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Spring Valley, New York, United States | SELF

Spring Valley, New York, United States | SELF
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"My Provincetown CD review"

Jordan E. Spivack is an award-winning composer and lyricist. His sound is somewhat a hybrid-a mix of new age and smooth jazz. I didn’t know his background when I first started listening to My Provincetown, so I wasn’t swayed by his pedigree. Sometimes you expect more from an artist who’s picked up awards.
My Provincetown is at times soothing music for a stressed world. I was immediately mellowed by the first track, “Romance on Moonlit Bay”. Laced with a Latin tinge it oozes big city cool. The melodic arrangements are reminiscent of Lee Ritenour, a great jazz guitarist. I forgot for a few moments I was sitting on a bouncing plane surrounded by screaming infants.
“Café Blasé’ is not blasé at all. There's a fine line between a melodic tune and a busy mess and this crosses over to the wrong side. Things improve with “Pilgrim’s Monument”, a regal sounding song; like something you’d hear in a movie’s transitional scene. “Commercial Street” showcases Jordan’s exquisite piano chops. He tickles some nice ivories that slightly mimic Billy Joel or Vince Guaraldi of Peanuts music fame.
“Atlantic House “ at first sounds almost techno. An experiment in sound it fuses random beats and styles together in an uncommon way that actually sounds good after a few times. It’s almost “clubby” sounding. “Race Point” and “Portuguese Bakery” are very upbeat, energetic and lively. These will all get you moving on the treadmill.
A few of the songs like “Christmas Around the Cape” run a tad long, but overall Jordan E. Spivack is an excellent musician whose admiration of many genres and performers shines through. He makes great use of a variety of instruments and overall has produced a worthwhile accompaniment for your next dinner party. Anyone who enjoys an instrumental background while working or lounging will definitely be hitting repeat on My Provincetown.
4 stars Staff-Susan Evani
January 8, 2009 -

"New review of My Provincetown CD"

Featured artist of the Month

Jordan E. Spivack is a private piano teacher from Nanuet, NY. Jordan's music really puts you in an easy mood.

His CD "My Provincetown" is a mixture of avant-garde, contemporary and traditional song. I think even the most discriminating jazz purist will like this project.

**** stars

Gisele Caver, January 13, 2009 - Key of Gee Newsletter

"Junior's Cave Music Interview with Jordan E. Spivack"

By: Isaac Davis Jr., BGS, MBA

Jordan E. Spivack is amazing when it comes to composing intelligent classical music that captures the true meaning of beautiful sounds. This composer/lyricist also happens to be an amazing piano player which becomes one of his biggest strengths with his music as the piano selections add a whole new excitement to each of his songs. Remarkably, Spivack studied piano and music theory (for 3 years) at Cornell University at the young age of 10 years old. Spivack went on to receive his Masters in Music in composition, theory and piano from Indiana University. Today, Spivack has agreed to this wonderful spotlight about his music. Check out what Spivack had to say. Enjoy!

To see entire interview, go to: - Junior's Cave Online Magazine/December 28, 2009

"CD Review - "My Provincetown" CD"

"For many years Spivack has vacationed in Provincetown, which he is not the only one to call “one of my favorite places on earth.” “My Provincetown” celebrates his love of the town through ten compositions. Like postcards from personal landmarks, these tracks evoke a voyage through the shifting scenes of Provincetown. “Café Blasé” is full of unpredictable energy much like the former restaurant, and “Pilgrim’s Monument” is marked by majestic horns. Swirling and uplifting piano melodies enliven “Commercial Street”, which effectively evokes a walk through town in the high season. “Atlantic House” stands out from its relaxed neighbors by adopting a bouncy dance beat, which dissipates in a reflective moment and then returns in full force.
The other side of the sonic spectrum is explored in “Christmas Around The Cape”, which stirs up a quieter, quainter but no less heartfelt winter season on beautiful Cape Cod. “Portuguese Bakery” honors one of our most delicious institutions with brisk, lively chords, while “Sunset at Herring Cove” is so easygoing you can almost feel the sand beneath your feet. The closing number, “Dunes”, feels like a revealing journey into the past and present of the sandy realms that seem to envelop Provincetown in mystery. All these tracks are imbued with personal meaning as they translate the feelings of Provincetown into fresh and inspired electronic soundscapes."
Vol. 29, Issue #15
July 20-26, 2006
- Provincetown Magazine - Nicholas Messing, Staff Writer

"Review of "Think Lovely Thoughts" CD"

JORDAN E. SPIVACK: Think Lovely Thoughts

Total rating 13 stars (out of 16)

Jordan Spivack is an award-winning keyboardist/composer with a vast array of experience in many genres of music, including children's plays and operas. That background is most apparent in his approach to this album.

All instrumental tracks here are solo pieces written entirely by Spivack on acoustic piano and synthesizer, with an emphasis on subtle groove and song-oriented hooks. The pervasive mood is one of tranquility with a pleasantly upbeat aspect that transmits well as either background music or as accompaniment to a film or theater performance.

While most of these compositions seem to flow together into one smooth and blissful performance, some tracks that jump out at you: The peaceful and elegant pop stylings of "The Miracle of Life", the bouncy and cerebral "Jordan ESP", and the grooving vamp that propels the appropriately titled "Dance Me" all invite more active listening.

Eric Harabadian, staff writer/reviewer
- Progression Magazine - Fall/Winter Issue #55

"D.A.M. Magazine Interview with Jordan"


Enrolled into college at the age of 10, Jordan E. Spivack
was far from your average school boy. Coming from a very
artistic and musical family, Jordan was destined to be, what
some would call a music genius. Composing and writing
songs from Pop to Opera, Jordan has created an unbelievably
diverse resume. In the past 13 years the Red Ribbon
Theme Song: ”Hands Across the Universe”, composed
and written by Jordan, has been learned and performed by
15,000 students in the state of New York where Jordan is
from. Not only does he give his fans original and inspiring
music, he also gives back to his community as a full time
piano teacher. Music lives in Jordan and he’ll tell you how
he’s helping others lives.

D.A.M: You attended Cornell University at the age of 10 to
study piano and music theory. How did you get enrolled in
college at the age of 10?
Jordan: I met with Mademoiselle Nadia Boulanger (French
composer, conductor, and teacher) at Cornell University in 1961 when I was all of 10 years old – my parents, convinced I was a musical genius, had arranged for me to be “assessed” by her.(I still don’t know exactly how my parents pulled it off!) In Professor Robert Palmer’s studio she listened to me play my own piano compositions, and had me sight-read from Bela Bartok’s “Mikrokosmos”. On the
way back to our home in Cortland, NY, my parents informed me that she was quite impressed with my abilities,
and had arranged for me to be enrolled as a student in the
Cornell Music Department, where I would be taking hourlong
lessons with John Kirkpatrick (on piano and harpsichord),
and Robert Palmer (theory and composition), every Saturday morning at the School, which I did for 3 years.

D.A.M: Pop, Classical, Jazz, New Age, Opera, and
Musical’s are all up your alley. Which do you enjoy creating
the most? Why?
Jordan: I love each of the genres, but Classical music
comes most easily to me, as that’s the first music I ever
wrote, and the way I received all of my early training as a
performer and composer. However, what I enjoy creating
the most is a mix of Jazz, Classical, New Age, and Pop.

D.A.M: From 2008-2010 you’ve won a total of 14 different
song writing awards. How did winning those awards
effect who you are as a composer/lyricist?
Jordan: Winning these awards gives me the satisfaction of
knowing that all my work and inspiration is being appreciated
by a diverse group of professional musicians/judges
from all over the world. This kind of recognition is great for
my ego, and proves that I’m at the top of my game as a
composer, arranger, performer, and producer.

D.A.M: Your parents started you out on piano lessons when you were just 5 years old. Do they come from a musical background also?
Jordan: My Mom, Sophie, was a singer from a very early
age. She was also a very fine artist, specializing in charcoal
sketches and oil paintings. My Dad, Gershon, was a lyricist,
poet and playwright. In 1935 with my Dad as an actor
and director, and my Mom as an actress and singer, my
parents starred in an original musical my Dad wrote with
my Uncle Murray Levine, “I’ll Take Vanilla”.

D.A.M: Your arrangement of Adam Millman’s original
“Snow Day” was released not too long ago on his "Believe" CD, and all proceeds are donated to the Dysautonomia Foundation.
Is there a specific reason or a story behind why you chose
to donate to this foundation?
Jordan: Adam Millman is a very talented piano student of
mine. At 12 years old, and with his Bar Mitzvah coming up
in March, Adam chose to make a CD of 7 of his original
piano solo compositions, which he is selling to raise money
for the Dysautonomia Foundation, in honor of Jack Posnack, a young child who is afflicted with the disease. Jack
is the son of Robin and Adam Posnack, good friends of
the Millman family, and Jack has bonded with Adam in a
very positive, personal way. Familial Dysautonomia (FD) is
a rare genetic neurological condition that affects the sensory and autonomic nervous systems, causing severe gastrointestinal,
cardiac, pulmonary, orthopedic, renal and ophthalmologic problems.

D.A.M: What can your fans expect from you in 2010?
Jordan: Right now I am preparing to officially release my CD, “Shimmer”, which will feature 10 of my instrumental
tracks. The CD should be available by April or May 2010.
This will be my 3rd CD release, and I am very excited about
the project. Also, I am hard at work on a brand new solo
piano composition, which I will premiere on June 6th, 2010
at the Annual Piano Recital at Rockland Conservatory of
Music, in Spring Valley, NY. I am working on arranging my
composition “West Virginia Two-Step” for full orchestra,
with a possible world premiere in 2010.
- D.A.M. Magazine

"Kanal Jazz Interview with Jordan E."

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

ALAIN: Writing, recording, performing - which is your favourite aspect of being an artist and why?
JORDAN: I love to write music, which I have been doing since I was 5 years old. The whole process, from the formulation of the first ideas, to the development of themes, to the adding of voices, to adding the colors of chords and chord changes, fascinates me. And when the composition is "done", I enjoy revisiting the work to edit, add, delete, and refine, until I am entirely satisfied that I have created the best, most pleasing music. First I must be happy, then others will be happy.

ALAIN: What do you want people to feel while listening to your music?
JORDAN: Listeners should feel that they are hearing works of art, musical mood paintings, professionally rendered. Hopefully the music will touch emotions, perhaps reflection, sadness, euphoria, pleasure, sweetness, hopefulness - whenever a person is moved in a positive way by my music (as opposed to wanting to turn the music off) I have achieved my goals. And if the listener gains an appreciation for the skills of the composer/arranger/performer, then I am especially gratified.

ALAIN: What tours or performances are coming up for you? Are you expecting few dates in Europe and in France in particular?
JORDAN:I have no current plans for touring or live performances currently. Perhaps if my music gains some success in Europe, then I would consider future performing dates.

ALAIN: What are you listening to at the moment?
JORDAN: Mariah Carey's latest CD "Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel", composer Steve Reich's "The Four Sections", Whitney Houston's "I Look To You".

JORDAN'S bio :
I'm a composer, living in Nanuet, NY, where I am a private piano teacher. Born in Brooklyn, NY, I began piano lessons at 5 years old after my parents discovered I had the gift of music composition. Degrees: a BM/Ithaca College, MM in composition, theory and piano/Indiana University. I have written many pop songs, classical, new age & jazz tunes, 2 musicals for children, and the opera: "A Better Way". My CDs include "Think Lovely Thoughts" (2007), “My Provincetown" (2006), "Shimmer" (2004), & "World Trade Center Suite"

AMAZON link for sale:
My Provincetown CD:
Think Lovely Thoughts CD:
Shimmer CD (available soon)

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My Provincetown CD:
Think Lovely Thoughts CD:
Shimmer CD (available soon)

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My Provincetown CD:
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Shimmer CD: (available soon)

- Other links for sale:
OurStage link, for over 30 Jordan E. Spivack compositions (downloads), including "Groove 2 U" and "Shimmer" from the upcoming Shimmer CD:

- MYSPACE address:


8-3-13: Jordan's "A Child's Prayer For Peace" from his "World Trade Center Suite" CD was named as an Instrumental Semi-Finalist in The 2013 UK Songwriting Contest.

7-24-13: Jordan's "The Very Best In Me" was named as a Semi-Finalist (Love Song/Easy Listening category) and his "Echo, The Gecko" was also named as a Semi-Finalist (Children's/Novelty category) in the Dallas Songwriters Association Songwriting Contest.

6-9-13: Jordan's new solo piano composition "Alchemy" was premiered at the 35th Annual June Piano Recital, at the Rockland Conservatory Of Music, Pearl River, NY, for an audience of 100 attendees.

6-7-13: 11 of Jordan's original children's songs were performed at the Rockland Learning Center Montessori Pre-School Graduation Ceremony, by a chorus of 30 students (3 to 6 years old), for an audience of 200 adoring parents, family members and friends. The ceremony was held at North Rockland High School, Stony Point, NY. Jordan conducted and accompanied the students with his original arrangements. Songs included "12 Months", "I Can Sing My ABC's", "Numbers Are So Cool", "Eight Great Planets", "RLC Cheer", "There's A Mouse In The House", "See Ya Later, Alligator" (premiere), "Flowers Pop Up Everywhere", "Now Is The Time", "Graduation Celebration", and "Ready For The World".

4-30-13: Jordan's "A Child's Prayer For Peace" from his "World Trade Center Suite" CD was added to his EPK as a tribute to the victims of the senseless bombing of the Boston Marathon.

3-29-13: Jordan's "July To September" was selected as a Finalist in The 14th Annual Great American Song Contest.

3-2-13: Jordan's "July To September" was chosen as a Semi-Finalist in the 2012 UK Songwriting Contest.

On June 10th, 2012 Jordan premiered his lovely new piano composition "Watercolors" at the 34th Annual June Piano Recital at The Rockland Conservatory of Music in Pearl River, NY, where he received a standing ovation for his poignant and heartfelt performance. See him perform it live at

9-2-11: Jordan's beautiful and meaningful song "The Very Best In Me" has been chosen as a Finalist in the 2011 Malibu Music Awards!

9-1-11: Jordan's exciting instrumental solo piano composition "Sweet As Sunday" has been awarded Semi-Finalist in the 2011 UK Songwriting Contest! See him perform it live at:

1-3-11: Jordan's instrumental piano solo "Cascades" has been announced as the winner of "2010 BEST INTERNATIONAL JAZZ SONG" in the 4th Annual Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards! See the video!

Jordan E. Spivack's fun and fresh children's song was released as a download single on iTunes (7-4-10) and CD Baby (7-5-10).

Jordan's CD, "Think Lovely Thoughts", a collection of 10 original "musical mood paintings" covering the genres of cool jazz, new age, world, and dance, was released (12/1/07) by Perfect Hook Publishing Co.

On June 6th, 2010: Jordan performed the World Premiere of his newest solo piano composition "Cascades" on the stage of the Rockland Conservatory of Music, at the 32nd Annual June Piano Recital. See the video of the live performance here in Jordan's EPK.

Jordan has been interviewed byDeverone Gillespie in Issue #13 of D.A.M. Magazine (Dynamically Active Movements): - the interview is called "Musical Genes Flowing Through A Musical Genius"! (Thanks, Sonicbids!)

A new interview has been posted (2-9-10) with Jordan on the KANAL JAZZ site: (thanks, Sonicbids!).

Jordan's composition "Shimmer" has won Best International Instrumental Song in the 2009 Toronto Awards, marking the 3rd year in-a-row that he has been awarded a prize in this competition!

Jordan's arrangement of Adam Millman's original composition "Snow Day" appears on Adam's CD "Believe", now available at
All proceeds are for the benefit of the Dysautonomia Foundation (F.D.), and Adam has raised over $13,000 so far!

Jordan E. Spivack has been interviewed by Isaac Davis, Jr. in Junior's Cave Online Magazine. To read the insightful interview go to: (thanks, Sonicbids!).

"Toccata", Silver winner in the 25th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest, is included in the "It's All About The Song" MASC compilation CD. Jordan 's track is #7 on Disc 2, and features him performing the solo piano composition live.

Jordan's solo piano composition "The Poet" has won Finalist in the Instrumental Category of the 2009 Mid-Atlantic Song contest (MASC) (thanks, Sonicbids!)..

"July To September" from Jordan's "Symmetry" CD has won the Jazz category for the month of November 2009, achieving #1 at the end of the voting "battles"!

Jordan's tracks can now be heard on Jango Airplay Radio Stations, where his music has now amassed over 370



I, Jordan Elliot Spivack, composer and lyricist, live in Nanuet (Rockland County), NY, where I'm a full time private piano, theory and composition teacher, as well as the Music Coordinator and Accompanist at Rockland Learning Center Montessori School. Born in Brooklyn, NY, I started piano lessons at 5 years old after my very supportive parents discovered that I had the gift of music composition. From ages 5 to 9 I was a featured solo singer on the radio in Parkersburg, W. Va. with the Sammons Merrymakers. At 10 years old I studied piano and music theory at Cornell University, where I was privileged to meet the famous composer Aaron Copland and master teacher Nadia Boulanger. While in high school in Cortland, NY, I became a member of the rock band The Creation. After receiving a BM from Ithaca College, I went on to receive my MM in composition, theory and piano from Indiana U. Since then I've written numerous pop and folk songs (including "The Very Best In Me", with beautiful vocals by Dre Mazzenga)", new age, jazz and classical compositions, 2 musicals for children, the opera, "A Better Way", with libretto by Joseph P. Lanzone, and am the composer/lyricist of The Red Ribbon Theme Song, Hands Across The Universe, which promotes self-esteem, and has been learned and performed by over 15,000 students K12 in New York State in the past 15 years.

In Junior's Cave Online Magazine, Isaac Davis Jr. is quoted as saying: "Jordan E. Spivack is amazing when it comes to composing intelligent classical music that captures the true meaning of beautiful sounds. This composer/lyricist also happens to be an amazing piano player which becomes one of his biggest strengths with his music as the piano selections add a whole new excitement to each of his songs."