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Copenhagen, Denmark | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Copenhagen, Denmark | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Dream Pop


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"Revel in Scorching, Melancholic Ecstasy With JØRCK's New Album, 'Black Sun'"

Copenhagen's electro-dreamers are back with a slow burner of an album that's cinematic and mesmerizing.

Ever imagine yourself wandering aimlessly through a desolate town somewhere in the deep South, stumbling upon a sinister saloon, swinging open the cobwebbed doors, ordering the wrinkled barman to slam a whiskey in front of you and downing it whilst contemplating the minutest details of your strenuous life? Yeah, we didn't either—but those are the kinds of cinematic visions that float into your head when you listen to you the latest album from JØRCK. Copenhagen's electro-dream duo's Black Sun is an album of vast, cathartic soundscapes. It dabbles in dusty post-punk, ethereal electro and bare singer-songwriter elements—all while keeping a red thread that's burningly pensive and melancholic. From the shrouded twangs of the guitar in opener "As We Are Changing" to the surreal and swampy magnetism of "Black Sun", the album hooks you close to the dynamism flowing between singer Trine Jørck and multi-instrumentalist Torben Guldager. JØRCK have you in their grasp the whole way through—making for an album that's cathartic and captivating. - Noisey/Vice

"Take a Dance With Melancholy in "Black Sun", the Latest Video From JØRCK"

Torben Guldager and Trine Jørck, the duo who make up Copenhagen's dreamy project JØRCK, are back with their third album Black Sun. It’s set to drop the 18th of January in 2016 and title track “Black Sun” is a dark and dusty first glimpse of the eclipse to come.

The video invites us into a pensive party in a Western saloon with the ambience of a more romantic, less spooky version of The Village. Directed by Baijie Curdt-Christiansen, it’s a smoky and complimentary setting for JØRCK’s surrealist teeter-totter between ecstasy and the darkest corners of the human mind. As Guldager’s severe guitar riffs writhe in cohesion with Trine Jørck’s heart-wrenching, raspy vocals, you’re left with no choice. Pull on your leather boots, light a cigarette and dance with your inner demons to this latest somber serenade from Jørck. - Noisey/Vice

"JØRCK - Black Sun review"

A smoke-filled dark room, a barstool on a small stage in the corner, a howling guitar and a vibrating rock vocal.

This is how one could imagine the duo JØRCK, consisting of Trine Jørck on vocals and Torben Guldager on guitar, entering reality or more likely: Taking in reality.

Because the lyrics are floating somewhere between observations of offbeat characters and ideas about life, and her amazing voice is breathtaking. A little like Mazzy Star.

Check out the simple, but captivating structure between the loneliness of the piano and the spacious howling guitars on the albums best track Black Sun; Check out the shambling You Let the Looseness In or the menacing No Center with Dragut Lugalzagosi on a gloomy second vocal.

Even though the album doesn’t reach the same boundary pushing level throughout the whole album and maybe runs out of originality in some of the melodies, that becomes as so much else in that genre – listen to It Sure Wasn’t Easy, Choices and The Girl Without A Name (where the lyrics about loss of identity is very interesting) – several places they proves something excellent. - GAFFA


Still working on that hot first release.


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