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"Diva's Everywhere"

I See A Diva is the latest single from Jor’el Jebre out of Florida. This rapper/producer has been on the rise ever since he decided to pack it up and move to the heart of the music industry: New York City. From performing at shows and conducting interviews whenever he can to hot collaborations with Sony recording artist Huey, this newcomer is truly on his grind.

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"2008 TJs DJs Conference"

While the term “Diva” nowadays has a slight stigma attached to it, Jor’el shows that there is still nothing sexier than a beautiful, confident woman who has her s**t together. The ladies are going to love this one! - Ozone Magazine (Julia Beverly)


SO MANY DREAMS-2009 Single
I SEE A DIVA-2009 Single
Good Morning America Mixtape-October 2008



Are you ready to see the next shift in rap music? Can you visualize the next star to take the globe by storm? Well, let me help you. The guy set for the job is none other than "The Piano Man," Jor’el Jebre. Jor'el is a talented yet inspiring musician,producer, songwriter, and engineer turned performing artist emerging out of Panama City, FL. He captivates his audience by playing the keys while rapping at the same time. Think for a brief second, who else does this? NO ONE! In 2008, Jor'el completed and independently released his debut mixtape, “Good Morning America.” He received raved reviews on the compilation while distributing it amongst southeastern cities such as Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA and Tallahassee, FL. In March of 2009, Jor'el felt a compelling need to take his act on the road. Thus, he moved to Brooklyn, NY and in three months collaborated with Sony recording artist, Huey. Between selling his "Album Mini" and working long hours in the studio, "The Piano Man" has performed at the GAP Music Fest, International African Arts Festival and a slew of fashion shows. Both of his singles, "I See A Diva" and "So Many Dreams" are garnering high praise from the commercial and underground audiences. His second single, "So Many Dreams" is an inspiring and uplifting song, which states that one can achieve any and all of their dreams. As an artist, Jor'el relates closely to this song as he consistently fights the stress and adversity that comes along with obtaining his first big break. However, he remains determined as he knows the people want to hear his message. This is evident through the crowd reaction at his performances. Listening to his subject matter and articulate ability, most believe that Jor'el has been an artist since growing up. While he admires the compliment, he knows his better days are ahead as he has only delivered his lyrical messages for two years. Mr. Jebre is set to climax as one of this nation’s most gifted, talented and revered artist/producers of the next generation. He was not born into the industry and his craft as an artist/producer is not due to any influential market or locale. When one listens to the musicianship in his material, there is a saying that comes to mind, “It Is What It Is.” And when “it” is so natural, the old prerequisites like experience and credentials are tossed out the window to be replaced by longevity and a signature sound. Basically, the music speaks for itself. Jor’el, just delivers!