Jordan Aveline Blair

Jordan Aveline Blair



Musical Composer Extraordinaire brings an eccentric flair to her artistic works.

As an expert in her field, Jordan Aveline-Blair, the highly talented music composer and entrepreneur, has emerged on the scene focusing on niche music genres such as: Electro-Acoustic, Glitch, IDM, Trip-Hop, Experimental and Tape Music. Her talent as a multi-genre producer also extends to the Electronic, Dance/Pop mainstream and is often described as upbeat, energetic, and modern.

Blair’s strong background in string instruments, programming and commercial music including influences from Russian Neo-Classicism, Western modernism, minimalism, pure noise, lo-fi, avant rock and electro-acoustics has forged the way to her creation of several musical masterpieces. Currently, you will find her work in the musical act, “The Belle Auren”, a brilliant composition which reveals her ingenuity and musical depth. Blair is also in the production stages of her album, “Between the Anvil and the Hammer”, due to be released September 2009.

As an exciting multi-instrumentalist, Blair has conceived a distinct hybrid technique that has pushed non-traditional but electrifying artistic boundaries, proving her authenticity in this industry. Her ingenuity encompasses the piano, dilruba, sound design, and programming.

In addition to her artistic strengths and capabilities, Blair put forth her business acumen and founded, Rewind Publishing LTD., in 2006, a company focused on the production and marketing of several lines of artistic expression.

This is only the beginning, stay-tuned as Jordan Aveline-Blair reveals artistic works that will reach new heights and continue to explore new boundaries.

Blair is an active member of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States.