Jordan Shaw

Jordan Shaw


Powerful life-changing worship for our Lord and Savior using contemporary praise and worship music. My desire is to lift up the name of Jesus in order for Him to be glorified for all he has done for us.


Hey Everyone! My name is Jordan Shaw. I am 13 years old and am in the 8th grade. I began playing the guitar and singing when I was 9 years old. I have always loved the Lord so I loved to play Christian music. When I was 11 I began leading worship for my churches youth group and started the worship band for my Christian school's chapels. The calling on my heart to worship lead was so strong, that I loved every opportunity I had. I then moved to Charlotte, NC after 6th grade and started leading worship for Church At Charlotte's Youth Group and was soon invited to lead worship in the service. I also occasionaly led worship for my new school's chapels. I led worship at Church at Charlotte for one year and then felt God calling me to share the gift I believe He has given me with others. I now lead worship for different Bible studies around the area as well as different youth groups upon request. I love the Lord and have committed my life to serve Him.

Set List

I normally play the songs God is Light, Marvelous Light, You are Everything, You Never let Go,and Only Grace. After the speaker is done I end the session with God is Light again. As the Spirit leads me I may play extra choruses or bridges(especially on the songs You Never Let Go and God is Light.) When this happens a normal 4 minute song can turn into a 10 minute song. This only happens if I feel the Spirit is really working in the hearts of the kids. I also talk in between songs while picking lightly on the acoustic. I can do any Christian song.