The Jordan Gatenby Orchestra

The Jordan Gatenby Orchestra

 Decatur, Georgia, USA

The Jordan Gatenby Orchestra is an explosion of fun. In the Dave Matthews Band tradition, the music is interesting for those who want to listen and, funky enough to keep 'em dancing all night long. Every show is full of energy and surprises that keep fans coming back again and again for more.


The JGO was formed in 2008 and has been entertaining audiences ever since. Imagine a combination of funk, blues and rock grooves mixed with introspective and thoughtful lyrics and you've got the JGO. The band is often compared to the Dave Matthews Band for similarities is style, sound and energy. This is one of a plethora of influences including, Bill Withers, Paul Simon, The Meters, Four Tops, The Beatles etc.

The center piece of the Jordan Gatenby Orchestra is their live show. Each performance is unique and full or surprises to audiences keep coming back again and again to take the ride.

The band has something to offer all music fans. For those looking for a party, the songs will make 'em dance. For those who prefer to listen, the music is innovative and interesting. Sure to please even the most discerning ear.


Here's Hopin' 2008

Set List

Varies and can be adjusted based of gig and and expressed preferences.