We are a funky band that can really rock a crowd. We have played extensively from the DC area up to New York City. We put on a fantastic live show that puts everyone in the dancing mood, and good times are guaranteed.


Joppa was formed by longtime friends, Danny Dahan, Ben Ifshin, and David Karr as a middle school rock trio. The young Joppa gained experience by playing local block parties and battle of the bands. With the addition of lead singer Ramzy Suleiman in 2004 and consistent live performances at local venues, Joppa began to develop a devoted following in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas. Joppa frequently performs at venues such as:

• The 8x10 in Baltimore, MD
• The Webster Theater in Hartford, CT
• The Velvet Lounge in Washington, D.C.
• The R n R Bar and Lounge in Washington, D.C.
• Sullivan Hall in New York City
• Don Hill’s in New York City

Joppa brings over 100 fans to its shows at the 8x10. Joppa also sold over 100 tickets to its New York City debut at the Lion's Den without any press. In June 2008, Joppa is traveling to New York City to share the stage with renowned performer Marco Benevento of the Benevento/Russo duo. Joppa will also be heading to Newport, KY to play at the Adjust Your Eyes music and arts festival.

In August 2007, Joppa recorded and produced its debut album Capes and Umbrellas with acclaimed producer Jim Fox (SOJA, Israel Vibration) at the Lion and Fox Recording Studios in College Park, MD. Capes and Umbrellas was self released in October 2007 and has already sold over 500 copies. Two of the tracks from Capes and Umbrellas were recently featured on the annual “Groove Local” compilation CD released by University of Vermont. Joppa’s music has also recently gotten airplay on University of Vermont radio. Joppa's myspace page,, active for only a couple months has already had over 7,000 hits.

In a July 4, 2007 article, Chelsea Phillips from the Potomac Almanac writes, “It’s not too tough to form a band with your best friends, but it’s tough to form a great one, and even tougher to branch into a new musical genre. Local band Joppa aims to do both. Twisting together a mix of funk, classic rock and reggae, Joppa’s sound is refreshing, chill and, most important to the band and their fans: it’s danceable.”


We released our first full length album entitled "Capes and Umbrellas" this past Fall, it can be found on iTunes and has been played on University of Vermont radio, WRUV, WBKM, among others.

Set List

Our typical set list (depending on time constraints) can have up to 12-14 originals, along with however many covers we need. We have enough in our repertoire to play about a 3 hour set.