Jorge Balverdi

Jorge Balverdi


pop rock singer/songwriter


I was born and raised in Argentina, wich is very passionate about music, and that's how I ve became passionate myself about music. I have started writing songs since I was 13 years old, as a way to deal with life and all that it brings: happyness, sadness, solitude, friendship, love, uncertainty, hope. In my early 20's I turned to electronic music, fascinated by the endless possibilities for sound design and creation, plus the uprising of the internet. That's how I found myself being chosen by latin america's highest icon for creative pop music, to play my remixed versions of one of his songs from the "Bocanada" album from 1999, during his very extense latin american tour; that artist is called Gustavo Cerati. But in te recent years I ve turned back to songs in their basic nature, inspired by many genres from hard rock to electropop. My goal continues to be to express my way to deal with life the best and only way I do, through music. So, if I play on an open bar night, or if I get to have many people listening to my music and feel something, that would be my reward.


La necia

Written By: Jorge Balverdi

lo ve todo el mundo menos vos
lo vio el homeless del cafe
lo sabe todo aquel
que nos ve
supieron tus pechos
cuando los acaricie
tus palabras dicen una cosa
todo tu cuerpo se rebela
y te desmiente
tu mirada fria
y tu piel caliente
cual es tu juego
me dejaste sin nada
y eso para mi no es novedad
hoy ya no te veo como ayer
crei que te conocia
y nos hiciste perder
la alegria que sentiamos
nos encontramos como extranios
pero ya no te extranio
segui tu juego
me dejaste sin nada
y fuiste para mi
la novedad.

Tonight's special

Written By: Jorge Balverdi

i think i ve discover
what i want you to be
for me
its not just a tough
its not just a fantasy
i want you to be
my bartender tonight
i want you behind that bar
i want you to ask me
how my day was.
you'll be serving everyone
but flirting with me
clean my ashtray and my heart
becouse my love is your tip
i want you to give
your biggest smile
im gonna ask you
to keep open my tab
and then you will fill my cup
over the line.
and this is how this game started
from the moment that you said
you'll do
just wathever it takes for you
to regain my wondering heart
and then the bell will ring
you'll come and check me
to see how i feel
my wallet empty and
my night fullfill
i want you to be
my bartender tonight
i want you behind that bar
i want you to ask me
how my day was
i want you to be
my bartender tonight
i want you behind that bar
i want you to tell me
where we ar heading


Currently working on a demo of an album.
1999 "Aqui y ahora (antes de todo remix)", from Gustavo Cerati's album "Bocanada", aired before and after avery show on "Bocanada tour 1999".

Set List

My set is most of my songs, and some covers of well known artist from Argentina , USA, UK, etc. From Andres Calamaro to White Stripes to Beatles to many more.