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"Jontrell O'bryan Boone" is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and business owner, and is undoubtedly one of the promising rising R&B/Soul artists from East Texas. Often mellow, Jontrell's music has always had a distinct sound with catchy rhythms and conscious lyrical content.

Jontrell has played for many +Grammy award-winning recording artists including Shirley Caesar, Twinkie Clark, and many more well-renowned Gospel, Hip-Hop, and R&B artists. Now, gaining the attention of a wide variety of listeners with his new music video, "Can't Say No," Jontrell is now recognized as a notable artist after having performed at Webster Hall in New York, where the majority of this most recent music video was filmed. Jontrell has appeared in magazines as a featured up-and-coming R&B musician/singer/songwriter. His most recent publication was in the Coast 2 Coast Magazine where he was quoted, "Success means accomplishing every goal that you set. Success means victory."

Early Life

Jontrell Boone was born in Texarkana, Texas, where his musical studentship began in 1995 at the Texarkana Academy of Musical Arts as a piano student. When Jontrell was a senior in high school, his parents soon realized that he was headed for jail or worse, and that he had a gift that would be neglected without isolation from his surroundings. With the welfare of their first-born being a top priority, Jontrell's family relocated to Tyler, Texas, where he attended a private high school that guaranteed him a scholarship to the local junior college. Having taken grades so lightly during high school, Jontrell was not able to get into any colleges based on grades alone. Realizing that he had blown his chances at being accepted into the few colleges he had always illogically dreamed of attending, Jontrell and his father flew to Los Angeles, California, where Jontrell auditioned and was accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, however, Jontrell's scholarship only covered a minimal fraction of the tuition.

In 2009, Jontrell attended Tyler Junior College during his first two semesters as a college freshman, and later transferred to Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas, after finally proving he was capable of making excellent grades. Taking various music-related courses at Texas State caused Jontrell to redevelop as a musician as well as to reconcile with his passion.

2010-2012: Career Beginnings

In May of 2010, Jontrell began his career as a musician and recording artist as a backup singer and part-time keyboardist for local band in Austin, Texas, "The Way." It was then that Jontrell had his first opportunities working alongside Grammy award-winning recording artists, musicians, engineers, etc.

After a couple of years of experience and learning, as well as the education that he received at Texas State University, Jontrell decided to take one of the biggest risks in his life. Owning a business had always been a deep-burning desire. Jontrell, realizing that he had the passion and believing he had acquired enough knowledge and skill to run a successful, music-centered business, decided that he needed more discipline and structure in his life. Comfortable with the possibilities of deployment, the prior revelation of how much hard work and dedication it took to be a soldier, Jontrell was proud to join the United States Armed Forces as an Army Reservist. Immediately following training, Jontrell returned to Tyler, Texas, and founded "Key Notes Music Tyler," which is a private piano/vocal lessons studio. "Key Notes Music Tyler" is dedicated to developing well-rounded musicians-to-be. Having little time to commute back and forth to the nearby university campus, Jontrell decided to enroll in online classes so that he could effectively develop a brand for his business.

Jontrell uses the money from his business to fund traveling expenditures, the cost of developing not only his business, but himself as an artist, marketing and promotion, the cost of living, and recording projects including the forthcoming of his album entitled "Soul Food" which will be available for purchase on March 29, 2013 (Good Friday).