Jon Wayne and The Pain

Jon Wayne and The Pain

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Jon Wayne and The Pain - Based out of Minneapolis, the three-piece weave a generous balance of reggae, ska, acoustic blues and a little bit of everything else into a tantalizing mix. Their live performances match the debut LP's perfect balance of crisp sound quality and raw live energy.


Jon Wayne’s musical journey has driven him from the frigid cold of North Dakota to the lush warmth of his Jamaican influences, with a few detours thrown in along the way. As the lead vocalist and guitarist of Jon Wayne and The Pain, Jon, with bassist Chuck Torgerson and drummer Chris Hicks, has created a unique sound that combines reggae/ska rhythms, meaningful lyrics with a set of irresistible beats. Follow Through by Jon Wayne and The Pain builds upon the success of the group’s self-titled 2008 debut album, once again showcasing their unique mix of reggae, ska, acoustic blues, and dub that fans can’t get enough of. This signature sound, referred to as ‘Redemption Reggae’ by the band and their loyal supporters. The trio have developed a potent musical synergy that translates into the type of jams that reliably fill empty dance floors. Making guest appearances on the album are Slightly Stoopid’s horn players and percussionist Christofer “C Money” Welter, Daniel “DELA” Dela Cruz, and Oguer “OG” Ocon. Minneapolis hip-hop artist Yoni also contributes to the album with a unique indie hip-hop meets roots-reggae track. Known for crafting songs that not only entertain but often inspire as well, this release finds Jon offering an optimistic update to the tales of personal struggle from the debut album that allowed fans to gain a surprisingly intimate understanding of his motivations. Now seemingly at peace with his turbulent past, Follow Through presents a well earned opportunity to look back upon how far they come while setting their sights firmly on ever greater heights to come. Summer 2010 will see the perpetually touring act working hard to support the release. This endless tour which bears no name will wind across the western half of the U.S. until further notice.


*The Pain E.P. (2005) 6 early recordings produced at the playhouse in Mpls. by John Bailie & Andrew Misik

*Self Titled (2008) full length studio album recorded at Winterland & Wookie Studios produced by Mark Murphy

Set List

*Originals* (8 of 25 songs)
Karma Farmer, None More Dat, Late Night, Kickout, Vibe, Need Your Love, Recovery, Pappa C, (etc).

*Covers* (4 of many)
Rolled Up (Long Beach Dub Allstars) Fire on the Mountain (Grateful Dead) This & That (John Brown's Body) Usually 2 hour Sets