Jon The Revalaytor

Jon The Revalaytor

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Live high energetic both on stage and off. I am a rapper and producer, hype-man, and beat-boxer from Austin, Texas who really knows how to get the crowd going with live energy, bangin' beats with inspirational music.


My name is John Osmer. I am a rapper, producer, hype-man, beat-boxer, and hip-hop dancer. I was born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in Austin, Texas. I grew up listening to hip-hop and rap, and soon started listening to other styles of music. I began free style rapping at the age of 13. Since I enjoy producing and performing I started writing lyrics to different styles of music from rock, drum and base, dub step, and pop/techo, which gave me a self identity in alternative hip-hop. I started free styling on the streets for money at the age of 18 and entering rap contest. I found that I had a niche for performing live and began playing the Austin music scene every weekend with all different kinds of artist local and national. I soon made a name for myself. I was known as one of the most diverse, local hip-hop artist who could get the crowds attention by rapping, free-styling, beat-boxing, break dancing, and hype-man. My influences are artist such as The Beastie Boys, Tu Pac, Most Def, Talib Qwalie, MC Overlord, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Valejo, Bob Marley, Citizen Cope, Knife Party, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Jurassic 5, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Lupe Fiasco, Bat for Lashes, Jack White, Gorillaz, Lincoln Park, Fall Out Boy, Korn, Razell, Dougie Fresh, Atmosphere, and Slug. This summer I recently finished up a global Indie artist tour called, "The Extreme Tour", and I am currently working on a new single titled "I am a Revalaytor." I am also working on an album for a record contract that I was offered while I was in Nashville, TN.


Singles: Eye of The Storm, Wake Up, Addicted to The Music, Lost Children, Rocket Man

LP's: 3 Mix Tapes, and 2 LP's (Beyond The Mike, Mars to Revalaytor)

Pandora, Soundcloud, YouTube, (Tracks currently playing are: Lost Children, and Rocket Man)