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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
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Jordan T.

Bridges with the Vibes

With growing audience of over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone and no stranger to the global reggae touring circuit, his touring career has taken him to International Music Festivals such as Rototom Sunsplash (Spain), Riddu Riddu Festival (Norway), Chiemsee Summer (Germany), SummerJam (Cologne, Germany), Reggae Sun Ska Fest (France) and American Reggae festivals like California Roots Festival, Reggae on the River, Reggae on the Mountain, Island Vibes Fest, Island Reggae Festival, Trenchfest (Guam), Reggae on the Block (Orlando), and many more across the globe.

To fund the production of his independent debut ‘Bridges with the Vibes’ (2017) album and future tours, he and his fanbase raised $30,000 after exceeding their initial goal of $23,000. Following the successful campaign, Jordan T linked up with Habitat for Humanity in Nicaragua (2017) to give back, building housing for those in need.

Jordan T has shared stages/festivals with artists such as Fiji, Katchafire, Jimmy Cliff, Major Lazor, Third World, Tarrus Riley, Jemere Morgan, Steel Pulse, Iration, Anuhea, Maoli, Soja, Mike Love, Damien Marley, Alex Marley, Sammy J, Common Kings, Collie Buddz, Irie Love, Ali Cambell (UB40), Kimie, Ekolu, Rebel Souljahz, The Green, J Boog, Bobby McFerrin, Mick Fleetwood, Michael Shrieve, and many more.

Former lead guitarist/vocalist of the Maui band Maoli (HI) relentlessly pursued his dreams which led him to play as lead guitarist/ vocalist touring the globe with the legendary international reggae band, Katchafire (NZ). His music is a mainstay on Hawaiian and international reggae radio stations in O’ahu, Maui, Big Island of Hawai’i, Guam, Tahiti, Cali, Japan, and various European stations. His most renowned singles include his #1 hawaiian hit, ‘Sunset Tonight’ (2013), ‘Closer To You’ (2015), and the most recent release off of his Debut Album (Bridges with the Vibes) ‘Find Ya Riddim’ (2017), which features Jemere Morgan, son of Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage.

“Maui Reggae star JORDAN T. is taking Bob Marley along with his unique dash of sun splash hip hop to anada “POSITIVE VIBRATION” level. A breath of fresh air and if his sold out concerts and high energy performances of Artistic Integrity like his fellow Hawaiian star IZ is a indication of a class act, then he is certainly destined to be the next reggae SUPER STAR IMO.” – PHIL CHEN – (Bassist for: Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Ernest Ranglin , Skatalites, Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, Ray Charles, Roy Orbison, the Doors, Sir Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, Bee Gees, Brian May Queen, Eddie Van Halen, and more…)

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The Interview

IRIE. Take us back to your childhood. You are originally from Maui, Hawai’i! How were you introduced to reggae music?

Jordan T. I’m a mixed breed, Hapa Ilokano and Dutch. I have 2 brothers and a little sis! My Dutch mom’s side is from the Cascade mountains in Wenatchee, WA and my dad’s side fam is from Paia, the Northshore of Maui. “Ama”, my great-grandfather and other relatives worked the Sugar Cane fields back in the day. After my older brother was born in Maui, my family moved to Washington State where they had me. Spent my summers in Maui growing up to stay connected to both my island and mainland family roots, but always felt the Islands in my blood. Travelled a lot as a kid and after experiencing the mainland, I moved back to Maui to trace and reconnect with my dad’s family island roots.

My introduction to reggae started when I was kid with Jawaiian, Ekolu, Katchafire, Gregory Isaacs, and of course Bob Marley. Fun fact- when my dad was in high school, he jammed guitar on island in a band with the original drummer of Natural Vibrations, Stacy Medeiros. So obviously I grew up listening to them and also FIJI. “Uncle” Fiji is one of my biggest inspirations as he is (in my opinion) the GodFather for island reggae music. Because of the path he paved, I and many other emerging island reggae artists are able travel and do what we do today. =)

IRIE. You picked the guitar as your choice of instrument. Why the guitar? Do you still have or remember your first guitar?

Jordan T. I started playing guitar when I was 11, taking lessons from Flamenco guitar master, Enrique Hanao. Yeah, I’ll never forget that acoustic, nylon string guitar! I haven’t touched that guitar in years – still safe in its case though! I spent more time with it than my friends haha. =) I definitely felt a bit of a calling to the guitar because I used to watch my dad play when I was a kid so I’ve wanted to keep that family tradition going I guess.

IRIE. As you pursued your dreams as a musician, who were some of your musical influences?

Jordan T. Growing up I listened to a pretty eclectic mixture of styles from reggae to classical, to hip hop, to Motown, to heavy metal and everything in between. Ones that influenced me the most were Kalapana, Cecilo and Kapono, Kapena, Hapa, Katchafire, Damian Marley, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvine Gaye, Al Green, Brandon Boyde (Incubus), Fiji, Gregory Issacs, Steel Pulse, Third World, UB40, the other Marleys..etc. too many to name. =)

IRIE. Your first band as a musician was the Maui band, Maoli. How did this opportunity come about?

Jordan T. ACTUALLY, the first band I played shows with on Maui was a band called, Cane Fire. We played locally around Maui. After that I was blessed with the call asking to audition for Maoli as lead guitarist/vocalist in 2012. I still remember getting the call from my braddah Chris Mahon, introducing me to Josh Cravalho, asking if I could tour the United States with Maoli – I was already a fan of Maoli so that was an obvious yes!

At the time, I was working full time as a 1st mate (sailor) for this catamaran company called Trilogy. They were awesome enough to allow me to leave the island to tour and still have the job when I came back, so big up Trilogy! After our first tour together, endless laughs, and great music making, I knew these guys would become music ohana no matter where we all ended up in lives and our careers.

IRIE. After 3 years with the band, Maoli, you got the opportunity to perform as lead guitarist/vocalist for the legendary reggae band Katchafire. What was the feeling for you to be able to perform with a globally recognized reggae band? Did you feel that you were on your way?

Jordan T. To be honest, I grew up listening to Katchafire. I’ve been covering their music for awhile so to have the opportunity to open up for, and then later play lead guitars/backup vox IN the band was a dream come true for me.

I learned so much wisdom from da Maori Whanau and had some of the best times of my career touring the world with them. They are one the hardest working reggae bands out there and are insanely talented – I’ve seen it with my own eyes! They’re a HUGE inspiration to me and I feel very honored and blessed for the experiences. Always good vibes! Big up Katchafire ohana!

IRIE. In 2013, you scored your first number one Hawaiian hit with Sunset Tonight. Tell us about the song.

Jordan T. So I recorded that song in Oahu at Buprint Studios (Kapena) with some hammah Hawaiian artists: Pena Bu engineering + Mixing, Ruff Mastering, Revelation Kalauli on drums, Jay Keyz on Keyboards, Puunui Wong on bass, and Glenn Awong of Maoli. I came in with my preproduction and then we started laying down drums, guitar, bass, keys, vocals, track after track. The whole song took us no more than 4 hours to finish. I remember after the all nighter, we looked at each other laughing, “yup das a wrap boys!”. I wrote this song in Maui a while back for this island girl I was crushing on at the time. I wanted the vibe to reflect the vibe of Maui. I feel blessed that people ended up liking it ya know? You never know how your creations will be received until you take the chance I guess. We did a music video for that song on Oahu thanks to the kanaka from Moloka’i, Paulele from Hawaii’s Finest and his crew!

IRIE. You’ve had the opportunity to tour around the world, performing at some of the biggest international music festivals, including Rototom Sunsplash (Spain), SummerJam (German) and Reggae Sun Ska (France). Is there a memorable moment that stays with you?

Jordan T. I feel very grateful. Playin at Rototom in Spain was definitely a highlight. It was a sea of people and we got to play on the main stage right before Major Lazer and Bunny Wailer the legend! I watched Bunny Wailer from back stage smash his set, but he felt sick in the middle of it. I watched him walk off stage, clean his stomach out, and walked right back on stage to finish his set. It was one of the dopest moments I’ve experienced in person. He’s an absolute Champion! Later we got to cruz with him and he said he ate something funny earlier. He went on to destroy the stage like nothing happened. Inspiring.

IRIE. Let’s talk about your latest debut album, Bridges with the Vibes, which was crowdfunded by your fanbase. What was the feeling like to be able to have the support of your fans to produce this EP?

Jordan T. Humbling. From someone who cleaned church toilets for money at one point, I feel eternally grateful that there was enough people out there that believed in our vision/mission enough to contribute. I couldn’t have made the album without them. I’ve learned so much and I loved getting to connect directly to the people who were previously fans, but now are family. As an independent artist, it’s a great platform to fund larger projects and to be able to afford the musicians/studios/engineers you want to hire, to get the quality sounds you want. I’m still kind of in shock that it was successful! =) Give thanks to the most high! Go check it out on itunes, googleplay, amazon, spotify, etc…

IRIE. On your album, ‘Bridges with the Vibes’, you feature an eclectic group of musicians including Jemere Morgan, Leylani, Unga Barunga, Mr. Kapu, to name a few. How did these collaborations come about?

Jordan T. Yes – I wanted to show how music can bring people from all over the world together, but also to showcase the local Hawaiian talent. I wanted to fuse roots with different genre feels. =) I honestly have been a fan of all these artists before I even worked with them. I say that this project was shaped by the King of Kings because somethings you just can’t plan out. I randomly got in contact with good braddah Jemere Morgan a couple years ago and we worked on an unreleased project via instagram/skype! It’s kind of funny because we never met in person till after we released “Find Ya Riddum”. Big up his fams on the Grammys! I met Unga Barunga while on tour with Katchafire and Nattali Rize. He was backing up the sis and we got to know each other! They some good braddahs! Years after he emailed me from Jamaica saying he remixed sunset tonight and wrote a verse – once I listened to it I knew I had to put it on the album! Big up Unga and Notis! Leylani is one talented sis from Maui and was blessed to work with her! Mr Kapu and I go way back to playing local shows in Maui called “The Medicine Men”. We were bringing all kine locals acts together under one roof for a kanikapila (Jam sesh). I got busy with Maoli and Katchafire so it took awhile to finally get this song with his poetic fire. More music is cooking as we speak… =)

IRIE. Can you share with us the meaning behind the title, Bridges with the Vibes?

Jordan T. The mission of this album/my career is to use music to uplift, unite, and promote love to ALL people of ALL cultures on a global platform. I wanted to represent my journey, my roots, and my family through this album. Like my ancestors before, we build bridges and we travel. Music is my outrigger to carry this message! There’s a lot of crazy things in this industry and in this world. I believe music is the perfect vehicle to get messages across – to bring healing to the brokenness out there. Bob Marley showed us how through everything he did and was to this world. Bridges with the Vibes is about setting that tone. At my shows I like to tell the people… I don’t care who you are, who your father or mother was, where you come from, what color your skin is, tonight in this house, we’re all family. We are Ohana. We gotta be the ones to stand up for whats right, what’s pono.

IRIE. You are a humanitarian as well. In 2017, you linked up with Habitat for Humanity in Nicaragua to build houses for those in need. What was the experience like for you?

Jordan T. It was an amazing eye opening and perspective changing experience. Went out with a group of 13 to one of the poorest places in the world called Estelí, Nicaragua. A percentage of people are basically living with mud floors, latrines for bathroom and shacks made from scrap wood and metal. Our mission was to build from bottom up a “seed home”. It’s a basic concrete structure that they can live in and build onto later after we leave. Hard work mixing concrete by hand for about 7 days straight. Worth every second of it to see the face of the Julia when she walked into her new home and out of the mud. They have a new future now. This is only ONE of many people in the world that are below poverty levels and we must raise that awareness. For us that can give, let’s give. Building bridges with the Vibes.

IRIE. Is there anything you would like to say or share with the Irie Magazine audience?

Jordan T. We’ve got a brand new EP in the works right now – no release date yet, but blessed to have 2 songs recorded with my bay area fam, CRSB. Also grateful to be combining forces with the one and only and legendary reggae roots band, Third World for a project! Give thanks! We also have collaborated with the Tahitian/Polynesian fam, Hinano. We’ve got a brand new merch line that can be found at More tours in the works for the future and all that info and more music releases can be found on social media: facebook, instagram, twitter – @jordantmusic. Big up IRIE MAGAZINE for the opportunity!! Strictly love and good vibes! Bless UP!

IRIE. Much Love & Respect, Jordan T! Mahalo! - Irie Magazine

"Maui’s Jordan T shares inspiration behind new single, Fire by Your Side"

This week, Maui-based reggae musician, Jordan T, released a beautiful new single, Fire by Your Side. The relaxing song will mentally bring you to watching the sunrise on your favorite beach. asked Jordan T about the inspiration behind the song and he said, “The scene is set watching the sunrise from 10,000 ft above the sea on top of our volcano, Haleakalā. It’s really cold that early in the morning, so to warm up you gotta cuddle! This song is a message to remember to appreciate the beauty in life, and to never leave the side of those you love. When the world gets too cold, we can bring warmth and love to it. We can be the fire by your side.”

We absolutely love this message and the song!

Jordan T brings a soulful passion to his music and signing. Fire by Your Side shows off his vocals and lyrical prowess. The song’s reggae riddim will get you dancing on your feet and dreaming of a trip to the breathtaking Hawaiian Islands.

Support Jordan T by purchasing the song or stream his music. Fire by Your Side is the Daily Reggae Song of the Day. - Daily Reggae

"Jordan T brings the vibes on Good Morning Hawaii"

HONOLULU - Maui's own Jordan T makes his way to Oahu for the Aloha Bash. Just after his release "Bridges With the Vibes", Jordan T is gearing up for his tour and new music. Check him out this Friday, April 27th at the UH Manoa Andrews Amphitheater for the Aloha Bash. Doors open at 5:30pm and you can get your tickets at the door or IG: jordantmusic Jordan T Bridges with the Vibes" Chorus Music makes you feel alive...

HONOLULU - Maui's own Jordan T makes his way to Oahu for the Aloha Bash. Just after his release "Bridges With the Vibes", Jordan T is gearing up for his tour and new music.

Check him out this Friday, April 27th at the UH Manoa Andrews Amphitheater for the Aloha Bash.

Doors open at 5:30pm and you can get your tickets at the door or - KITV 4 ISLAND NEWS

"Jordan T discusses Bridges with the Vibes"

Jul 28 Jordan T discusses Bridges with the Vibes, working with Maoli and Katchafire, and Kararua album.

Jordan T: Creating connections through music

Hawai’i-based reggae artist Jordan Tolentino, known as Jordan T, believes it is his job to bring peace and positivity to a controversial world through music. His first album, Bridges with the Vibes, released in 2017, is the epitome of who he is and everything he stands for: creating connections through love and positive energy.

The 13-track album is stacked with features from reggae artists including Mr. Kapu, I.A, Cp2, Leylani, Jemere Morgan and Unga Barunga, and offers a collection of new songs, remixes and live studio versions.

“It’s [the album] about creating those connections, it’s about how we can lift each other up,” Jordan T said. “It’s about how we can help unite people around the world. The money doesn’t matter at all because If I can touch people and have a positive influence on somebody’s life, that’s what it’s all about.”

For example, “Vibe With Me (feat. Cp2)” from his Bridges with the Vibes album is about forgetting about politics and negativity for a little and instead focusing on the music and love, and connecting with the people around.

Jordan T has released a variety of music ranging from roots reggae to jawaiian and jazz, but has one consistent message throughout all his songs: peace and unity.

“Music is such an amazing language that anybody across the world can understand. Even if you don’t speak the same language, you can still feel the same energy,” he said. “My music is about connecting with people, building bridges with the vibes.”

With more than 3 million streams on Spotify, it’s no surprise that Jordan T has become a major component in the reggae industry in Hawai’i. His most notable songs include his #1 hit single “Sunset Tonight,” “Closer to You,” and the most recent from his latest album Bridges with the Vibes “Find Ya Riddum.”

Although Jordan T was born and raised in Washington, he would spend his summers on Maui where his dad was raised. He attended college at Biola University in California where he studied Music Performance. After he graduated college in 2010, he moved back to Maui to reconnect with his family roots and pursue his dream as a music artist.

In 2011, Jordan T’s grandmother worked at Makawao Public Library where she signed him up for his “first tour.”

“Every summer they’d do summer programs and all the keiki [children] would come, and the libraries would hire a musician to go around the libraries from Makawao, Kahului, Kihei, Lahaina and Lana’i,” he said. “It was so random and funny, but it was fun though because I just played for kids and their parents in the library, and I always laugh because that was my first tour.”

In 2012, Jordan T began working for a Maui tourism boating company called Trilogy Excursions, where he would play his ukulele for passengers. After work, he would walk down the street to play at local bars until he was eventually noticed by well-known Hawai’i band Maoli.

“Maoli called me up and they asked me if I wanted to go on these tours and I was already a fan of Maoli already and listening to their music, so I was like “Guarantee! But you want me to come with you?” he said laughing. “I canceled whatever I had.”

Jordan T played as Maoli’s lead guitarist/vocalist and opened up for New Zealand reggae band Katchafire for two different tours around the nation. After that, Katchafire took Jordan T on as a lead guitarist and did tours around the world until 2014.

“That was what really kickstarted where I’m at today, and gave me a lot of exposure. And to know that those guys believed in me enough to pick me up on the tours was a huge blessing and pretty humbling because I look up to all of them,” Jordan T said.

Although going on tour with Maoli and Katchafire was the kickstart of his career, Jordan T made a name for himself when he released his #1 hit single “Sunset Tonight” in 2013.

He explained that “Sunset Tonight” was about a love interest he had at the time, and that all his songs are rooted from real-life experiences or just from the ocean itself.

“Life experiences give me the material that I need to write. It’s super important to me that I don’t just write a song for the radio so that they like it. I write my lyrics for a reason,” he said. “Or even just sitting by the beach sometimes by the water is my biggest inspiration because when you’re at the ocean, nothing else matters. Those moments are only caught in time and unadulterated by the rest of the world.”

In fact, Jordan T’s latest single “Island Feels” is about one of his favorite beaches on Maui called Makena Beach, or “Bigs” to locals.

“It [“Island Feels”] came from touring for six to eight weeks at a time, missing Maui, missing my family, missing Bigs,” Jordan T said. “Every day on tour is back-to-back and you’re in a different city every night, we wake up at seven, don’t sleep until four. Sometimes we’re driving on the road for 18 hours or 12 hours and just sitting in the car for that long is just like ‘Man, I want to go Bigs already.’”

Between working on his next album, constant touring and finding time to relax, life can get pretty chaotic. However, Jordan T remains calm by reminding himself that his job is to spread the aloha spirit through his music.

“Obviously life is not always peaceful, and we’re all going to face hard times and struggles and negativity, but it is our choice on how we deal with those moments,” Jordan T said. “I channel [the chaos] it into the mission of reaching these people and spreading the aloha spirit through music, and when I think of it that way, it’s like ‘okay I’m here for something that’s bigger than myself.’ Instead of thinking how nervous I am, I’m thinking about what I need to accomplish, so I’ll take that and I’ll use that adrenaline and energy to put that onto the stage and just direct it into all of that.”

He said that the people he meets and the connections he makes while touring make the long hours of traveling worth it.

“I headlined in Carson City, Nevada [in June 2019], and that moment, in particular, was a pretty huge moment for me because I never played there once, and there were people that I never met in my life that were so stoked to watch our set,” he said. “Moments like that, it’s bigger than us, it’s about how we can unite people around the world.”

Jordan T’s next album Kararua is expected to drop in September. - KRISTEN UEDOI


Still working on that hot first release.



With growing audience of over 40,000 monthly listeners

on Spotify alone and no stranger to the global reggae touring

circuit, his touring career has taken him to International Music

Festivals such as: (Spain), Riddu Riddu Festival (Norway), Chiemsee Summer (Germany), SummerJam (Cologne, Germany), Reggae SunSka Fest (France) and American Reggae festivals like Reggae on the River, California Roots Festival, Reggae on the Mountain , Island Vibes Fest, Island Reggae Festival, Trenchfest (Guam), Reggae on the Block (Orlando),and many more across the globe.

He has shared stages/festivals with artists such as

Fiji, Katchafire, Jimmy Cliff, Major Lazor, Third

World , Tarrus Riley, Jemere Morgan , Steel

Pulse, Iration, Anuhea, Maoli, Soja, Mike Love, Damien

Marley, Alex Marley, Sammy J, Common Kings,

Collie Buddz, Irie Love, Ali Campbell (UB40), Kimie, Ekolu,

Rebel Souljahz, The Green, J Boog, Bobby McFerrin, MickFleetwood, Michael Shrieve, and many more.