Jordan Dean

Jordan Dean


If Johnny Cash and the Clash met in a dark Nashville alley.



Name: Jordan Dean

Grew Up: In North Alabama, where the closest town you’ve heard of is Muscle Shoals. Jordan was shaped by the music of the ‘60s and ‘70s that still defines the Shoals’ reputation. The grit of the Rolling Stones and the pop sensibility of Paul Simon have stayed with him to this day.

Now Lives: In Nashville, TN, where he’s spent the past 8 years writing, gigging, and causing general mayhem.

Facts: Southern accent returns with a vengeance when on the phone with family. Has a cat named Carl. Rebuilt a ‘73 Ford Mustang Mach 1.

Fictions: Can’t dance. Runs slow. Sleeps.

Sounds Like: #CashMeetsClash


Love This City - An A/B-side single recorded at the Casino in Nashville, produced by Eric Masse and Jordan Dean. (2013)

Body Electric – A 5-song EP recorded and produced by Dex Green and mixed by Joe Costa. (2012)

Set List

1. War
(Writer: Jordan Dean)

2. Don't Like To Lose
(Writer: Jordan Dean)

3. Scars
(Writers: Jordan Dean/Logan Brill)

4. Fate
(Writer: Jordan Dean)

5. Cowboys and Indians
(Writer: Jordan Dean)

6. Must've Heard It In A Movie
(Writer: Jordan Dean)

7. Mama Tried (Cover)
(Writer: Merle Haggard)

8. Coming Home Tennessee
(Writer: Jordan Dean)

Set Length = 30 min.