Jon the Liar

Jon the Liar


This band defies all attempts to classify them. You can hear all of the differences in personal influences, but that's where all similarity stops. When you hear this band live, all attention is on them; their stage presence demands it! Simply put, this band rocks hard!


Jon the Liar is a melodic hard rock band with influences ranging from deep fried southern rock to hard-hitting metal to jazz. These guys are constantly blurring the musical boundaries between them.

Between all the members they have ample amounts of stage time touring up the east coast from Florida to Philadelphia, PA. They have played gigs at CBGB's in New York, numerous Hard Rock Live shows and local showcases since 2001.

Jon the Liar has been playing together since 2001 under various names and persona's, and after some regrouping they got together on New Years' and rocked Central Florida as New Haven. They managed to create a local buzz, winning many artist showcases and attracting the attention from an Indie record label and Florida Today. After New Haven, the guys regrouped as Jon the Liar and are picking up where they left off. After a few short months of hard work and one local show, they've already been offered another record deal. Jon the Liar is now ready for the scene, but the question remains, is the scene ready for them?


New CD to be released soon!

Set List

Red Tidings
Atlantic Lung
Youth in Asia
Faux Hemians
The Deadman Sway

Total time: aprox. 40 minutes