecstatic climax.
Centred on the tabla, darabuka and riq (a Middle Eastern tambourine) Jon combines beats and rhythms from across the globe with cutting edge sampling and innovative vocal sculpting, building layered soundscapes that mix the experimental with the traditional and creating a uniquely intoxicating, exhilarating and, many say, trance inducing performance quite unlike any other.” Musicport Festival 2015.

Since 2001 Jon has been regularly performing traditional North Indian classical music across the UK with sitar & tabla duo Samswara, and was a selected performer at the National Celebration of British Asian Live Arts held at Exeter University in 2008. Samswara won the award for 'Best Artist' in the MTM Asian & Ethnic Minorities Awards 2014.

Previous collaborations include:

Recording for 2 time Grammy winning producer Christopher Tin - tabla on the CD 'The Drop That Contained the Sea' + performance of the album at Cadogan Hall with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Angel City Chorale. 

Arun Shenoy - GRAMMY nominated producer on his track 'Bliss' due for release Aug 2013. 

Max Moya Wright (Ojos de Brujo), multi instrumental duo Taaliqa, world fusion band Dhani, Indian vocalists Pooja Angra and Najam Javed, The Audio Nomad project, Folk duo Phil Henry and Hannah Martin and guitarist Chris Glassfield.

Dance collaborations include:

Attik Dance (Musical Director 2007), Jenny Wren (Barbican Theatre, Plymouth 2008), Frida Hilfon (Barbican Theatre, Plymouth 2009), Elena Jacinta (Edinburgh Festival 2010), Katie Holland (Y Theatre, Leicester 2012), Jane Wass - workshops & performances at Waterside Arts, Manchester.

Jon has performed Drumscapes across the UK at events, Festivals and Melas including WOMAD, Larmer Tree, Beautiful Days Festival, Cardiff Mela, Plymouth Mela, Fusion Asia Festival, Plymouth & Exeter Respect Festivals, Wales Millennium Centre - Cardiff, Rich Mix, London, Klub Karamel, London, Band on The Wall - Manchester, TEDx Warwick, TEDxBrum, Dartington, Sunrise Festival, The Big Chill Festival, The Forge - Camden, Barbican Theatre - Plymouth, Sonorities Festival - Belfast, Contact Theatre, Manchester.

Jon currently has 2 performance projects available - Drumscapes Live World Percussion Sampling & Samswara sitar & tabla duo.


Drumscapes CD:

Sined (single):

Set List

Drumscapes tracks are all original material created by Jon Sterckx. 

Performances are Live Sampled (live looping) performances - all instruments are played, sampled, mixed & processed live on stage.

Setlist will vary depending on set length & type of event.

45 minute set currently features the following tracks:

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