Jordan Micheal Peterson

Jordan Micheal Peterson


I play piano, sing, and write my own music. It is soft, but uplifting songs about life. Some are sad, and some are very "feel-good".


Jordan Micheal Peterson

Jordan Micheal Peterson is a blast of fresh air right into your ears. Peterson's talent is a stunning thing to behold. It's not everyone who can blend classic sounds with a fresh, modern appeal, but Peterson does the job just right. His piano-based pop rock is bound to land him on the shelf next to the great piano rock legends. The skill behind this nimble-fingered musician is enough to cause even the most hardened music-goer to pause for a moment in consideration of the masterful melodies emanating from the speakers. Peterson's music is heartfelt, honest, catchy and endearing and it's sure to sweep the country and remind people exactly what great songwriting is all about.


Music is freedom. Freedom to speak one's mind and to do so by doing more than just speaking. Music rises above simple language to communicate in far more profound ways. It also brings courage and an outlet for getting out whatever it is that needs getting out. Music makes me feel like I can say anything I want to and I can say so much more with music than I can with just words. Peterson understands exactly what music is for and uses it as a tool to both entertain and speak out with heart on sleeve. It's this brave honesty that brings so much emotional impact to Peterson's songs. That and his amazing musical abilities, of course.

Forget Psychics

There is one true way to ensure that another person feels exactly what you feel. Words fail and fall short. They can approximate but by themselves they are incapable of the fullest emotional and intellectual expression. Music is the best form of expression because in the moment people are listening to your music, they really can feel what you feel and nothing else can do that. Peterson's grasp of music's finest nature enables him to craft songs that genuinely reach out and speak up and make contact with listeners in a way unique to music and in a way unique to Peterson. His songs are bright and original and refuse to be turned off once the music is playing.

Tiny, Big

The most accomplished artists will tell you that their inspiration comes from the most minute speck, the teeniest minutiae, and from the gargantuan heavens and world around us and from everything in between. It's the only way to bring fullness to one's canon of music. Everything inspires me, sometimes little everyday things that I take for granted, sometimes huge life changing events, and sometimes just a person I look up to. By incorporating every facet of life into his songwriting, Peterson is able with unwavering skill to create songs that have something special to say to all comers. Every listener will feel as though Peterson is speaking directly to him or her.

Taking Aim

Peterson is taking aim at the future. Armed with heart, mind and talent, the future can only hold greatness. He has opened for the Drew Davis Band and has nabbed the winning slot in the Galaxy of the Stars Competition. Having already begun establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with, he is continuing to write music and prepare to earn more and more fans until stardom has arrived. A new release is in the works and that should be enough to keep any fan salivating. Peterson is currently working with A&R Select, the leading independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


It says a lot that Peterson has so deftly captured a timeless sound in his material. His musical maturity is formidable indeed. - A&R Select


"Inside" - Jordan Micheal Peterson, 5 songs, 18 minutes

Songs are currently on regular rotation at KSID-Sidney, NE.

Songs are streamed at:

Set List

Drops of Jupiter - Train
Inside - JMP
Tiny Dancer - Elton John
No Wings - JMP

covers by Elton John and Billy Joel, mainly.