Jordan Depaul and the Reputations

Jordan Depaul and the Reputations


A frothy brew of mystery, sex, and small town secrets.


Hailing from a north eastern town in Ohio, Jordan DePaul and The Reputations formed just over a year ago. Having released a full length album, "Town of Statues" and two singles since, the band is working hard to continue delivering new music to their loyal Ohio fan base. The Reputations are: Jordan DePaul, Mike Cleland, Ryan Daley, Mike McGiffin.


"Town of Statues"
-One Redemption
-Bad Habits
-Hour Glass
-Where I Stand
-Undecided Hearts
-Talk of the Town
-Cold Coffee

-In My Arms
-I'll be back to you

-Worth it all
-New Song
-Your Prison
-Our Worlds Apart

-Trouble, Ray LaMontagne
-Elias, Dispatch
-Coconut Skins, Damien Rice
-Jenny don't be hasty, Paulo Nutini
-Gavin's Song, Marc Broussard
-Africa, Toto

Set List

JD and the Reps typically plays a crowd pleasing fifteen song, one and one half hour set packed with powerful, ambitious original songs and stimulating covers.