Jordan's Promise

Jordan's Promise


Jordan's Promise is about living in a relationship with Jesus- the author and finisher of our faith. Our music and lyrics, with elements of rock, country and gospel, are easy to identify with and understand. We consider ourselves servants and musicians, in that order.


Our influences cross many musical genres- we love classic rock and acapella gospel with the same enthusiasm! How is that for eclectic? We use harmonies on much of our music reminiscent of gospel, and classic grooves and electric violin and guitar leads you would find in rock styles.
Our writing is influenced by the events of life as defined by a spiritual, and more than that, a scriptural world view- that God is good and he wants what is best for us as we learn how to be content in whatever situation we are in during our journey through life. We understand it is a testing place- not a resting place.
JP is set apart more than anything by quality sensible writing and accurate vocals with tight harmonies. Most of us got together three years ago, with our lead guitarist deciding to join our group about one 2 yrs ago. We started developing our sound and style and defining our mission and ministry goals... and having a ton of fun!


Jordan's Promise has released one EP entitled "Miles Away" (2001). It includes four songs. Although our sound has evolved and matured, we still occasionally play some of the old stuff for fun, especially "Dave's Song". There are preview tracks of an upcoming album full of new material available right now at our website and on our myspace page, as well as on The Spirit Radio.

Set List

We really tailor our sets to the venue and occasion. We basically have 2 versions- a 30 to 35 minute worship/special music set and a full set that can range from 1 to 2 hours depending upon the need.
Our covers consist of some of the more popular worship tunes- Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche and some great old hymns that we spice up a bit.