Joon the Introvert

Joon the Introvert

 Austin, Texas, USA
SoloHip Hop

Joon the Introvert is a hip hop monster. Be ready to mention him with names like Redman, Method Man, Eminem, Nas, and Biggie. His philosophy on hip hop is true at heart and relies on lyrics and style.


Long live hip hop.  Joon the Introvert is a force in the world of hip hop.  His 'fuck you' attitude is a great representation of his music.  His creative lyrics and amazing production is what separates him from every other rapper out there.  His style is outlandish and his demeanor on the mic is savage.  The presence of a great MC is felt upon pushing play.  There's no escaping the sick and twisted mind of this lyricist.  Nobody is safe from the introvert.



Written By: D. Ramos

I came to rap you other suckers came to yap.
You following trends cuz you other suckers can't adapt.
It's not safe to rap, I'll take it back, never take a nap.
I'm aimed and strapped and lyrically set the bar and then I fade to black.
Its a painful fact that i'm aiming back and they can't attack.
I don't play the slack I get paid to rap, I'm that dangerous Jack.
and I make the beats and i make it slap, I'm a major mack.
I ain't ya homey clown so you already know I ain't playing that.
Everybody trying to be the king but the Ace is back.
You claim you hard cover but we know you paper back.
Ineffable, my style is impeccable.
I'm trying to be greatest so put my rhymes on a pedestal.
Immeasurable, incredible demeanor.
I'm the meanest and the cleanest and serving ya like subpoenas.
And you can keep on rapping about the shit you ain't got
and I can guarantee in five years you in the same spot.


Euphoric Depression - 2010
Speak My Mind EP - 2016