Jordan Faye & The Grey Owls

Jordan Faye & The Grey Owls

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

The Grey Owls' unique music combines bluegrass instrumentation with contemporary rock song stylings. Their music sounds like something your parents listened to when they were your age and something your kids will listen to when you're your parents' age. In short, something with universal appeal.


Originally formed in 2009 as an all-electric four-piece country-rock band (guitars/bass/drums), The Grey Owls' sound has evolved into an acoustic trio (guitar/mandolin/banjo) and, in the process, the group has created their own unique brand of organic music that's bound to ruffle your a good way.

Their music is somehow familiar and accessible. The Owls have that rarest one-two-punch combination; songwriting that's both melodically AND lyrically complex. Songs that can make your toe tap and your brain work? Is that even possible? You betcha!

A familiar remark to be heard after seeing Jordan Faye & The Grey Owls perform is "Wow! What are your influences?" This is difficult to pinpoint, as the band draws from such diverse genres as alt-country, jazz, rock, and the avant garde.

Listen to their music, watch them play, and you'll agree that Jordan Faye & The Grey Owls are no "fly by night" group.


Jordan Faye - "Sorry, I Slept In" (released December, 2011)