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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Joon review from Orlando Weekly."

"Back in the ’80s, copious amounts of South American cocaine made their way through Lakeland on a circuitous route to Miami. Whether or not that has anything to do with the astonishing number of psychedelic and space-rock bands that come from there, we’re not sure. But Joon holds up the tradition well, blending futuristic, electronic touches and shoegazey guitar washes with an epic trippiness." - The Orlando Weekly

"Review of Joon at the Florida Music Festival"

"While heading to AKA Lounge, I peeked in the window of Suite B and saw three guys with guitars, tons of effects pedals, and some keyboards. They were all wearing lab coats and I thought, "Well, I have to check this out." I'm glad I did, because it was Joon and they were such a pleasant surprise. Aside from the gimmicky lab coats that caught my ADD eyes, their ability to manipulate all that technology into such an artfully and skillfully crafted soundscape totally grasped my attention. It was very refreshing and quenched my thirst for spontaneity." - Orlando City Beat

"Joon review from the Lakeland Ledger"

"The band's sound rises above peers who employ a cadre of loud, fast guitars masking a lack of skill. A testament to their talent, Joon's music is not afraid to be sparse at times, such as a pretty guitar part over a simple loop of a few droning keys. Songs are deep and interesting, charmed by quirky noise sprinkled inside infectious melodies. Other songs make plenty of use of decaying loops, pedals, synths and guitars, building into startling crescendos." - Shelley Preston, Lakeland Ledger


"The Uncanny Valley" (2007) - full length LP



We used to have a third member. He got eaten by a fat woman. After his death, we carried on as a duo.