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Jordan Corey

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter




"Jordan Corey Unleashes Soulful Cover of the Rolling Stones 'Miss You'"

“Jordan Corey is no stranger to Cover Me. The Bay area native was the subject of our inaugural On the ‘Tube. Two years later, the young Corey has furthered her music and is releasing a new record, Do Me Wrong, featuring this soulful cover of the Rolling Stones “Miss You.” It’s hard to mimic Mick Jagger’s cooing, but Corey nails the transcending song. ” - Maggie Clancy - Cover Me

"Jordan Corey"

"Jordan Corey is a perfect combination of sweet and sass" - CollegeRoots

""Artist to Watch" Jordan Corey"

“In her own words, Jordan Corey wants her fans to know “you’re a badass.” Jordan certainly leads by example. This recent college graduate and accomplished music maker has created all kinds of music and isn’t too shy to go after exactly what she wants. Developing a sound all her own Jordan has been able to remain true to herself, and it’s that honesty and soul that makes her music come alive. ” - Kelsey Dennehy - Cliche' Magazine

"Do Me Wrong: CM Interviews Soulful Rock Musician Jordan Corey"

"Adele, Duffy and Grace Potter are the sultry soul pop voices that have gotten me through every break-up and heartache. So when “Rolling in the Deep” starts to sound like a broken record where should we turn? Here comes Jordan Corey to the rescue.Her style is full of funky toe tapping and soulful ballads that are so reminiscent of Amy Winehouse that I find myself thinking #toosoon, but more so #sorrynotsorry." - by Jay Schwartz on April 30, 2012

"New iHeart Radio Artist to Watch"

“From the Gary Glitter style, big beat drums of her first single “Tonight” – to the gritty horns and lush string arrangements on “Do Me Wrong” and “Heart of tone” and the Agape Choir Singers soulfully interwoven throughout the entire EP – Corey’s new sound and style emerge on her latest EP with the white hot energy and funky cool of an early Spector record. This is music that’ll make your Dad sit up and take notice of what’s pumping from your laptop speakers. Beyond the platform shoes and sultry façade, Jordan Corey’s groove-drenched music has an infectious quality that’s simultaneously classic and fresh. Discover her right here on NEW! ” - iHeart Radio

"Unsigned Hype Jordan Corey"

Jordan Corey is an independent pop/R&B artist from California, exclusively utilizing social media to launch her music. Her San Francisco Bay Area-based company began and continues to operate as a grassroots movement that engages in the latest social media marketing techniques.

Throughout her childhood, Corey was extremely shy, but after starting classical piano lessons and auditioning for school plays, Corey fell in love with music and the stage. At 16, Corey formed theJOEband, a classic rock cover band that won Clear Channel’s 98.5 KFOX Last Band Standing competition in 2007, jumpstarting a series of live performances around the Bay Area. In 2008, Corey entered the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB where she was the lead singer of SoulMinded, a soul/reggae/funk band that performed around the Santa Barbara and LA areas. With SoulMinded, she performed at UCSB’s Extravaganza 2010, an all-day music festival for the Santa Barbara community.Corey played alongside Drake, Chromeo, Super Mash Bros., and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros.

In August of 2009 after her first year of college, Corey began recording her first 7-song EP “Truth” with producers and writers including the Grammy nominated production team Stereotypes, who have produced Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love,” Danity Kane’s “Damaged,” NeYo’s “Why Does She Stay,” Mary J. Blige’s “Good Love” and numerous other platinum selling artists, Brandon Howard, Steve Morales, Stacy Barthe, Corey Chorus and Grammy award winning mix artist Jaycen Joshua, who won awards for his mix work on Mary J. Blige’s “Growing Pains”, Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” Jamie Foxx’s ”Blame It,” as well as over ten #1 singles and albums.

Corey’s music is soulful and genuine, attracting fans of all ages. Her singles address real-life issues, such as romantic relationships, heartbreaks, triumphs, and true love. Her influences include Alicia Keys, Joss Stone, Pink, Leona Lewis, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner, and Etta James. The “Truth” EP is available for purchase on iTunes and is currently in its social media marketing phase. -

"On the 'Tube: Jordan Corey"

We kick off a new Cover Me series today with Jordan Corey. A U.C. Santa Barbara sociology major, Corey posts cover videos to YouTube just like thousands of other wannabe viral stars. Only one difference: she’s really good. A big-voiced belter, Corey straddles the line between old-school soul and American Idol. Some serious pipes for a skinny white girl.

Accompanied by an old theater buddy on guitar, Corey’s releasing a series of stripped-down home recordings. Her wails and whispers take center stage as she belts tunes from the worlds of pop (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars), classic rock (Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles), and new soul (Adele, Amy Winehouse). We’ve got three of the best below, including the premiere of her cover of La Roux’s “Bulletproof.” She describes her version as “a little more rustic, a little more raw.” Often on YouTube that translates into “off-key karaoke filmed with a cell phone.” Corey’s a refreshing exception. -

"EXCLUSIVE Music Video: Jordan Corey - Truth"

Editors Pick: #2 on top ten (September 28th, 2010)

19-year-old Jordan Corey is preparing to release her debut EP entitled "Truth". Her incredible talent can be traced back to when she was 14-years old when she wrote her first song "Spinnin' Around". Now at 19-years old, Jordan is ready to show the world her musical talents with the debut release of "Truth", the single. So far she's already grabbed the attention of Leonard Brooks (SVP Urban A&R, Capitol Records) "We rarely work with independent artists, but we fell in love with Jordan’s unique voice and style". -

"Soul Searching: Jordan Corey"

When searching for the best in soul, we ran into the beautiful and talented Jordan Corey whose powerful voice will quickly hook you to her music. Her songs are original, but still carry a vibe that makes you think, “I could definitely hear these songs on the radio.” We admit we were a bit skeptical after listening to the track “Truth” for the first time. Corey’s voice has a tone quality similar to a lot of pop artists—sure, they sound great in the studio, but they really can’t hold their own live. So, we were happy to experience Jordan in one of her YouTube videos singing an acoustic version of the same song. It became clear that we’re dealing with an artist who is legitimately talented.

Not only is Jordan a great singer and songwriter, but she’s also building an excellent resume. Having sung in multiple music groups, she’s had the opportunity to perform along side some huge acts including, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Chromeo and Drake.
Check out Jordan’s music below, and drop a comment to let us know what you think! - OurStage: MTV Partner

"Listen to Jordan Corey "Remember My Name""

Emerging 19 year old pop songstress Jordan Corey teamed up with none other than The Stereotypes to collaborate on tracks for her debut EP. The Stereotypes may not immediately ring a bell, but you sure will know their music. They are the talented production trio of Jonathan Yip, Ray Romulus and Jeremy Reeves who are responsibly for some of today's biggest hits.

The Stereotypes have their finger on the pulse of what's hot and happening in pop right now, effortlessly blending pop, electro, soul and classic songwriting. They put their signature sound to work for people like Bruno Mars, Far East Movement, Mary J Blige, Usher and Justin Bieber. They were also nominated for a GRAMMY for their work on Ne-Yo's "Year of the Gentleman" in 2008.

The Stereotypes' breezy, crisp production of "Remember My Name" perfectly fits Jordan's crystal-clear, powerful vocals. Together they crafted an accomplished and radio-ready pop tune that could be flying up the charts very soon. Listen to it after the cut. -


*NEW RECORD released "Do Me Wrong" now available on itunes.

1. Take it Back
2. Do Me Wrong
3. Good Love
4. Heart of Stone
5. Miss You
6. Tonight



Choosen as a NEW "Artist to Watch" by iHeartRadio
In the small, dusty studio at Sonora Recorders in Los Angeles, vintage gear like Mellotron keyboards, Baldwin Fun Machines, Wurlizer organs and Space Echos fill the room. They wait patiently like sonic elder statesmen as saxophonist Lon Price (Patti LeBelle/Rolling Stones/Leonard Cohen/Elton John) clears his throat, and asks for another Coke Zero before blasting away on his first take on the new Jordan Corey track "Heart of Stone." The track oozes 60's and 70's Soul. The music is real. The vibe is authentic. The sound is analog – no digital studio tricks need apply.

"Jordan Corey's EP, Do Me Wrong has the character and essence of what classic records are made of..."

—Grammy Award-winning producer, Warren Riker (Aretha Franklin/Santana/Lauren Hill)

Gary Glitter style, big beat drums resonate on Corey's first single "Tonight." While gritty horns and lush string arrangements give tracks like "Do Me Wrong" and "Heart of Stone" an unexpected, sophisticated twist. The Agape Choir singers soulfully interwoven throughout the entire album allow Corey's new sound and style to emerge with the white-hot energy and funky cool of an early Spector record. This is music that'll make your Dad sit up and take notice of what's pumping from your laptop speakers. Beyond the platform shoes and sultry façade, Jordan Corey's groove-drenched music has an infectious quality that's simultaneously classic and fresh.

In 2009, Corey's first step into the recording studio was with hitmakers Stereotypes and Grammy Award-winning mix artist Jaycen Jackson. Working with such illustrious industry names was quite a coup for an unsigned artist. The resulting R&B-tinged six-song EP captured Corey's enigmatic vocals and became the lightening rod for a social media whirlwind. Despite the deluge of positive response from social media and subsequent music industry attention – Jordan felt strongly that the polished R&B sound and slick production of her first recordings, weren't the proper representation of her as an artist. "I wanted to start again with something more organic, real and personal," admits Corey. While this decision might seem antithetical, the outspoken Corey (who also dabbles in mixed martial arts fighting) is never one to shy away from a challenge.

In 2011 Jordan Corey teamed up with producer Jason Hollis to conceptualize and bring to life her vision of a new sound that captured a Stax Records vibe with an Indie twist. Fueled by an immediate creative synergy, the two began working on what would become Do Me Wrong. Joining forces with guitarist Dan Dixon (Dropsonic), Corey co-wrote all five of the EP's original tracks -- honing her songwriting chops on tracks like "Take It Back" – a brassy, no bullshit take on a tumultuous love affair. The creative team of Corey/Hollis/Dixon then enlisted friend and Grammy Award-winning mixer Matt Hyde to add the final touches to the EP.

"I wanted this album to be based on authenticity and wanted it to reflect what I was feeling and going through at that very moment in time," says Corey. "I'm not a studio creation. For me, real music with real instruments and real singing is what gets into your heart and soul. There's just something about raw vocals, live drums, horns and guitars that can never be recreated with studio tricks, effects or samples. But I also wanted there to be some cool production to this record that makes it sound fresh -- but it was important that what we created in the studio was a backdrop for the music, rather than the music being a backdrop for the production"