A composer with excellent educational preparation in sound design,film scoring and composition is seeking opportunities in writing, sound design and commercial music production field.


Berklee College of Music graduate with dual major in Music Synthesis and Film Scoring.

My academic and musical backgrounds have provided me with skills in both Electronic and Contemporary Music Composition.

I am taking a major step in dedicating my entire life to the field of composition. As a composer, I am particularly enthusiastic about original works of art.

In fact, as a Music Synthesis major, I focused on Sound Design for commercial music production, which enabled my original compositions to gain a more distinctive sound.

As a Film Scoring major, I had many composing, conducting and live recording experiences with both large and small ensembles.

Consequently, I am looking forward to having more collaborations with visual arts. Therefore I am seeking a job especially in commercial music production field. This philosophy and approach inspires me because it connects directly with my ultimate goal. I am hope to all categories of art and I am excited by the possibility of combining my music with visual or physical arts.


Do U

Written By: Joona Kim

Silent Clapping of Hands

Dream, depends upon emptiness

Platonic Hearts

Neurotic Relationships

Freedom without Freewill

Pride without Love

Your kind smile with the knife

Your kind smile with superiority

People with no me

There is no perception
No Consciousness, No Impulses

Where is your feeling?

Do you want to attain it?

One's Mind

Written By: Joona Kim

One’s mind

In this vary moment

One’s all
Everything is one

Why wind from the west
Try to change the forest

Why wind from there
Try to change..
So eager to take..

One’s mind

One’s all
Everything is one

Rabbit In The Moon

Written By: Joona Kim

Moon luster emits light
Scatters fills the space with it glow
There’s a story in you as you look at the moon…

We are here for a long long time..
Just doing the same ..
Eternal observance

Waiting for the day break,
Being here, just dazzling glow and
Smell of white moonlight
When it covered us

Where do you come from?
Where do you wanna go?
Whhich star do you like?
How long does it take?
How far is it?
How far can we go?
What is the biggest star?
What does it look like?
Where do you wanna go?
How far is it?
How long does it take?
Where are we gonna go?


-Portfolio Contents-

1 Dubell Final 06:44
2 Naksan Final 02:28
3 jule final 02:44
4 While asleep 03:44
5 wall paper trip 03:18
6 Flowerage Screen 03:22
7 LiveOnasTump 03:32
8 Do U 04:26
9 One'sMind 04:24
10 moodstone 03:13
11 Spelunking(Cave Trip) 05:10
12 ville 03:01
13 Vocalise 01:52
14 Rabbit In the Moon 02:42
15 2000 Leagues 02:16
16 Royal Wedding 01:14
17 Smooth Jazz 01:10
18 Soft Breeze 00:58
19 X File 02:46
20 SaltMarsh 01:26
21 Sisters Main Title 00:47
22 Ethnic House 01:40
23 After Crash 00:47
24 Alpenglow 04:40
25 Game Title Loop 01:02
26 Music In the Cassett 04:00
27 Tazmanian Devil 01:45