Jordie Lane

Jordie Lane

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Described by Rhythms Magazine as "Australia's brightest new roots music star", Jordie Lane commands a room like few others. Rhythmic finger picking, hilarious travel tales, songs that traverse the rollicking and the romantic, and a voice that soars with pure, rustic, effortless resonance.


See the photo’s and you would be forgiven for thinking that Australian Jordie Lane is just another guitar wielding, hat wearing, beard sporting, love song singing troubadour.

Well think again…

A closer listen reveals the love songs are epic tales based on historical figures, the protest songs feature lady-boys and fornicating dogs, the guitar work takes you from early Dylan to southern blues, and that felt hat is camouflaging a messy mop of hair, from a long night spent rescuing a passed out Irish crowd member.

You never know what to expect at a Jordie Lane show, and you get the feeling neither does he. Lane has that rare quality of being able to lure and capture his listeners with his playful charm, rhythmic finger picking, and most of all, THAT VOICE.

In the same way Joan Baez used to fill Club 47 with pure, unplugged resonance, Lane’s voice has a remarkable ability to climb into every corner of a room, and safely and permanently reside. He sings with effortless volume, in a tone so rich it never fails to silence an audience. He always gives you with something to take home.

“Jordie Lane really does epitomise everything I want in a folk singer…his fingerpicking style reminds me a little of Justin Townes Earle, the way he’s able to combine rhythm and melody in the same movement, and his voice sounds as though it’s from another time.” Live Review, Timber & Steel 30/6/2012

On his new live album, ‘Jordie Lane – Live at The Wheaty’, Lane’s voice and guitar work resonate but it’s his quick wit that tips the scales and brings the listeners in even closer. He playfully shoots from the hip and makes up a song on the spot for a persistently vocal audience member named Lucky. Within 60 seconds, the whole crowd is clapping to the “chorus”, and reveling in the joy of spontaneity.

“With a keen ear for lilting rhythms, and a wicked delivery of tales from the road, Lane breathes a nostalgic quality into his music and live performance that is not to be rivaled.” Bearded UK

Lane’s ability to entertain comes as no surprise when you discover who his family are. Raised by a comedian and a clown, he spent much of his early years traveling in the community circus his parents performed in.

Starting ukulele at 4-years old, it wasn’t long before Lane moved to 6-string electric guitar at 9. After finishing high school, he locked himself in his bedroom and delved deep into music, developing his own technique on the acoustic guitar.

It was during that time he also found his voice as a songwriter. Inspired by Paul Kelly, Neil Finn, Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons and Townes Van Zandt, Lane wrote hundreds of songs during his early 20s, releasing handmade EPs to sell at local Melbourne gigs.

By late 2008, these Melbourne gigs were creating ripples in the local scene, and Lane made waves nationally with the release of his 2009 debut LP ‘Sleeping Patterns’, triggering rounds of praise: Rolling Stone Magazine glowed that it “may come to be regarded as the most assured debut ever by a local artist” and Rhythms Magazine said the album confirmed Lane’s reputation as “one of Australia’s brightest new roots music stars”.

Sold out national tours followed major festival appearances, supports for The Moody Blues, Cat Power, Old Crow Medicine Show, Gotye and Neko Case, and a feature on Triple J’s ‘Like A Version’ compilation series.

“Chanelling Parsons, Springsteen and Van Zandt, Lane is an exceptional talent” Music Australia Guide Magazine

With the Australian music scene at his feet, the wider world came calling. Despite his nomadic lifestyle, Lane had barely left Australia, and travel beckoned. He took a broken heart to Europe, and wound up landing in the America. After four days in the country, Lane parted ways with his travel buddy, and was left to gather his senses in Joshua Tree, California.

He checked into Room 8 at the Joshua Tree Inn. No guitar, no plans; A little ode to one of his musical heroes, Gram Parsons. A day later he bought a guitar, borrowed a Tascam 4-track, scavenged for extra instruments and recorded every sound on what was to become his second album ‘Blood Thiner’. Co-produced and mixed by Grammy Award winner Tim Biller (Beck, Kanye West, Karen O), the album was critically acclaimed in Australia, and nominated for a prestigious Australian Independent Music Award for ‘Best Blues & Roots Album’.

“Simply put ‘Blood Thinner’ is how records used to be made and should still be made, as it uses the bare minimum of instruments, was recorded simply and easily and most important of all contains material that will stand the test of time. Outstanding.” Db Magazine

“Lane has matured into one of this country’s best songwriters” Tsunami Magazine

Lane toured ‘Blood Thinner’ in 2011/12, alongside tours with Billy Bragg, Joe Pug and Ruthie Foster. He also returned to North America on several occasions, recording a new single ‘Fool For Love’, and showcasing at Americana Music Festival and Canadian Mu


I Could Die Looking At You

Written By: Jordie William Lane

I Could Die Looking At You

She was the great great granddaughter
To Clancy of the Overflow
He a good friend from way back then
Of the bush poet named Banjo
We went out drinkin’ dark ale
She said you know I’m a poet too
But all I could murmur back to her
I could die looking at you
I could die looking at you

On the road you put your trust in strangers
And take wrong turns
With too much time to think and far too many drinks
But I like the way the whiskey burns
Like a bird you swooped down you edged closer
Then off you flew
It was lucky you didn’t stay there with me
I could have died looking at you
I could die looking at you

This three day love affair was over now
It all felt like a dream
Those sweet drunken mornings
Down in the ‘ville’s dirty CBD
Will I ever drove the northern plains
And see the ghost of Clancy riding through?
For now I’m flying south back home
I almost died looking at you
I could die looking at you

Of the overflow
Like Banjo I’m stuck back in the city
Where people don’t have time to grow
Was it Morocco or Spain where we said we’d runaway?
To leave our woes and start something new
Or maybe when we’re old
We’ll meet again
I can die looking at you
I could die just looking at you

War Rages On

Written By: Jordie Lane

War Rages On
Copyright. Jordie Lane 2009(control)

A little boy walks a lantern lit street
With a heartache in his eye
He says “If you buy a lucky coin
It’s good for you and me
This young boy was covered in the dirty life

All his friends they jump on top of me
And they ask, Did I ride a kangaroo to school
I said “ Who told you that you silly boys”
They said ”One of them Yankee fools”
They need a little food
And they need a little money
While I just want to be back home
With my honey
For I ain’t seen her in so long
I can barely write this song

My heart is aching not for money like them
But for my darling back home
How I been missing
To my hotel I walk
A stumbling man
Homesick in Hoi Ann

A lady-boy walks the dark promonade
She asks “Do you need cocaine, do you wanna get laid”
And in the distance drunken Poms
Are singing merry tunes
In the alley and old man sucks upon the hard life fumes
He needs a little food
And He needs a little money
While I just want to be back home
With my honey
For I ain’t seen her in so long
I can barely write this song

My heart is aching not for money like them
But for my darling back home
How I been missing
To my hotel I trip
And hit my head with a bang
Drunk and disorderly in Nha Trang

There’s two dogs fornicating
On the main street of town
Like street clowns putting on a show
For the crowd that surrounds
And a little girl chokes upon the smoke
That fills this Saigon sky
She puts out her hand
And preys to her lord
Says ”Don’t let me die
So I give her some food
And 50,000 dong
But nothing compensates
For a world that’s done you wrong
She was born into a life where
A silent war rages on

Her heart is aching for some peace within
While here I am just a sulkin bout a lady I be missin
To my hotel I softly sing this song
There’s such a sadness in Saigon

The Winner

Written By: Jordie Lane

Motel Walls are turning red
Im drinkin to the book
in the draw I've never read
Is it my heavy heart that's beating?
Or my head that needs treating
You’re the winner

The highway whispers in my ear
But I’m consumed by all my
Worry, I can’t hear
They're calling out to me my sweet
I've made a mess of this
You’re the winner

I'll set with sun
I’m yet to grow young
I had my eye on the wrong prize
I just wanna really love
Breathe and bleed like anyone else
The winner

I’m here lyin’ on a bed,
I feel the thickened blood
start rushing to my head
please tell me what to do
I don't wanna lose
You are the winner

I'll set with sun
I’m yet to grow young
I had my eye on the wrong prize
I just wanna really love
Breathe and bleed like anyone else,
(But) you’ll always be the always be,
always be the always be,
The winner

I just wanna love
Breathe air bleed blood
Just like anyone else
Just like anyone else
But you’ll always be the winner



Live at The Wheaty (2013) - North America Only - Digital Release

Blood Thinner (2011) - Vitamin Records (Australia), Ode Records (NZ)

Sleeping Patterns (2009) - Independent w/ distribution by Vitamin Records

No Time To Die w/ Fireside Bellows (2008) - Independent w/ distribution by Vitamin Records


Sleeping Patterns EP (2012) - US Radio Release only

Lover's Ride (2006) - Independent w/ distribution by Vitamin Records

SINGLES (Australia Only)

Fool For Love - First single from third album (October 2012)
Not From Round Here - Blood Thinner (July 2011)
Annabelle Marie - Blood Thinner (October 2011)
The Publican's Daughter - Sleeping Patterns (July 2009)
I Could Die Looking At You - Sleeping Patterns (September 2009)
Fell Into Me - Sleeping Patterns (November 2009)
Sweet Somebody - Lover's Ride (May 2006)
Old Quarter Town - Lover's Ride (August 2006)

Set List

A typical set consists of 8-15 original songs from 40min-1:30min. Depending on the gig, Jordie will play with a 4-5 piece band, as a duo or solo.