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"Excellent Style!"

Rating: 9

The White Album - From the intro to the bonus tracks this album is great. The Intro song is a good way to enter (Triumphant Return). I am really feeling this track. Jordan~Jay’s voice is perfect for ripping these beats. Production gets better as the album goes on. Awe Mayne is a great track I think that GhOsT and ~Jay are a good collaboration of voices. They go together very nicely. All tracks with GhOsT are hot. I'm honestly feeling all of them. Amour can sing pretty well. Good tracks for sure. It's good to hear a person do a serious songs and club tracks on the same record. Overall this whole first disk is dope.

Musica Practica - Now this album is great from beginning to end. Sounds angrier starting with the title track. Nice though. I'm feeling this hard angry shit. Production is even better on this disk. I like all the beats. I am not really feeling Mad At Me, just because of the hook. It's seems kind of weak and could have been written a little bit better, the verses are dope though, the hook just kind of ruined it for me. As seems the pattern all the other tracks featuring GhOsT were pure fire they have great chemistry. I'm definitely going to have to tell people to cop this CD. I really enjoyed the whole thing. What We Do is one of the standout tracks to me, because of the beat and the collab with GhOsT. I really feel it. Get Er Done is mad nice too because of the quicker flows. Nice anger track to haters. One of the best tracks is the bonus track...Say It To My Face. Over all this guy is great. Nice production. I gave the whole thing a 9 because of the damn Mad At Me track. Other than that all tracks were fire. Glad to have done this review for my boy Jordan~Jay.
- Online review - By Michael-John Rose

"A Honest Review for a Great Demo"

You Don't Want That - The beginning with the claps starting us off with the synth starts off the song like it's an upbeat song - good clues lead to a good song The chorus came to a pleasant surprise - I’m fond of "why is you bitchin is it the dick that you missin? Cuz you know as well as I that the love’s non-existent" The whole song has a good feeling to it - big fan of all the verses - "momma always told me there will be days like this, but she also said don't ever treat your bitch like a princess". The chorus is strong, the song holds its own.

Middle Fingers Up - Reminds me of triple six - with all the club talk. You got some tight little flows in this song my least favorite of the 4 but it's a good gangsta club up song.

Thugs To Men - This is probably my favorite. The story telling you do in this song is amazing very poetic, reminds me of early 90's rap when rap was good because of the story telling. Something i've been missing in the recent rap when everything is about
the same thing over and over. Love the chorus - that Amour guy matches up with you
very very well! A+!

Lead - Turn the vocals down a little bit - have the bass overpower sometimes. that'd be phat. I'd ad some cool little sound effects in there - like things that you say in the verses, add sound effects behind them so it's not just the beat. That's a big reason why the Aftermath beats are so good. This beat is tight just like a pro one, but they tweak shit - add effects here and there but not too much to over take the vocals. - Andrew Robinson - Independent Reviewer


Things Have Changed (2002) - produced by Duane McFall (Jordan~Jay)

As Jordan~Jay's first commercial release he compiled an emotional charged twenty track visit into not only his public but also his private life. Things Have Changed was accepted well by the urban music community and enjoyed a small amount of play on college radio stations. With a larger promotional budget, the CD could have done even better; however, the success it did have hints at the great potential the artist possesses.

The White Album/Musica Practica (2005) - produced by Duane McFall (Jordan~Jay)

His most recent release is a double disk project was composed primarily by Jordan~Jay and contains forty-four original tracks. The first disk contains twenty-three all new solo tracks. The second disk contains twenty-one additional tracks featuring local talent Jordan~Jay is associated with. Surrounding himself with talented artists and beat makers Jordan~Jay shows his maturity as an artist over his more complicated instrumental backdrops. He displays growth not only with his production but his lyrics are far more advanced when compared to his previous release. Touching on just about every topic that has affected him over the past two years there is very few questions that you could ask him that could not be answered by a lyrics or two off of his new project.



Jordan~Jay began the pursuit of his musical career in 1997, and has been making it a part of his daily life since 2000. Local artists, other players in the hip-hop industry, and favorites from other genres including Linkin Park, Bionic Jive, Marz, and Bob Marley & The Wailers, have influenced the resulting smooth hip-hop flavor integrated into his own unique style. In late 2002, ~Jay wrote, produced, and released the album Things Have Changed, which was created at his own expense. This album is still up for sale on CD Street (which also includes other artist information), and was originally promoted mostly through word-of-mouth of fans and supporters and other grassroots promotional efforts. At least nine other projects have been finished since the beginning of his musical career, with his latest project being a double disk album, making his discography count eleven disks. The White Album/Musica Practica, the first of which is a solo, and the latter a collaboration of Jordan~Jay and artists who currently work under him, is a blend of diverse styles which displays a wide range of the artist’s talents in both writing and production. Although his experience in live venues is limited to a few independently promoted performances at the Midwest Rec. Center, Parking Lot Pimpin’, and Crunk Pit, ~Jay is eager to expand this list and is open to any opportunity to display his talents. Jordan~Jay continues to reach out to his audience through internet and self-promotion efforts, and is building a sizeable fan base and name for himself throughout the St. Louis and surrounding areas.