Jordyn Shellhart

Jordyn Shellhart


Jordyn Shellhart, a vocal phenomenon. Her ability to sing & perform at a professional level at such a young age can only be described as a gift. Audiences & industry professionals gravitate to her, astonished by what they see & hear, realizing their witnessing the next superstar in music.


Jordyn Shellhart, singer/songwriter, born in Wyoming, moved to Northern CA, now residing in Franklin, TN. Jordyn has been mesmerizing audiences coast to coast with her ability to interpret and deliver lyrics that emotionally move audiences of all ages. When you hear her powerful voice, you are reminded of such artists as Tammy Wynette, Martina McBride and Celine Dion. Record labels, producers, and artists are taking notice. Grammy nominated producer Gary Cirimelli, a huge fan, describes her as an old soul in a young body. Faith Hill was one of the most recent to be impressed. Some of the most successful songwriters in the industry are banging down her door with material, wanting to write with her personally. Even when she kicks off major sporting events in huge stadiums & arenas, people stop what they are doing, listen and take notice, trying to figure out how this sound is able to radiate from this petite young lady. With all of this success, the young singer stays grounded and focused, due in part to strong family values and connections. She realizes at a young age, this is what she is meant to do. Jordyn Shellhart described in one word: WOW!


Jordyn is currently heading into the studio, no radio airplay as of yet.

Set List

God Fearin' Women, 10, 000 Angels, Stand by your Man, I can't stop loving you, Over the Rainbow, the Knot comes Untied, On a Day Like this,
Each of Jordyn's sets consist of 12 songs, traditional and contemporary country...