Jordan Michael Grace

Jordan Michael Grace


I am a young Australian singer/songwriter that moved to Sacramento, CA. Last year i came over to record my first EP album, called " Way of Life ". I have toured since i was very little with my dad who is a well known Gospel singer in Australia. I am very open to play at any events or bookings.. JMG


My performing career started at age 5, when i was touring with my dad around australia. Randomly i walked out on stage while my dad was doing a concert and started playing with him with a plastic guitar. Since then i have grown up playing at many concerts to many different cultures.. Doing tours through Outback Australia, Papua New Guinea, Alaska, United Sates, Solomon Islands, and many more to come..


How Do I Know

Written By: Jordan Grace

Verse 1:
How do I know
What you’re going to become
How do I know
It’s what you have to overcome
How do I know
What the future holds

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Verse 2: (Same Chords)
How do I see
What the world sees in me
How do I be
What you’re expecting of me
How do I see
What’s laid before my feet

We don’t need anything to show that
we believe
We don’t need anything to show that
we believe
Cause it’s from the heart
Straight from the heart

Verse 3:
What you want from me
Is what’s in my hands
What you need from me
Is everything I have to give
What you want from me
Is the gift and not the heart


From the heart
From the heart X2


Bridge 2:

From the heart X3

Way of Life

Written By: Jordan Grace

Verse 1:

Everybody has good days and bad days
Everybody has different opinions
Everybody says they’re happy when they’re really not
Everybody just be who you are

Verse 2:
Everybody isn’t sorry anymore
Everybody hurts one way or another
People say it’s hard, I just don’t see why
Just show that you care about them

Sometimes it’s all ok, Sometimes it’s all my fault
Sometimes I just want it over with
Sometimes I just walk away, Sometimes I’m to blame
Sometimes I just step down and wait ‘til it ends

Verse 3:
Everybody just cares about money
Money replaces people in your head
What are you living for,
What are you caring for.


I just step down but that’s no way of life
I’m taking back, back the time
No waiting till it ends
New mercy for a friend
To begin again


EP "Way of Life" 2007

Set List

4-5 songs