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Jordi Comstock

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Pop Jazz


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Madhat-Hard Hitters
Madhat-Full Length
Madhat-From the Outside
Madhat-To the World
Air Traffic Control-Can't Kill Love
Air Traffic Control-Self Titled
Air Traffic Control-To Be Free
Air Traffic Control-Tear The House Down
Flat Fifth-Self Titled
Flat Fifth -Alfalfa Honey
Flat Fifth-TBR
Steve Gates-A Bee In Her Mouth
Catahoula Brown-Cur Dog Blues
Catahoula Brown-Let That Boy Boogie
Catahoula Brown-Lonely Live Here

Catahoula Brown-Can't Hide From The Blues
Karen Palmer-Drive
Krystelle Leveque-Take Flight
Electric City Underground-Self Titled
Electric City Underground-Migration

Electric City Underground-Protons Get No Respect

Nick Jeffrey-State Of Mind
Code-Self Titled
Clas Larsson Quartet-Jazz Live At The OperaHouse
Clas Larsson Quartet- Web Session
Mid Life Crisis- Rolling Home
Tom Gallant-Secrets Of Heaven
Zac Crouse-You Plan To Do Nothing
Zac Crouse -Paddle To The Ocean Soundtrack
Acres And Acres-Truth And Sky
Brian Baker-Local Weather
Gianna Lauren-Some Move Closer Some Move On
Mcguivers Girls-Summer Affair
Alana York-TBR
Steve Chapin & Jennah Barry, Mary Knickle-Our Gifts We Share This Christmas
Jeff Coates-Can't Write A Blues Song Blues
Know Issue-Just Human
Scott Colp-East Bound
Peter Willis-TBR
Alex Hickey-Blackbirds
Steve Chapin And Jennah Barry-Christmas In July
Matthew Hornell-Releif
Jody Faith-TBR
The Mountains & The Trees-TBR
Corey Isenor-TBR
Memphis Knights-Live At Lew's
Jim Kovalcik-Natural Jazz

Heather Kelday-The Golden Mile

Erika Kulnys-Wings

Jordi Comstock-Without A Fight EP

Cassie Josephine & Gabriel Minnikin- Flower Country

Gabrielle Papillon-Keep The Fire

Christina Martin-Impossible To Hold

Christina Martin-This Christmas

Alec Robertson-Believer

Ryan McGrath-That Woods

Hank Middleton-Middletunes 3 (Canada's Ocean Playground)

Jennah Barry -Rocket, Stop That Train (Drum Set) Big Universe, Holiday, I see Morning (Hand Percussion) (Roller Disco Album)  


Carmel Mikol-The Ice

Norma Macdonald-TBR

Kylie Fox-TBR



Jordi Comstock BIO
Jordi Comstock, was born in Lunenburg the son of a drummer and grandson of a swing band leader. His rhythmic experiments started before he can remember, having a drum kit in the house since birth. Jordi got his first lessons from his father at the age of 8 and at 10 started a band with his brother Kirk called Madhat. Madhat started playing shows and writing songs right away, scoring gigs in local bars and festivals by age 11. At 13 he attended summer rock camp at the Halifax conservatory where he auditioned and made the advanced class even with being a year younger than they would normally allow to attend. Madhat became known for hosting large All Ages shows on the east coast even receiving favorable mention from Harpers Bazaar magazine. Madhat began touring all over Canada and made several music videos that were played on Canada's Much Music Station one of which was selected for the best of Going Coastal show.
Through school Jordi would drive to Halifax in order to study with Roger Strange and spent several years under his tutorial. Madhat continued to tour and record until several personnel changes lead Kirk and Jordi to lay Madhat to rest and create a new group with their cousin Luke called Air Traffic Control. Air Traffic Control has already had it's music placed in Films, TV shows, a video game for PC, XBOX and playstation, has toured extensively and has released a video for "At Any Cost" that was shot by award winning Director Annie Bradley. 

Jordi has established a reputation as one of the busiest session drummers in Canada recording for such artists as Gabrielle Papillon, Christina Martin, Carmel Mikol, Norma Macdonald, Jennah Barry, Bryan Potvin, Ryan Cook, Cassie Josephine & Gabriel Minnikin, Kylie Fox, Arsoniste, Acres And Acres, Ryan McGrath, Nick Maclean, Flat Fifth, Ian Sherwood, Catahoula Brown, Nicola Miller, Nick Jeffrey, Gianna Lauren, Electric City Underground, Clas Larsson, Code, Karen Palmer, Air Traffic Control, Steve Gates, Madhat, Heather Kelday, Scott Colp, Cheryl Gaudet, Jeff Coates, Burrows, Tom Gallant, Steve Chapin, Jody Faith, Hank Middleton, Peter Willis, Mary Knickle, Kristelle Laveque, Al Tuck, Kris Richards, Memphis Knights, Alec Robertson, Know Issue, Brian Baker, Lucas Reeves, Matthew Hornell, Alex Hickey, Corey Isenor, Mcguivers Girls, Alana Yorke, Erika Kulnys, Jim Kovalcik and Zac Crouse to name a few. 

Jordi has performed live Internationally with countless artists that include every style from Jazz to Metal. Some acts include Christina Martin, Meaghan Smith, Erin Costelo, Gabrielle Papillon, Gianna Lauren, Ria Mae, Ryan Cook, Rose Cousins, Jennah Barry, Norma Macdonald, Tim Baker, Skip Beckwith, Cassie Josephine & Gabriel Minnikin, Carmel Mikol, Ian Bent, Steve Chapin, Phadreau, Krystelle Laveque, Gordie Sampson, Theseus Blues Triad, Black Union, Ted Simmons, Flat Fifth, Nicola Miller, David Myles, Dave Gunning, Air Traffic Control, Carmen Townsend, Caledonia, Shirley Jackson, Barry Mac, Amellia Curran, Don Brownrigg, Tanya Davis, Clas Larsson, Zac Crouse, Two Dollar Bill, Darren Arsenault, The Caravan, Ronok Sarkar, Jamie Junger, Steve Gates, Stephanie Worthington, Shawn Hebb, Kevin Koloff, The Big Band Refugees, Mark Green, Al Tuck, Memphis Knights, John Bird, Mcguivers Girls, JD Clarke, Mark Cameron, Brian Baker, Acres And Acres, Jeff Coates, Madhat and Catahoula Brown.

Jordi also runs a private drum instruction studio and opened Comstock Recording Studios with his brother and business partner Kirk Comstock. Jordi has been nominated as "Musician Of The Year" by the Nova Scotia Music Association seven times (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015). Jordi released his first solo EP- (Without A Fight) in 2014  receiving play on CBC, University and Commercial radio.