Jordan Connell

Jordan Connell

 China Grove, North Carolina, USA

Jesus follower. Songwriter. Worship leader.


Worship leader. Artist. Seldom have the two labels blended as seamlessly as in the music and message of singer/songwriter Jordan Connell. When asked about his music Jordan replied: "Like all musicians, I sing about what I think is important. I exalt what I think is valuable. And I minimize what I think is harmful and worthless."

Jordan led worship for the first time 7 years ago, and it was then that he felt the Lord calling him to become a full-time traveling worship leader. “I looked out and I saw some of my friends worshiping, and I could feel God tearing down walls inside their hearts.” Connell said. “There is something beautiful that happens when we surrender, and finally let God have all of us. I knew this had to be God, because it sure wasn't me! He used me in spite of myself."

At 21, Jordan is a worship leader at C4 Charlotte, and a recording artist for TMG. He urges everyone to be the same behind closed doors as they are in public, whether they’re at church, work or school. Only when we are real with ourselves and with God can we worship in spirit and in truth, and that is what living for the everlasting looks like.


June 2011, Creation Sings EP
January 2012, Love Song "single"