Jordohn Bileau

Jordohn Bileau


Jordohn Bileau & Soulsmear (full band shows): Jeff Buckley meets Sly and The Family Stone, with a touch of Cream. Jordohn Bileau (solo shows): Tracy Chapman meets Prince, acoustic rock n' soul.


Jordohn Bileau isn’t your typical, run-of-the-mill singer/songwriter. While most in the genre demonstrate folk rock tenancies, Jordohn displays a fondness for giving his straightforward songwriting the gloss and energy of R&B while also incorporating gritty rock guitar grooves. Offering a sound described by some as Tracy Champman meets Prince, the Massachusetts native cites influences including Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Buckley and Marvin Gaye. The outcome is a sound that steers clear of lyrical cliches and overproduction and opts to give the listener honest writing crafted into songs that are at one moment sweet and melodic, and the next vulnerable and introspective.

For the past two years, Jordohn has been establishing himself in the Massachusetts area as a lead guitarist in a local jazz-infused rock band. Unable to adequately put his creative vision into the five-piece band, Jordohn left the group. Split among the members, his share came to $650. Jordohn took the money and purchased a digital recording unit from a pawnshop in Arizona and quickly began putting two years of stifled creative energy on tape.

Over the next six weeks, Jordohn turned his apartment into a recording studio and amassed a catalog of music which he could shape into an album. The end result, Soul in the Chamber, delivers thirteen songs ranging from dirty funk-rock to soulful ballads. The album showcases the musician’s talent as a lyricist as well as his knack for melody.

Jordohn Bileau is currently touring the East Coast to support the release of Soul in the Chamber. His acoustic shows allow the listener to hear naked renditions of the music; focusing on the words of the songs along with the soulful nature they are delivered.

In December 2005, Jordohn Bileau began touring with a three-piece band (Jordohn Bileau & Soulsmear), in addition to his solo shows. The band's sound has been described as Jeff Buckley meets Sly and The Family Stone.


tonight i will

Written By: Jordohn Bileau

I’ve got to say
To you in all seriousness
That I never would have imagined this
You and I intertwined like two vines in some
Secret garden
And I can’t say
Where or why this whole thing
Got itself started

Tonight I will
Touch every little inch of you
And I will lay
Paralyzed by the scent on your skin
And I will play
Deep amongst the shadows you cast
And I will pray
That this moment will I infinitely last
Tonight I will

Look at you
You’ve got heaven in your gaze
And your touch
How it stays with me for days
So won’t you come closer
And let me show you how this feels
I will be gentle
I just want to prove to you that I am for real

Aren’t you tired of lying
Aren’t you tired of denying
Aren’t you tired of
Feeling this by yourself

Aren’t you tired of waiting
Aren’t you tired of debating
Aren’t you tired of the mathematics in your head


"Soul in the Chamber" 2005