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The best kept secret in music



The New Year begins in a bang for JK as he heads to perform in New York. One man, one country, one city, one explosive night is the slogan highlighting what is a highly anticipated event for Zambians and Africans living in the New York area.

For JK this marks the culmination of his career. 2003 saw JK follow up on his impressive debut album in the form of Helena, which once again saw him steal the heart of the nation. With sell out shows across Zambia, and Europe, the fruits of J.K’s success were further seen in a less than unexpected Ngoma award victory and a KORA music nomination. JK is now seeking to expand further, looking west towards the U.S. starting with New York, the entertainment capital of the world, the ultimate destination for all performer. The show set for Mirelle's Restaurant on January 17th in the Westbury Area of New York promises to be "explosive." says Milestone Entertainment marketing coordinator Mawano Kambeu. "The response from the Zambian community has been overwhelming" Kambeu adds," that is what is driving the project”

There is good reason for people to be anxious U.S fans are in for a double header from the most electrifying Zambian star to date. Revelers will be treated to current hits Elyoni Elyoni, and Dzokera, which are enjoying sufficient airplay in African clubs across the states and are the official anthem for all Zambian parties. JK will also follow up with the smooth balekuzembeleka flavor that opened the doorway to his stardom.

The United States has been closed off from the revolution that Zambian music is undergoing. JK has risen to fame in such a short time, he remains an illusive shadow to many people, one that they only read about in the media and hear on CD. All this will soon change. The stage is set, the microphones turned on, come rain or snow, this show promises to be one hot ticket.

- The Zambian


JORDAN Katembula, aka JK, one of few enduring artistes of the current generation of musicians has scored a first with the inclusion of his Nali Kuyaza hit on the Worlds Collide Volume One album that has been released in the United States.

Mondo Music Corporation announced the inclusion of the song on the album released by Waking Monsters Media, an American record company.

Mondo Music managing director Chisha Folotiya explained that his company signed a licensing deal early last year with Waking Monster's Media who identified JK's track as something they would include on the album.

"We must recognise the efforts of Mawano Kambeu of Milestone Entertainment who is JK's manager in the USA.
He has been working hard to get the music appreciated by record companies that side and this is the fruit of his labour," Folotiya said.
Some of the songs on the album are from Austria, South Africa, UK, Botswana, USA and Zimbabwe.

Commenting on the album, JK said; "Zambian artistes have great talent so we should believe in ourselves. It's a great achievement for me and an honour to be on the international compilation album."
Other artistes on the 12-track album are Black Coffee, Greenwood, Brooklyn Blak, Afro Blue and DJ Eddie.
- The Post Newspaper


LOCAL music wonder boy Jordan Katembula is set for a double album release, perhaps the first of its kind in Zambia.

Katembula whose songs are ready for sampling says he has worked on two albums; one for the local listeners while the second is meant for the international market.

"I just want to try the idea of releasing two albums at once. I have almost finished on both albums and I am planning to release them by the end of the year," he said.

"The first one, done in local languages is strictly for the local market while the second one is for the international market."
He said the albums will have different songs and styles from each other.

JK said he was he was on a mission to penetrate the international market hence the idea of having a double release tentatively set for November.

"The album for international market will still be available to the Zambians only that they will have to buy it abroad," he said.
He disclosed that although he has not come up with album titles, he has already finished working on 12 tracks earmarked for the international album.

Katembula said the album will feature American artistes Inoj, Grafh and Jamaican Omeil.

For the local one, JK said he was only remaining with one song.
"This time, I want to do it differently. I want to shoot videos and after people know my music, I’ll release the songs for airplay. I have already started working on the videos," he said.

Some of the songs in the album include Kapito, Imilandu, Balalolela and Put Yourself in Her Shoes.
Katembula has previously released three albums; JK, Helena and JK III - The Post Newspaper


AFTER a hiatus lasting a few months, Jordan Katembula, alias JK, last Saturday took to the stage at Club Phoenix to a warm reception from his fans.

JK, on the verge of releasing his fourth album, came back from his
self-imposed break to remind his fans of his existence when he teamed
up with other artistes to mesmerise the audience.

Despite the cold night temperatures, revellers were in a party mood and
quickly got into the groove when the energetic King David took to the
stage with his song Uyu Lesa.

New kid on the block Uwalubana AKA Black MacGyver then came on the
stage with a romantic song before leaving the stage for Theodore who
did his Nifuna ku kuona daily track.

JK, Leo Muntu and Exile then lit the house with some old but still popular songs from their albums to send the night owls dashing to the dance floor.
Exile sung his Kunvela ni nvela tune while Leo Muntu did his Mummy wandi with Ty2 bringing the house alive with Walinsulile.
The songs had the revellers and the singers doing a sing along.


- The Post Newspaper

Now firmly established as the leading Zambian musician of his generation, J.K. has made a tremendous impact of our country's music scene over the past couple of years.

Since we unleashed his phenomenal self-titled debut album back in December 2001, Jordan Katembula has dominated Zambia's music scene and established himself as a the leading artist of his generation. During 2002, J.K. went to receive a Ngoma Award as well as a KORA Award nomination. He has performed in London, New York, and South Africa. In addition, he has got critical acclaim and massive public support from his many concerts and appearances.

J.K.'s second album Helena was released in May 2003 and album features a wonderful guest appearance by Zimbabwean music legend Oliver Mutukudzi on a track called Dzokera.

Jordan has received Ngoma Awards, two years in a row.

His family and educational background: The fifth son of both a businessman and woman, Jordan was born in 1978 at Ndola Central Hospital. He concluded his junior school at Chilengwa Basic School in Ndola and later proceeded to Lubuto School, where he completed his secondary education. Jordan started embracing music with his peers as early as the age of eight whilst in his fourth year of junior school.

“I was always singing (at home, school), always, but I chose to keep it to myself-may be because at the time I was not confident enough to sing to an audience. I enjoyed it.”

About Jordan’s Musical Background:

Jordan stepped onto the show bizz gush in 1997 when he first recorded his demo at The Savoy Hotel in Ndola with a band known as The Ukwa Band. After huge applauses and credits, Jordan decided to trek to Lusaka for greener pastures where he met one of Zambia’s well-renowned rap artists MC Wabwino at the Heritage Studio. It was at this point that J.K. was showcased when he featured on MC Wabwino’s popular album Yamene Yamene.

“In 1999, I felt it was time to move on and create music and this prompted me to team up with a very good friend, Kelvin Mwesa and together formed a group called New Age and I became the lead vocalist. Initially, our intention as New Age was to produce a gospel album but then we conscripted our sound engineer and producer Sebastian Mutale and decided to change the whole gospel concept to something more secular instead. We released two albums; our well renowned debut ‘Biyoyo’ and ‘Chikokoshi’, which did very well too.”

During the year 2000, Jordan also worked with the all-boy group Just Close and sang with them on their smash hit Twamilumbanya, which was featured on the Rhythm Nation Project.

J.K. Fact File

21 August 1978

Married with a young son


Kakusu - Mbala





His Dad, who he describes as beeing so hardworking. J.K is trying to follow in his footsteps.

Started singing when he was in grade 5

When he was in grade 12 (1995) he jumped on a bus and when the conductor asked for the fare, J.K realised he had forgotten his bus fare.


When his brother died in 1995

Being provoked

Nshima with beef

- Mondo Music Press Statement


The menu on Jordan Katembula’s Helena


FINALLY JK’s long-awaited second album Helena is out. And unless all signs, including its radio friendliness deceive, it is also headed for a higher ground.

Like this column has said before, the tragedy that JK’s second album faces is comparison with that first phenomenal self-titled debut released in December 2001, that went on to surprise even Mondo Music, the record label.

That was the beginning. His second album, however, is not as hard and anxious as the first one.

Although Helena is also a fine work of art, it will live in the shadows of the first album. This is an observation that even JK’s die-hard fans will agree with.

Of course you cannot deny the fact that JK’s music and vocals have all matured and grown to even higher heights. JK’s voice and technique cut right into the soul.

That is understable. After all, this is JK, the man who even those who hate him like his voice and agree that he is simply the best in the industry.

But again, not so fast, the album has already sold more than 20,000 audio tapes within a week of its release. So maybe a wait-and-see situation is ideal at this stage.
Helena, the title track, has a latino feel although it is sang in Swahili and English. The presence of Uncle Rex, whose handling of the spanish guitar is admirable, is probably the reason the track sounds latino.

But fans should feel more at home with Nali Kuyaza, which is more or less on the lines as Ka gelo . In this song JK tells his woman how much he loves her and that no one can separate them. The Copperbelt Bemba slang is quite visible on this effort. The track is ideal for a dance tune.

The other track bound to go well with the fans is Lelo Ni Friday, which features the irresistible Zambezi man himself, Nasty D. This is a song in which JK and Nasty D tell their fans to party on Friday. By the way, it seems JK has a lot of admiration for Nasty D. On several occasions JK has done justice to Nasty D’s Zambezi songs.

And for gospel lovers, they can put their hands on Ubusuma Bwenu, a wonderful gospel ballad sung to Uncle Rex’s acoustic guitar backing while Joe joins in some poignant Lozi lyrics in a song that is bound to cut across tribe and language.

There is also Dzokera, featuring Zimbabwe’s music maestro Mtukudzi and probably the most eagerly anticipated track on this album.

The song, which has enjoyed a good airplay is a mixture of Shona and Bemba.

The song is about a husband who bemoans the poor behaviour of his wife and asks to go back to her family for more training. This is because she does not do her responsibilities such as cooking and taking care of the kids.

Other songs in the album are Nkala Kupembela, Na Mwansa, We Mwana Wane, Umuchanga, Abantu Bandi, Elyoni Elyoni, Apongozi and Sembe Una Niuza.

- Times of Zambia

It is a new dawn for Zambian music. One unnamed youth recently commented on how, “Zambian music is off da hook”. While perhaps not expressed in the most eloquent of phrases, the message is clear.

We as Zambians can now stand proud of our musicians,
stand proud of the sense of identity and unity that
they are bringing to the nation. With the rise in music quality and the emergence of a new breed of Zambian musicians, the full metal of some of our more established musicians is being tested. Are we about to see the rise and fall of what were at one point some of our most popular musicians? Will these musicians become oblivious memories, now out of sight and out of mind?

With a third album nearly upon us, Jordan Katembula formally known as JK will endure such a test. In midst of unwarranted and very unfair speculations, on top of what was a seemingly below par second album, will JK prove once again why he is Zambia’s greatest selling musician and most talented music prospect to date? Or will he seal his fate as another great artist living in an illusive memory of yesteryear?

In a recent conversation with the man himself, JK was quick to admit that things have changed. “There is a lot of competition and artists are getting better”, states JK. “This was inevitable though,” according to JK, “the music industry is doing better and artists can now make a living through music.” JK admits that he has had to work hard to ensure his third album marks his “reinvention”. “Fans will not be disappointed,” JK adds.

While JK avoided divulging too much information about his upcoming third album ‘JK III’, he did state that the time away from the spotlight has allowed him to mature as a person and a musician.

JK is grateful for his loyal fans that have stuck with him through thick and thin and hopes that he can continue to build bridges through his music, not only with public, but also with promoters and stakeholders of the music industry alike.

While the nation can look forward to what JK III has to offer, so will Zambians and fans in the U.S.A, where JK will be on tour this coming August. JK claims, “It is the support that I received in New York that prompted this move.” Mawano Kambeu of Milestone Entertainment, J.K’s U.S management company, seconds this view. “The New York show in January was beyond every expectation,” he states.

Kambeu explained that JK was very well received, a capacity crowd came from far and
wide, including members of the diplomatic core, to
lend their support,despite the fact the this show was in a remote part on New York, during the coldest week of the year, and on top of that the patrons had to face a snow storm to attend.

Kambeu further admits there was a lot of trial and error in the January show, it being the first time a Zambian musician had flown to the U.S.A particularly for a show. Kambeu concludes that, “We know what areas went wrong and on August 7th JK is committed to giving his New York fans a show they will not forget” While JK has proved his popularity on the east coast of the United States, Milestone Entertainment are requesting various promoters and music lovers across the rest of the country contact them to ensure that JK is accessible to all of his fans across the country.

The current trends in the market will only prove to test JK’s sheer quality. Industry analysts speculate Zambian music is far from reaching its peak. Development always starts from within and eventually spreads out. JK is without a doubt one of our best music prospects for international stardom. This however can only occur if JK can truly rise to his full potential, and if we the nation stand firmly behind him. While the future of Zambian music is positively blur, JK’s immediate future and role is quite clear. With JK III he is coming back bigger and better than ever before. The countdown begins.

Event: JK III The U.S.A tour
August 6th 2004 Lowell, MA
August 7th 2004 Queens, NY
August 14th 2004 Atlanta, GA

(Stay tuned for further developments
- Zamnet


JK (December, 2001 Mondo Music Corporation)
Helena (May 2003 Mondo Music Corporation)
JK III (August 2004 Mondo Music Corporation)
Balalolela (February 2006 Fwebene/Mondo Music/Milestone Ent.)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Name: Jordan Katembula
Stage Name: JK
Nationality: Zambian


In 1998, the Zambian music industry was nearly non-existent. The local music industry could not withstand consumer preference for imported R&B, Reggae, Pop, Rhumba and House music. In 2001 this trend changed forever. The cause of the change was,
Jordan Katembula otherwise known as JK.

Since entering the professional music industry in 1997, working in several bands and even a boy group, JK has now become a household name in Zambia and has gained immense popularity across Africa and Europe. JK shot to stardom in 2001 following the release of his self-titled debut album that included the smash hit Nkafikilisha and Balekuzembeleka. JK helped reestablish the Zambian music scene and has rekindled the flames of Zambian music in hearts across Zambia. With his incredible success on the home front, it was inevitable that J.K spread his reach into international markets. His nomination for a KORA award in 2002 for Best Southern African Musician (African equivalent to a Grammy, where he lost out to Music Legend Oliver Mtukudzi) is a reflection of the quality of his work that is not only being recognized in Zambia, but across the entire continent.

With three albums to date, his body of work is of the highest quality and embodies a fine blend of musical influences ranging from Rhumba to Reggae to R&B. JK has created masterpieces that cater for all. This ingredient fused with his incredible voice, stage presence and choreography has made JK one of Zambia's most successful concert performers, with sell out shows across Europe and Africa. Given a venue, no matter the location, no matter the time, no matter the weather, crowds flock in numbers to see him.

JK is considered the leading musician of his generation in Zambia. This is why:

• Ngoma Award Winner 2002 and 2003: Best Zambian Musician
• Kora Africa Award Nominee 2002: Best Musician Southern Africa
• First Zambian musician to have four consecutive number one radio hits (JK, 2001) and a career total of nine number one singles
• JK is the highest selling Zambian musician in history to date and was the first documented Zambian musician to cross the 50 000 and 100 000 unit barrier in album sales.
• JK is phenomenal on stage. He has performed as a headliner in major cities across Africa, Europe and North America.