Jordan Tyler

Jordan Tyler


Jordan Tyler delivers a signature sound with a permanent mainstream edge. His songs are truly contageous and will catch on sooner than later.


From the streets of Portland, Oregon to the streets of New York City, Jordan Tyler settles with the
sounds of Pop, Punk, Alt-Country, & Rock and Roll. Whether playing in Theatres, bars, or house parties,
Jordan feeds a fire that has been longing to be fed. Singing songs of lost love, friendships, and memories,
his heartfelt stories fill the hearts of many around the world.
Signing with Outsider Audio Recordings in 2002, Jordan released his debut album, So Far Away, which quickly
sold through its first pressing. Reving up in 1999 as a solo artist, Tyler stormed through the scene and became
quickly recognised by many from his constant performing and touring. Opening for bigger acts such as The New
Amsterdams to touring with smaller indie artists such as Rookie of the Year and Remember Maine.
The music that Tyler brings to the table are a mix between the stylings of the Goo Goo Dolls, Ryan Adams,
to even the great Bob Dylan. The former lead singer of the Pop-Punk trio, One Owe One, gives us more than
what you'd expect coming from that style of music. When it comes to him talking about his musical influences,
he gives the unexpected: The Cure, Social Distortion, U2, Whiskeytown/Ryan Adams, The Smiths, Motley Crue,
The Beatles, Jane's Addiction, and The Smithereens.
"I will always have something different to listen to when I wake up in the morning", says Tyler, "I try to not listen to
one band for too long because I might start getting too influenced and want to write something just like it [them]--
Some days I go without music and when I'm on tour, I try not to listen to my favorite bands".
Having written over 200 songs per year since 1998 and recording multiple home-studio albums including his almost
famous project, Evanod which quickly ended when Tyler moved to New York City to find his true calling and passion,
the singer/songwriter has grown in many ways, finding himself in his music and loving ever minute of it.
There is a time and place for everyone and as for Jordan Tyler, this is it.


"the roads to madara" (2001)
"stereo, carpet, guitar" (2002)
"letters from felicity" (2002)
"so far away" (2003)
"s/t" (2004)
"i just don't feel like myself tonight" (ep-2004)