jorge del valle

jorge del valle


Explosive, lovely, musical. I can say that mouz, are like a? !Boom! Mouz, is the way moe see the urban music, mixing with a little bit of latin, R&b and a lot of crazy things. mouzband


Mouz, born with Jorge Del Valle in 2003,during that time work like musician and producer until finally it produces to mouz, in 2010 the cycle is finished with his first cd.
Mouz has influence of R&B, Latin music and jazz, you can find salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, dance hall, amoun other.
Wath make Mouz so special?
The sound, the quality of the musicians, and the form in which they see the life through music.
It could say that mouz is a group of musicians interacting within the form to think of a director
That's how mouz work, and that's how mouz sound

Set List

1-La Negra tiene tumbau 4:00
2-Bailando 3:40
3-Lunatico 3:47
4-Wisin & Yandel Medley 4:00
5-Elvis Crespo medley 3:50
6-Como se menea 3:47
7-Dime lo que es el amor 3:10
8-medley de bachata 5:28
9-Dale 4:05