Jordan McLeod
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Jordan McLeod

Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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Live In Home EP - 2008
Headache EP - 2009



I was born in North Carolina. Music was my life since birth. I started taking piano lessons from my mom when I was 3, and then from my Uncle when I was 5. I got a snare drum for christmas when I was 7. This was the year I met Levi Christopher (Clothing and Shoes/The Lexington Chaptor). We were in about 9 side projects from the ages of 9-14. When I was about 9 my grandpa would take to my uncles on the coast every weekend. This is when he introduced me to my life heroes and influences: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, Willie Nelson and Louis Armstrong. I picked up my borthers yamahaa strat nock off when I was 11 and learned kiss me by sixpence none the richer and havn't stopped playing 7 chords since. By the time i was 12 I was playing drums with a funk/jazz band called the Troubadoors with some friends. I was also in a band called Nephesh. We wrote three songs and covered Nirvana, Neil Young and songs from the That Thing You Do soundtrack. This is when I started listening to coldplay which is what i thought was artsy music when I was 12-14.

I then moved to Buffalo, N.Y. when I was 14. I immediately started playing at church, got pissed off at the style of music and played U2 covers for church songs. Then at 15 all church music sounded like u2 anyways which is when I really started listening to radiohead. I then threw away all my dashboard, greenday and jack johnson cd's. Then I really started really writing songs. I was playing in blues bands with Jeremy Tohpmson(Adelaide, Elektromat) and my best friend Josh Nap. Josh and I started a band junior year called Spero. Which turned into Ulrich when the members changed.

I played in multiple bands my junior and senior year. Was on a couple recordings as a drummer and guitarist. I started helping the church write some songs which i never got credited for, but i don't care since i hated doing it anyways.

Then I decided to move to Tulsa, OK to start a band. I have since played in about 5 bands in Tulsa in the last 3 years. During these three years I started writing a lot more solo stuff and playing shows in coffee shops and public parks.

I currently play in local Tulsa bands and artists Monaphore, liederport, Mason Remel, Chris McLeod and Spencer Sharpe. My song writting styles vary to a broad group of genre's. I write for monaphore ( and lierderport, but I have to many songs that would never fit the style of them. So I decided to start recording my own stuff and get it out there.

I'm currently working on writing songs and recording so that I can write more songs and record them. The End.