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"Rising Teen Star Yung Jonzun Ready for the ‘Limelight’"

Yung Jonzun
Hot teen recording acts have always held a special place in the hearts and minds of young screaming girls swept in to frenzy and even some male fans, maybe too embarrassed to admit they also were true admirers. Just stop for a moment and recall the hysteria over acts like Kris Kross, Lil Bow Wow, or more recently, Soulja Boy.

Now, it’s time to make way for a new Hip-Hop phenom; 12 year-old Jordan Johnson aka Yung Jonzun aka Yung J. Hailing from Aurora, a suburb of Denver, Colorado, many in the music industry first got a glimpse of this future superstar in early 2008 at the Urban Network Music-Entertainment Summit, where Jordan performed for a hundred or so labels, radio and music tastemakers. Since then, Jordan and his executive Dream Team at Big Top Entertainment have been on a virtual roll.

Jordan’s talents were discovered by happenstance, while visiting the studio one day with his Dad, Jay Johnson. Jay along with his business partner, producer and Big Top Entertainment CEO Curtis ‘Marv’ Johnson were wrapping up a session on a record earlier licensed with MTV for the Making the Band 4 season, when unexpectedly Jordan expressed enthusiasm to get on the mic. Both Curtis and Jay confessed amazement with the youngster’s flow. In time, Jordan became quickly comfortable with his studio surroundings, prompting Curtis, Jay and their partner Bobby Robinson to make the young prodigy a priority at the label.

“I knew Jordan had something the first time he got in the studio,” reflects Curtis Johnson. “When we recorded our first record, he did his first song in one take. I’ve been working with artists for years, and rarely saw anything like that. There is definitely something special here. So many kids can rap today, but what is unique about Jordan is that he wants to be the young kid who does it with a certain amount of ‘swagger.’ He wants a certain amount of confidence to be portrayed in his records. He’s not just mouthing words, but brings meaning to what he is saying.”

An early buzz has been generated surrounding Jordan with the release of the first single titled, “Limelight.” The song became a favorite at numerous radio stations around the U.S. The single debuted on the Billboard charts at #94 R&B and Hip Hop Songs, and #13 Hip Hop Singles for the reporting period of April 2008.

All of this activity has also allowed Jordan a chance to perform in front of an audience hungry for new stars, and even for an influential outlet like Fox Colorado, and their reporter Jon Bowman, to take notice. Bowman and Fox Colorado have vowed to follow Jordan’s career as it unfolds, believing that he will be the ‘next new generation star’ to come out of the area. Jordan seems to be taking all of this in stride. “Recording and performing have been fun. I really like going into the studio on the weekends,” says an ecstatic Jordan, who is a straight ‘A’ student—strictly committed to his studies during the weekdays.

“When ‘Marv’ and I go into the studio, he helps me to write, and we collaborate to complete the songs. So far, my favorite song on the new album is called ‘Paperboy.’ I like the beat, and I think the lyrics tell all about me. I like money! It explains all of the things I’d buy if I had money.”

Currently, Jordan‘s song “Prince of the City,” which is getting thousands of hits on MySpace, and “Cars” are becoming a favorite among fans. His flashy video for “Cars” can be seen on You Tube. All three of these songs are slated to be on Jordan’s forthcoming album, titled Limelight, expected for a 2009 release. No definitive street date has been set because quite frankly every time the label principals believe the project is complete, more notable producers and songwriters get wind of Jordan’s impending success and express a desire to be a part of the album.

“We have assembled more than 20 songs for the album,” says Bobby Robinson. “Our marketing strategy may be to truly take advantage of how kids purchase music online. We’ll release the music, and let them compile their own album.”

With so many options on how to break Jordan in the marketplace, Big Top wants to make sure it’s got all of its ‘I’s dotted and ‘T’s crossed. “My gut feeling is that Jordan is a star and he is going to be very successful,” Robinson continues. “People who’ve interviewed this kid have had nothing but amazing things to say about him. He’s a good looking kid. Girls love him. And, Jordan is truly committed to making his career happen. Unlike so many kids or teen stars of the past, he doesn’t want to sound or be perceived as bubblegum, too corny or too Pop. He wants to be a true hip-hop artist.”

Even though Jordan will tell you two of his favorite rappers are Tupac and 50 Cent, the Big Top Entertainment team is priming him to be a future Will Smith. They’re looking towards successful albums, touring, television and film roles. “We’ve vowed to keep him clean-cut and yet give him a bit of street edge. But we still wan - Urban Network


Singles: Super Star
Singles: Cars
Singles: Ice Cream Melts Down on my Nikes



Jordan Johnson, better known as "Yung J" a.k.a. "Yung Jonzun" is a dynamic and spirited 13-year old rap sensation from Colorado. His musical presence combines hard-hitting edgy hip-hop beats with easily relatable lyrics. His songs speak to the pre-teen and teen market ages (10-16), but the music appeals to fans of all ages. Most recently, Yung Jonzun's single "Limelight" debuted on the Billboard Hip-Hop Singles Sales chart at Peak Position #13 and # 94 on the R&B and Hip-Hop Songs chart. His cleverly written and youthful lyrical style focuses on the "life of a kid" and will make him a favorite of parents and music lovers worldwide. His sound naturally adapts to the syncopated, contemporary sounds of Big Top Entertainment producer Curt "Marv" Johnson."Yung Jonzun" has talents which expand beyond the world of music to the world of shoe design and acting. Being touted as the shoe design protégé of famed Michael Jordan and Carmelo shoe designer Dwayne Edwards, "Yung J" has his sights set on success. At the tender age of 12, he was featured in the December 2007 (Carmelo Anthony Issue ) of Sole Collector Magazine, a major player in the shoe print media game. Fox News proclaims him as the "next new generation" star from Colorado and covered him performing in front of 2000 screaming kids. Yung Jonzun is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on his debut album and is gearing up to work his new singles "CARS," "Superstar" and "Ice Cream Melts Down on my Nike." With key to the kingdom in hand, he is ready to take his place on the throne.