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Jordan Doucette

Gardner, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Gardner, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Pop


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"The outcome is a band worthy of a Boston Music Award nomination. Good Stuff!" - 7/04 Metronome Magazine

Purveying the kind of appealing Americana that embraces Sheryl Crow, Sarah MacLachlan and Michelle Branch as influences, Doucette is a sophisticated singer/songwriter that easily belies her years. Donning plaintively plucked acoustic guitars, choppy rhythms and sleepy rock 'n' roll ballads, she wraps this instrumental formula in a honey-dipped pop vocal that could have record company execs salivating. Why this artist isn't signed to a major yet is a complete mystery. Her lyrical perspective - taken from that of a college misfit struggling with the life around her - should hold great appeal to the burgeoning early-teen music lovers everywhere.

'Never Good Enough' is an attitude-laden semi-homage to Canadian Popstrel Avril Lavigne ('Complicated', anyone?) where tight melodies, swinging beats and a taught emotional pull collide. Following closely is 'Is it Really Me', where a partially reggaed-up groove abounds, breaking into a melancholy rock chorus. So far so good. 'Screw You' continues the angry, dejected alter-ego of the singer down the guitar-pop vein, allowing this reviewer to conclude that the parameters are tightly set for Doucette's style. The Foo Fighters (an influence cited in her biography) don't show their riff based wares a single time on this album, so there is no bona-fide grunge to be found here: this is a pure pop record. Why Doucette feels the need to mention the more left-field side of music when there isn't any here is anyone's guess. Does she want her foot in the door of the 'real' rock 'n' Roll world? Broader youth appeal perhaps? Well, she doesn't need it, because for what she does, she is excellent, and should stick to her guns without any pretence.

'Blue Cadillac' drops gear a little and retreats into something a little more comfortable: a traditional American pop-rock vignette is the gist here. Boasting driving beats, power chords, wah guitars and soaring vocals all over the shop, this is pure fun in the kick-back and listen department. 'Driving Me' adds another string to the bow of the Doucette band: all delicate percussion, psychedelic guitars and acoustic funk, while the finale - 'Dear Mother' - is a weepy ballad that sees Doucette at her most sincere and heart-rending. The lyrics surrounding a teen running from her abusive father is poignant, relevant and rather original for the kind of chart oriented sound that the singer points to.

This record oozes talent and it's just a matter of time before Doucette is making her way towards mainstream stardom. Just don't bother mentioning the Foo Fighters.

Standout Tracks: 'Blue Cadillac', 'Dear Mother'.
Added: August 9th 2004
Reviewer: Amy McGill-
Score: Four Stars
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- State Of Emergency

Think somewhere in between Avril Lavigne meets Michelle Branch and you’ve got the perfect medium of what Jordan Doucette’s debut album Lie To You displays. Massachusetts native, Jordan Doucette’s first release on Launch Pad Records is a powerful slab of this generation’s mix of soulful pop and rock, with undeniable talent. The first glimpse into the singer/song writer, Jordan’s debut album, “Lie To You”, is a powerful pop-rock drenched CD that gives us a taste of what we can expect from this young up-and-coming talent. The album’s emotionally charged lyrics lend themselves willingly to many of her possibly future singles, with their radio friendly, ear-catching tunes. Don’t be surprised if after a few listens you have some of the tracks infectious choruses, such as “Screw You” and “Blue Cadillac”, stuck in your head. Jordan’s voice on tracks such as “Gravity” and “Captured” seduces and captures listeners, sparing them none of her tears or her pain. Doucette’s honesty and ability to express herself lyrically is what makes her album so impressive, and powerful! You might not know her name now but with Doucette’s raw talent and strong vocals, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her in the future. Trust me on this one, Jordan Doucette has something to say with her album “Lie to You” and you’re going to want to hear this! Besides, would I “lie to you”? - 2 Muchmusic Magazine


Press Info: At Clear Channel Radio: Jordan was featured on the homepage at 144 pop format radio stations across the USA. Blue Cadillac was featured on the internationally syndicated radio show BluesDeluxe reaching an audience of 2 million.
At Screw You ranked #98 of 15,754 in all-time rock. Captured was track of the week in pop. Jordan is one of the highest rated artists.
IMWS #1 semi-finalist. Her music is featured on many college and internet radio stations including Radio Free Rock, Selected Pop Divas and Radio Free Tunes.


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the hills of north central Massachusetts is the rural town of Winchendon, population 9,918. Nicknamed Toytown because of it’s history of wooden toy manufacturing in the 19th century, this is where Jordan Doucette was born Amy Elizabeth Doucette in 1983. Her home was a modest third floor apartment in small town that had little to offer. Her music career began as a child when she and her mother would sing along to Aretha Franklin records. Linda McCormack taught Jordan some guitar techniques and gave the adolescent a world that would provide escape from a bleak reality.

Today, Jordan Doucette's world changes when she takes the stage, and that's what she does for her audience. This natural loves performing for audiences large and small. "I want to leave people feeling inspired. I find it freeing to be able to relate to people, and on stage you can weave your world around people and pull them in." That was her goal when Jordan recorded her first independent album, Lie To You.

Lie To You boasts eleven tracks penned and performed with Jordan's customary spunk. In it, Jordan's four-piece rock band pulls driving beats, power chords, delicate percussion, compelling melodies, and emotionally charged lyrics together with a touch of acoustic funk. With songs inspired by everything from a spur-of-the-moment road trip to New York on $80 to a teen running away from an abusive father, Jordan draws you through a well-crafted road trip of life's bittersweet moments. With a honey-dipped voice as sultry as a tropical summer day, her silky rock style freely lends itself to any subject this chanteuse shares.

And the industry has been taking notice. Lie To You has already been featured on internationally syndicated radio program Blues Deluxe, with four of the album's eleven tracks making a showing in the top 40 pop rock charts at Metronome Magazine agrees that Lie To You is "Worthy of a Boston Music Award Nomination", and State of Emergency(.net)'s Amy McGill says it all when she states "Doucette is a sophisticated singer/songwriter that easily belies her years... This record oozes talent and it's just a matter of time before Doucette is making her way towards mainstream stardom."