Jordan Faye

Jordan Faye


The inimitable sound of Jordan Faye is a unique blend of folk, rock, jazz, and country music, where Beatlesque melodies meet the lyrical complexity of the 1970s' finest singer/songwriters.


Jordan Faye's music combines the infectious melodies characteristic of classic 1960s pop with the lyrical complexity of the 1970's' finest singer/songwriters. He has a deep admiration and respect for a number of artists that belong to such diverse musical genres as the blues, jazz, rock n' roll, soul, country, and folk music. Jordan manages to harness all of these elements and fuse them into something uniquely his own.

Honing his performing chops the past two years with the rock group Frayed, Jordan has learned the value of showmanship. His captivating stage presence has always ensured his audiences toe-tappin', head-boppin' satisfaction every time!

A folkie at heart, tight harmonies and the jangle of the 12-string guitar have always been at the core of his sound, though his Fender Telecaster has never been more than an arm's length away.

Jordan's new homemade disc "To The Grooves" is his first CD as a solo artist, and features 10 original songs on which he displays his multi-instrumental capabilities by playing guitars, bass, drums, piano, organ, mandolin, charango, jaw harp, as well as handling all vocal duties.

His refusal to repeat himself, his endless experimentation with timbre, and his mellifluous melodic sensibilities are all essential ingredients that help in forging the inimitable musical style of Jordan Faye.


Blood Moon

Written By: Jordan Faye

There's a blackness blotting out the sun
(on a blood moon)
With red haze eclipsing everyone
(on a blood moon)
And you know there's nowhere you can run
(on a blood moon)

Such an eerie sight
When it turns the day to night
And rations off the light
You're at the mercy of the stars above

There's no guarantee you'll make it through
(on a blood moon)
With the darkness hanging over you
(on a blood moon)
And you know there's nothing you can do
(on a blood moon)

You'll just have to wait
Like a sitting duck you're bait
At the hands of fate
To hope the sky won't fall on one and all

The moon is bleeding...

There's no way of knowing what's in store
(on a blood moon)
With these shadows cast upon your door
(on a blood moon)
And the tides all crash against the shore
(on a blood moon)

Your hopes start to fade
Now the sky has been betrayed
But don't be afraid
A ring of light still shines for better times
For better times

To The Grooves

Written By: Jordan Faye

Wearin' it down to the grooves - a lornful love song
And there's solace in the sorrow of the words,
Now I'm waiting by my window watching leaves fall from the trees
And I'm taking all the time I need in knowing what's been heard

Nothin' much better to do than listen to this tune
And let melancholy mold me into something that I never thought I'd be
But it just ain't up to me 'cos my misery is muted by the speakers

There are some songs that I can't handle hearing anymore
It's not that I don't dig 'em, that's for sure
They just remind me of someone I used to know
But this new song knows no history of me and her,
Though it's strange how it still somehow seems familiar

We're all part of the fray in fearing what we've lost
And the loveliness that's all around evades us,
Understand that underneath this gloom there's room to gratify
When our feelings find it hard to hit the surface

Wearin' it down to the grooves


Written By: Jordan Faye

Sister, let me sail away to sea
You know I've been tied down too long
I'm a lonely son but I'll get things done
If you just would let me be

Can't you see I miss my lady so badly
Even though she's not with me no more
But my thoughts still roam, would she come on home
If I drift away from shore


Jordan first solo CD, "To The Grooves" was completed and made available as of March 2007.

Set List

Although he prefers to focus on his own self-penned material, Jordan peppers in covers by the likes of Ray Charles, The Byrds, Tom Paxton, and Badfinger that, by audience consensus, he truly makes into his own. Originals include such future staples as "To The Grooves", "Cold", "Blood Moon", "Quiet Of Night", "Resolutions", "Wasted Time", "Never Seem To Talk About It" and "Harbour".