Jordan Shackleford

Jordan Shackleford


I would call it "Healing Rhythms." "Original Healing Rhythms." My music is of a spiritual nature which touches people at a spiritual level. It can take you places without ever leaving--it's like picking up a book about the world. My music can take you places and you never have to leave your seat!


What sets me apart from other Jembe players is the fact that I am a Jembe player who was not trained by man. I told my manager this once before. I did not go look for this drum. This drum was literally sent to me. I had no clue as to when this journey started with this Jembe, where it would lead to. But I know now that I was born to be one of the Jembe players, one of the better ones out there. I take myself out of the way and I let the Father of the Universe have His way with my hands and with my spirit. I just play. What makes me different is, I don't play--I should not say, I don't play traditional rhythms, because maybe that's not true. But, I like to think of it as--like our African ancestors said: "Inside every person in the village--every human being in the village--there is this beautiful song. The trick is, that you have to learn to hear your song louder than you hear the world's song. I think I am fortunate in that, I have learned to hear my song. Not only have I learned to hear it, I have learned to play it. It is very, very therapeutic, even unto me. I think that is what makes me different. I don't try to imitate any one else. I can't imitate any one elsse. I can only play what is put in me to play. I play it and I am true to it. I will forever be true to it, too. I think that's what makes me different because most people were trained. Me, I was not trained. I sat down one day and started playing. Henceforth, here we have Jordan "SHR."

My influences, for one, was a drummer named Billy Coham. He had an album entitled "Snoopy and the Red Baron." I really, really, truly--I think of all the drummers I've heard, I think Mr. Billy Cobham was one of my greatest influences. Then there was Jimmie Hendrix. A lot of people don't know this. Jimmie Hendrix had a drummer--I don't really know his name but I remember going to an outdoor concert once where his drummer was playing with some other people. They did the song called "Down By The River." I thought that that performance was probably one of the greatest performances I had ever heard a drummer do. That stuck with me. I like listening to Wes Montgomery, Farro Sanders, Hugh Masekela. I like the Last Poets--a very, very, good group. I also like Brian Augers. A lot of people don't know who that was. He is a throwback to the late 70s, early 80s. "Oblivian Express," was the name of the album. It was one of your better, excellent rhythms. I mean excellent rhythms. I like Sade. She has one of the best bands around, she really does. I would love to play with her. Also, of course, Mr. Carlos Santana himself.


My CD is a "Work In Progress."

Set List

Typically the longest song would be like 6 minutes plus. The shortest song would probably be around 2-1/2 minutes. More will be forthcoming on the set list after release of the CD. Typically, I can play any rhythm and with any group as long as I feel the music spiritually.