John-Alex Mason - Jook Joint Thunderclap

John-Alex Mason - Jook Joint Thunderclap


Danceable Grooves and rocking original tunes all rooted in a repertoire of Delta, Piedmont and Hill Country Blues all wrapped up in the spectacle of a One-Man Band. Deep Country Blues...Electrified!


I don't have a publicist or staff writer so I am not going to write like I do. I have tried that before and it seems dishonest to me. Here's the story:

My slide guitar playing is inspired by the recordings of Son House, Fred McDowell, Robert Johnson, Charley Patton and Bukka White (to name a few) and my singing is inspired by Viola Marigna, my African-American nanny, my parents housekeeper and the woman I consider to be my godmother. I am not an imitator. That is not my aspiration. These are the people who have moved me to have hope in my life. I aspire only to move others as these tremendous people have moved me.

Starting out I played bars a lot; in ski towns, in trendy places where manufacturing used to thrive and places where acoustic music was a distraction from the 70 inch plasma screens. Richard Johnston showed me how to play drums with my feet over a weekend of busking on Beale Street in Memphis. I love getting people dancing and though I can crank on the resonator guitar, the footdrums and electric guitars sure bring out the boogie. Suddenly the TVs were the distraction.

I tend to surprise people. That has been my experience anyhow. I show up to play and I am younger than I look in my photos and before you know it with audience in tow, two or three or four good hours of singing and playing have whirled by. It's like, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, boarding a bus that won't bar no race, that won't laugh at your looks, your voice or your face and by any number of bets in the book will be rolling long after the bubble gum craze.

This past year I played 12 festivals including the Telluride Blues and Brews Fest, the Cincy Blues Fest and the Arkansas Heritage (formerly the King Biscuit) Festival. This past year I opened for James Cotton, Will Hoge, Rose Hill Drive, Johnny O, Carolyn Wonderland, Kelly Joe Phelps at the premier folk music organization in Denver, Swallow Hill and for BB King at the sold-out 2000 seat Pikes Peak Center. I performed with Henry Butler and Corey Harris's drummer Johnny Gilmore with Corey listening on. Alvin Youngblood Hart attended one of my shows, said I was sounding good.

These opportunities exposed me to a whole range of people with music on their minds. I am truly proud to say that I didn't disappoint and didn't simply satisfy either. I made new friends of people who were ready to be my harshest critics. Music Lovers and defenders; folks like me.

"John-Alex's new album knocks my socks off!" - John Hammond commenting on "Live Fire."

"One of the deepest young cats on the scene today." - Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin, Muddy Waters' Longtime guitarist.

"Calling John Alex Mason a "one man band" is a little misleading, because it sounds like three different people in harmony. It's not the novelty that makes it great, it's the powerful effect of the percussion, vocals and the guitar coming from the same soul. It comes across relevant, tribal and a wide groove, good listening and toe tapping, hell, you can dance to it too!" - John Catt, founding member, Grand County Blues Society and director of the Blues from the Top Fest.

"Mason is one heck of a cool cat that brings his soul to every damn show: "rollin' this blanket out on stage". That deep voice callin' out an americana style is enticing to any audience young and old alike. He's nothin' short of a crowd pleaser." -Brad Mallen, Owner, TrouserMouse Bar.

"WOW! I have long admired the way that John-Alex Mason plays and sings, he is a real pro and it is clear that he "feels it"! His "one man band" show at the Trinidaddio Blues Fest "Pre-Fest" takes John-Alex up another rung (or two, or three!) on my ladder. Even though John-Alex was sponsored by our friends at the Colorado Blues Society, I usually stay away from having one person acts play for more than 30minutes or so. Really...even trios don't normally get that much more. John-Alex Mason played...all by his lonesome, for nearly two solid hours to a packed (500 tickets sold!) crowd that were waiting to hear Bernard Allison's guitar magic. Not only did the set please the "natives" who can become restless...they loved did I! If I needed any convincing that John-Alex Mason is the "real deal" (I really didn't!)...I sure got it on that Friday nite in Trinidad! What a great guy and what a great act!" - Neil Sexton, Founder, Trinidaddio Blues Fest

Festival Appearances & Selections 2004-2006

2001-2006 Telluride Blues and Brews Festival, Telluride, Colorado
2006 Hawth Folk Blues Festival, Crawley, UK
2006 The BlauBlues Festival, Belgium
2006 Southpark Music Festival, South Park, Colorado
2006 Trinidaddio Blues Festival, Trinidad, Colorado
2006 Cross County Line Blues Fest, Loveland, Colorado
2006 Greeley Blues Festival, Greeley, Colorado
2006 Swallow Hill Folks Fest, Denver, Colorado
2006 Cincinnati Blues Festival, Cincinnati, Ohio
2006 Blues From the Top Festival, Granby, Colorado
2006 Colorado College, Bl



Written By: John-Alex Mason

Locomotive on my mind
runing steady and right on time
lcocomotive in my heart
pumping power from the start

let it ride

Locomotive in my feet
pumping out that steady beat
Locomotive in my eyes
shining steady through darkened skies

let it ride

Locomotive in my soul
fired by something from deep below
locomotive in my spirit
blowing loud so all can hear it

Iam sitting on 600 tons of roaring earten steel
fire, air and water are my driving wheel

What are you Hungry For?

Written By: John-Alex Mason

My Ola did ask me
child what you hungry for?
My Ola did ask me
child what you hungry for?
Get in that Kitchen son
and I'll feed you til you ain't hungry no more

My Ola did Tell me
child that rain will fall
get in that kitchen son
there ain't nothing you can do about it at all

My Ola did Tell me
child that sun will shine
Don't Forget the rain
if it shines all the time

My Ola did tell me
be a time when she's not around
keep your head up child
don't look back and don't look down

My Ola did tell me
said God will make you still
might think he don't love you no more
but you know he always will

My ola did ask me
said child what you hungry for?
Now matter how well you fed
you've still got to ask
what you hungry for?


Barefoot EP / NJBM-005 2006, One Man Band extended play single.
Live Fire / NJBM-004 Live Official Bootleg release
Time Will Come / NJBM-003, 2004 Still receiving heavy play on Colorado Stations. #24 on Living Blues National Radio Chart.
Artists in Resonance, 2003- National Resophonic Guitars Audio Catalog, featured Artist.
Mason & Hundt / NJBM-002, 2002- Receiving radio play on 30+ stations in the US and on 100+ stations in the US through the syndicated program, Blues Deluxe. The record is also receiving spins on numerous stations in Europe and Australia.
Walking Tracks / NJBM-001, 2000

Set List

No show is ever the same. For festivals I rely heavily on my original material with a few covers of my favorites thrown in. Covers range from Charley Patton to Hank Williams, and Led Zepplin to Junior Kimbrough.
For typical 4hr bar gig I generally take one 20 minute break. The music is point not sitting around.