Jordan Tschmier

Jordan Tschmier



Jordan Tschmier is a musician of many dimensions. Through the early years
of songwriting fueled by teenage angst to the later tribulations of adult

responsibilties, his songwriting, stlye and perspective has evolved many of

times, but fotunately to the people who know him best, his music remains to

be very true of himself.

A self-taught musician of many instruments, Jordan loves to incorporate any

knowledge of an instrument into his work. Among his endeavours, he has

played guitar in numerous alt-rock bands, drums in an underground punk

band, and more recently shared lead vocals in an experimental acoustic

folk band. He also joins fellow musicians and friends for projects and shows

on various instruments.

Presently, Jordan has been developing as a solo acoustic musican. He just

recently recorded a promotional EP at Magick Studios at the hands and ears

of Matt Mcleod, containing 4 songs, all of which were performed live. A full-rounded LP is

currently in the process of being financed.

Also at task is the revival of Paegan Sunflowers. With the depature of old

members and embracement of new, what comes next persues conjointly

with great excitement and optimism.

Set List

My typical sets are at average 45mins long, yet I have had no trouble covering 2 hour slots as well. I have been playing the recently recorded songs: Hide, In The Spirit Of The Time, Country Trail, For Your Viewing Pleasure alongside many many other originals which have not been recorded. I typically cover Elvis, David Crosby, Nirvana, The Beatles, and The Byrds. I will also cover old traditional songs as well as Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd if i'm playing mandolin or banjo. I try to cover songs that are not always familiar, as to connect people with music they might not have tuned into.