Jordan Jackson

Jordan Jackson


If you want some hard rockin' Acoustic Blues/Rock I'm Your Guy! Working hard from the Country east of Cincinnati and am a solo Performer and Singer Song Writer. I can easily perform for up to 200 people with no pa needed, just using my acoustic 2 channel amp for guitar and vocals. I'm Mobile!


Every musician has dreams. Mine are simple. Play some music and Love my wife and kids! If anything else happens Praise God! But, I plan to keep going and see how far it goes! So stay tuned and ride the wave with me! - Jordan Jackson

Jordan Jackson is a husband and father of 3 children. He works a full time demanding job and is always working on music in some form if not writing or recording he is analyzing influences and digging deep into his spiritual being to bring his views, groove, and opinions to all ears that are willing to listen!

Growing up in Brown County Ohio in the country east of Cincinnati, He was raised in a Christian home with strong moral values and strong mother and father to show him the ways of the world. Plenty of life experience and many, many, many mistakes made, fuel his passionate, hard rock groove filled, blues lovin', God fearin', country boy Rockin' artistic works that he so loves to play.

If not slaving away at his day job he is writing, recording, and playing his original rock/blues faith driven tunes and looking for a way to make music his life!

Writing is based on opinions and personal views of the world around him through the eyes of a God fearing man who loves to play hard, rockin' music!