Jon Yeager

Jon Yeager


"An assuredly talented singer-songwriter with a pop aficionado's taste for simply felt words and slightly off-center, low-key melodies that sound classic and wholly original at the same time..." -Playback:STL


Jon spent the late 90's and early 21st century with Kansas City pop outfit The Daybirds covering the United States sharing its beatle-esque pop to growing crowds of hopeful romantics who agreed that things were in fact getting better all the time. After having a clearer vision of himself and his music Jon decided to break from the collective to pursue his solo ambition.

His new material is a self-produced body of recordings with less pop bravado than his former group and more intimacy in which he plays all instruments and has crafted a honey voiced frontman identity. What started as a demo on an Astralwerks tour with Sondre Lerche and the Golden Republic not only landed him his first deal, but also put him in the hands of San Francisco based manager Liliana Aranda. Working together, Jon's music quickly came to the national spotlight of artists to watch and garnered international attention. Musically and lyrically there was much to take in with the EP "TRUTH & VOLUME". Using his voice like an instrument, Yeager brought us a body of work which strongly proved his ability to be on his own, writing, producing and performing as magnetically as he does.

With management and label changes to follow the Fall 2005 release of "TRUTH & VOLUME", Jon released a self-titled online EP which solidified his sound to his growing fan base. We hear in songs such as "I Was Coming To Get You" and "A Strange Way To Leave A Strange Land" the solid rythym section gliding underneath layers of delayed guitars, organs and Jeff Buckley-like falcetto vocals. What adds to the allure is hearing in Jon's voice themes of deeper meanings. Overall, Yeager effortlessly manages to channel Pop luminaries such as Big Star, The Beatles, and U2, while ably sharing the Alt-Pop genre with contemporaries like Elliott Smith, Pete Yorn, Earlimart, and Iron & Wine.

While most 20-something singer/songwriters in this musical space are singing of self-loathing and lost love, Yeager produces meaningful songs that will stand the test of time. Stay tuned!


Minnow Records, 2006

Jon Yeager
Independent Release 2006

Truth & Volume EP
Polyrhythmic Records 2005

Set List

45 minutes.