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"Fresh Air Jorge Humberto returns with new album"

“Ar De Nha Terra,” the new record of France-based Capeverdean singer/songwriter Jorge Humberto, is scheduled to be released on March 22nd, 2010.
Recorded in July and August 2009 in his native Sao Vicente, “Ar De Nha Terra” brings back Jorge Humberto’s eccentric but unique musical thoughts and instinctive delivery. Jorge Humberto will officially introduce “Ar De Nha Terra” during a show at the New Morning in Paris, France, on April 9th.
Known as the poet of his native Mindelo (Cape Verde), Jorge Humberto, who is notorious for the use of metaphors and profound thinking, has released albums such as “Guenta” in 1992, “M?iabo um Consolá,” in 1995, “Portexperimental” in 1998 and finally “Identidade” (Identity) in December 2004.
Jorge Humberto also provided many hit songs to singers such as Ana Firmino, Biús, Maria Alice, and Dudu Araujo.

"Ar De Nha Terra"

Ar de Nha Terra, which hits the market on March 22, was recorded between July and August of last year on the island of São Vicente, while Jorge Humberto was on vacation on his native island.

Once again, Jorge Humberto, who was already considered one of the most assertive and well-rounded composers of the current generation, overdoes himself both musically and lyrically.

With his coarse voice and the words of his songs sung as if he were drinking them drop by drop. Jorge Humberto transports us into the ambience, stories, and landscapes of the islands.

Here we have a CD that continues the plot that began with Guentá in 1992 and continued with Móiabo um Consolá (1995), Portexperimental (1998) and Identidade (2004). Here, in Ar de Nha Terra, the metaphors born in the deepest reaches of Jorge Humberto’s São Vicentan and Cape Verdean soul abound, reaching pinnacles of revolt, nostalgia and melancholy.
- A Semana


"Cabo Verde das Crianças", song and title of compilation sponsored by Unicef.

1. Guenta
2. Entrada N'ôte Vida
3. Volta de Nha Graça
4. Moiabo Um Consola
5. Na Buton de Roseirinha
6. Ser Mais Querê'Tcheu
7. Vêz Três
8. Tudo Nha Raça
9. Figura criola

1. Moiabo Um Consola
2. Na Buton de Rose'rinha
3. Da-me Tempo
4. Verdade
5. Zulinha
6. Eco Logico
7. P'ra la na morna

(Under the name of Jorjumberte)
1. Quem dera
2. Sérabô
3. Naltura
4. Linumcónte
5. Faltábosô
6. Mornadouro
7. Majumpintor
8. Naestóradevida

1. Novo Olhar
2. Ondas de Canal
3. Pidrinha de Soncente
4. Ilha nha cêu
5. Cêbafâme
6. Na Milene d'ôje
7. Flôr de rotcha nu
8. Tema Bonê
9. Tal Blues
10. Lindinha
11. Força de Natureza
12. Justo e racional
13. Majumpintor
14. Resultôd

1. Antiguidade
2. Mindel Berço
3. Luz dum Violão
4. Na Magia d'Marginal
5. Crisola
6. Bô Ausença
7. Atê um volta um Estréla
8. Nem tudo é rosa
9. Força de Tambor
10. Estréla cadente
11. Nu Nostalgia
12. Dum Banda sô



“A hymn of love, illusion and melancholy” according to the poet Fausto Duarte, morna is Jorge Humberto’s favorite. The artist also likes to write coladeras with faster tunes and a content that reflects a certain social vision. Although mornas are primarily poetry, he revives their original refined lyricism with inspired singing and colorful words that draw on the everyday world of the islands. A gifted singer with a warm, persuasive voice has developed a style whose poetic and musical vein is enriched by philosophical musings. The depth and originality of Jorge’s lyrics make him a special figure on the Cape Verde musical scene.